Movie Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens (2015)

515275-150413Title: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Director: J. J Abrams
Starring: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega

Review: Ah… Star Wars. The long awaited next instalment of what is arguably the biggest and most popular franchise ever to grace our planet (I can almost hear the faint sound of millions of Harry Potter fans whipping their wands out to avada kadavra my arse right now). In The Force Awakens, 30 years after the Galactic Empire is destroyed, Luke Skywalker is in hiding. Rey, a scavenger from the planet Jakku finds a small droid which holds a vital part of the map which shows where Luke is. A new threat is upon the galaxy, Kylo Ren, who also wants to find Luke but to destroy him. Rey teams up with some new and old faces to join the resistance and help find Luke – with an interesting journey of her own along the way. Continue reading

Keeping Your Family Entertained During Half Term


Image by Flickr

Half term is an incredibly exciting time for kids. It gives them a fun and well deserved break after weeks of working hard at school. But while it may be exciting for the kids, their parents might not be as enthusiastic. Keeping your kids entertained when they are not at school can be challenging. The last thing you want is for them to be bored and fed up. So instead of dreading your childrenโ€™s half term break, use this list to get inspired instead. Continue reading

Guest Post: Five Favourite Underrated Disney Movies!

I was talking to my friend recently about Disney princesses and other females in Disney films, when I mentioned that Pocahontas, Mulan and Esmeralda were my favourites when I was little. ‘What?!’ she exclaimed, ‘Those are the worst ones!’


This got me thinking about Disney films which I love but don’t seem to have won over as many people as the BIG Disney films. These are the films which I will watch over and over, know the songs off by heart and adore the storyline and characters, but which would be easy to forget about if you visited the Disney Store or any of the Disney parks because they don’t seem to get a look in when it comes to merchandise, characters or shows. Continue reading

Recipe: South-Western Seafood

South Western Seafood

What you’ll need

2 tbsp olive oil | 1 large onion, chopped | 4 garlic cloves, chopped | 1 yellow, orange and red pepper, chopped | 450g/1lb tomatoes, peeled and chopped | 2 large green chillies, chopped | 1 lime | 2 tbsp. chopped, fresh coriander | 1 bay leaf | 450ml vegetable stock | 450g frozen prawns | 225g frozen squid | 450g other type of fish (I’ll get to that later) | salt & pepper | slow cooker Continue reading

Battling the Anxiety Blues

It would appear that this year, I’m focusing on a lot more anxiety orientated posts that I ever have before. It’s something I have and it’s something I suffer with and have suffered with for a few years. It’s also something a lot of other people have and something than doesn’t need to be a taboo subject and should be discussed openly and freely andย with respect. Last year, I opened up about my own anxiety story here and just a few weeks ago, I wrote another post on how I, personally, cope with day-to-day anxiety and what tools and methods I use. Today, I wanted to write another post on “Beating the Anxiety Blues”. Those days where you feel too anxious to do anything which often leads to feeling quite down – at least, I know it does with me. So here are some things to think about when dealing with the anxiety blues (as always with my anxiety posts, please read the small print).

Battling The Anxiety Bues Continue reading

My 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Disney Moments

As well as it’s memorable characters, uplifting moments and incredible songs, Disney films are also often known for their extremely emotional scenes. It doesn’t matter that it’s an animation or that you’re 23 years-old – some Disney films will never fail to make you cry. Here’s 5 of my most heart-wrenching Disney moments, although it was extremely hard to narrow down!

My Top 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Disney Moments Continue reading

So… I Was a Little Bit Irritated…

And decided to channel that irritation in a healthy way… Into a blog post. About all the things that irritate me. I struggled a bit at first – I got up to number 3 andย couldn’t think of anything else. I assumed I must be a lovely person who see’s the good in everyone and doesn’t ever get annoyed about anything ever. But then inspiration struck me and I was worried if I didn’t stop at 20, I’d never stop at all.

So.. I Got a Little Bit Irritated... Continue reading

Book Review: Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

Pretty Is by Maggie MitchellTitle: Pretty Is
Author: Maggie Mitchell
Format: Paperback, ARC – in exchange for an honest review
Links: Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

Blurb: Everyone thought we were dead. What else could they think?

One summer, nearly twenty years ago, two twelve year olds were abducted and kept captive in the forest.

There they formed a bond that could never be broken.

What really happened in the woods that summer? Continue reading

How I Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety, whether severe, mild, debilitating or just a nuisance, isn’t funny. It’s not a joke or a laughing matter and it shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should always, always seek medical advice if you feel that you’re suffering from anxiety that’s started to impact your life. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years now (I wrote about my experience for the first time here, last year) and have tried a whole bunch of things to help ease it. I know now that my anxiety is something I will probably have to deal with for the rest of my life but I have tools to help me that ease my anxious thoughts every day. Today I wanted to show you and share with you the things that help me deal with anxiety (please read the small print at the bottom of this post).

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