The Bucket List

A while ago I watched The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. For those that don’t know, The Bucket List is a comedy about two terminally ill men who escape from their hospital ward to go and do all the things they want to do before they die. It’s an absolutely wonderful film that will make you cry with both laughter and sadness. Whilst watching it, it got me thinking about my own non-existent “Bucket List”. I always make a list at the start of every year of things I want to do but they’re usually so weird and ridiculous they don’t happen.

I decided to give up with yearly bucket list but have been thinking about all these big, life-altering things I want to do so I decided to take the plunge and make myself a proper bucket list. Although my situation at the moment might not be ideal for some of these things to happen, I’m sure somewhere along the line it will be. Looking at it now, some of these things seem impossible and un-doable but I have faith that some point in my life I will be brave enough and under the right circumstances to full fill these dreams. Here are a couple of the things I’ve included in my list.

1. Visit Koh Phi Phi in Thailand


Where The Beach was filmed, Koh Phi Phi is the setting of one of my all time favourite books and films. It’s beautiful and probably the thing that’s at the very top of my list. If I was ever lucky enough to go I don’t think I’d ever want to come home.

2. Go on a safari and see animals in the wild


I’m a huge animal lover and I don’t think there would be anything as incredible as seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Wherever that may be.

3. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Northern Lights

I think this is something that’s on a lot of people’s lists because who wouldn’t want to see one of the Earth’s greatest natural light displays?

4. Go on a Disney cruise


The Disneyland parks are amazing, but I think going on a cruise would be a entirely different experience altogether – whether it’s with a partner or way in the future when I have children.

5. Swim with dolphins


This seems to be something that a lot of people have done whilst on holiday but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance. I think it would be an amazing experience to be so up close and personal with these beautiful animals.

I presented this question to my Twitter followers and this is what some of them had to say:

Mickey Reed @imabookshark: Publish something I’ve written

Charlotte Dibley @charldibs: Be happy

Simran Gill @simgill94: Publish a novel

Julie Shackman @G13Julie: Live life to the full and have no regrets

Dave Gammon @DaveGammon: A year long trip around the world at 50

What is the one main thing on your “bucket list”? Let me know!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

19 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I think, on my bucket list at present, I just want to be a success at something I like doing. Anything else would be a bonus, and hopefully be a product of being a success!

    1. That’s a good one – I think we all want to be able to pursue our passion, whatever it might be 🙂 If you’re good at something and work hard there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen one day!

  2. I’d love to see New York at Christmas! I know it would be pretty hectic but I don’t think I’d care! A random one though, I’d like to stand in two different time zones at the same time and visit Uluru in Oz!

  3. I’ve never made a bucket list, but I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland, so that would be my top item. I live in Spain, so it’s not that far away, but I still have never been to either place. I didn’t know that Disney cruises existed! That’s definitely item number two now.

  4. Ohhhh, I love your bucket list, Jenny. I think I might add to mine. 🙂 I had a few things. An abseil (check). A skydive (check). Tackle my arachnophobia (check. Yay!!). Complete my Masters in Creative Writing (I just completed all my assignments). Feeling proud, even though it’s nearly killed me!!! 😉 xx

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