Books That Made Me… Grateful

Today I welcome Liz from Liz Loves Books to my ‘Books That Made Me…’ feature and the emotion she was given to write about is ‘Grateful’ so here are the books she chose…

Books That Made Me… Grateful

Books have made me feel a lot of things of the years, I’m not sure about our eyes being the window to our Soul’s I think for me my soul is very much found in what I read.

When I think about books I’ve been grateful for, two spring immediately to mind. One of course that I’ve talked about often, and another that I have not – mainly because the two reasons behind them are oceans apart.

The Humans by Matt Haig

17790153Firstly The Humans by Matt Haig. A lot of people who follow my blog will know some of this story, but here it is as a sound bite if you like.

I read “The Humans” on one of the worst nights of my life. I don’t need to talk about the detail, but I was fairly sure at that point that I would rather die than live. I picked up this novel and I read it through the night. I could not put it down, the dark hours passed and when I finally did put it to one side, finished, I was grateful to be alive. For all the things that make life good, this book reminded me that life is a rollercoaster, but always worth the effort. For the little things and the big things. Grateful probably does not cover the emotion of it entirely but it is a huge part. The Humans. The book that saved my life.

1041565And now, as they say, for something completely different.

Cell by Stephen King

What I hear you cry? Yep Cell by Stephen King. A horror story pretty much. His best work? Nope not by a long shot. Did I enjoy it? Oh yes. And why was I grateful? Well, Mr King has been my go to author for as long as I can remember. My absolute favourite, everything he writes has given me something and although he probably is not the immediate thought for most people when it comes to comfort reading, for me his are the novels I turn to every time. Mr King had a most horrific accident. He was very ill for a long time. Cell was the first novel he let loose on the world and when I was done with it I was overwhelmingly grateful. That he was still writing. Yes it was a selfish grateful!

Thank you for letting me take part in this terrific feature!

Thank you so much to Liz for sharing those books and stories with us! You can find her on the following links: Blog | Twitter

What books made you feel grateful? Let us know below!

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