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World Book Night 2015: Why You Should Read + Giveaway!


World Book Night is an annual event which celebrates and promotes books and reading and also encouraging anyone and everyone to pick up a book! There’s events within communities and libraries all over the world that take part in World Book Night and last year 80,000 books were sent to institutions all over the UK, including libraries, schools, homeless shelters and even prisons! Every year, you can apply to be a volunteer, in which if you’re accepted, you will received 18 books from your selected list which you can then give out to people, donate to institutions or run giveaways with – all in aid of World Book Night and reading!

I didn’t really know what this was about last year, but I applied to volunteer this year and was lucky enough to be accepted so I have a whole bunch of copies of When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman to hand out, donate and give away!

But first, in aid of World Book Night and helping to promote books and reading, I wanted to share 5 of my reasons why you should read and why it’s beneficial in the hope that you might agree with some of them or maybe even be swayed to pick up a book, if you’re not already an avid reader.

5 Reasons Why You Should Read

1) It’s sociable. Whilst the act of reading a book is a personal past-time, books can open you up to a whole world of likeminded people, communities, clubs, groups and opportunities for people who all like reading. Take the book blogging community for example! We’re all here, every day talking about books we love! Anyone of any age and ability can get involved in reading activities.

2) It broadens your mind. Reading books from all different genres with all different topics can lead you to learning and reading about things you had never even thought about before. There’s a whole world of different stories out there that are ready to teach you things beyond what you’ve ever even comprehended.

3) It’s relaxing and calming. It’s been scientifically proven by Cristel Russell, a behavioral researcher that reading can help reduce stress and anxiety especially during emotional turmoil that will inevitably occur in everyone’s life. A bad day, a break-up, a job loss, a broken bone – whatever, pick up a book and check out for a few hours.

4) It’s free. Although we all long for shiny, swanky bookcases overflowing with beautiful hardback books, unfortunately life isn’t quite so “Beauty and the Beast” and money can be tight – especially on luxuries. That’s the beautiful thing about reading; libraries are free. whatever your age, ability and current financial situation, you always have access to free books.

5) It never goes out of style. Story-telling is as old as time. Even before books were invented, people still told stories; they may have been acted out or in the form of carvings on walls but nevertheless, they were stories and I think, despite of everything, that’s what connects us as a human race. Books are the ultimate accessory that will never go out of style.


I’m giving away 8 copies of When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman; which were kindly donated by the World Book Night organisation in order to help me spread the word and encourage others to read! Please follow the link above to take you to the giveaway; it ends next Thursday (30th April) and winners will be announced then. I’m so sorry that I’m only able to offer this to UK residents. Good luck!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. […] month saw in World Night Book which I was a volunteer for, for the first year! World Book Night is a non-profit organisation aiming to encourage reading and volunteers are sent a box of books to […]

  2. hello! I nominated you to the Liebster Award, heres the link! https://writersmania.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/liebster-award/

    1. Thank you so much! <3

  3. a new book is like a new friend keeping you happy sane and interested. great blog Jenny x

    1. I completely agree, Tracy! Getting stuck into an amazing book with great characters makes you feel less alone. A book really is a great friend <3

  4. It transports you to an different world.

    1. Great answer (:

  5. autumnmiss says:

    I love reading because it allows me to visit other worlds, meet new people and learn new things without even leaving my armchair.
    Thanks for a fab giveaway
    Gill x

    1. Great answer, I completely agree! You’re welcome 🙂

  6. I love taking a peek in other people’s minds. Being transported to another world is fantastic. Stories have always been my life.

    I’m Dutch, but have a UK address.

    1. I agree! I couldn’t live without books and being able to enter different worlds so easily! That’s fine, good luck! (:

  7. Also, I love reading because it is able to take me away from the business (busyness??) that my life provides, and transport me into a variety of worlds with a variety of characters that I can get to know, and can watch them grow.

    It’s a hobby. If I’m not reading it’s usually because I don’t have the time.

    1. Great answer 🙂 Reading is a great past-time to de-stress and take time away from reality!

  8. World Book Day/Night is my favourite day of the year 😉
    But I can never find the places where the books are being given out D:

    1. I love how many people support and take part! It’s so nice to see the bookish community coming together 🙂

  9. I love reading as I have done it since a young age. Also reading all these fantastic stories that are out there. Plus meeting people who also have the same passion as me 😀 –

    1. Agreed! Reading is such a sociable hobby and I love chatting about books to other book lovers! <3

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on being a book giver 😀 that sounds soooo cool when you put it like that! 🙂

    Completely agree with ALL of your reasons for reading! <3 I love reading because for a wonderful amount of time you get to be someone else, or live in another world, or experience many exciting, lovely, out of this world and terrifying things that definitely wouldn't happen to you ever 🙂 And it's FUN and magical and ASDFGHJKL; <3


    1. Ahhh I love your comments Megan! They’re always so happy and squealy! 😀 It does sound seriously cool when you put it like that…I feel like a little fairytale character who goes around leaving books on people’s doorsteps!

      And yes yes yes to all of your points! The places and adventures reading can take you on are ENDLESS! <3 xxxxx

  11. Julie Williams says:

    I’ve always loved reading as I find its not only relaxing but you can become any of the characters in the book.

    1. I sooo agree with this! I love being able to put myself in the shoes of a characters and live through them.

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