20 Things Book Lovers Are Awesome At

I think you’ll agree when I say most of us book lovers have a few traits in common. Always having a book on the go? Check. Talking about books 99% of the time? Check. Not sleeping because a amazing book has entered our lives? Check. We’re a unique bunch and there are some things we do that non book lovers simply do not understand.

20 things

1) Not understanding the phrase, “But you already have books to read”
2) Spending all our money on books and having to life off of pot noodles
3) Ignoring everyone and everything around you when a really good bit is happening
4) Spotting someone in the park reading and turning into a ninja to try and see which book it is
5) Getting too emotionally attached to fictional characters
6) Using our shelving space to the maximum and fitting approximately 67 more books on it than it should realistically hold
7) Glossing over the fact we already have a TBR pile as long as the Great Wall of China when buying new books
9) Going on for 45 minutes longer than we should have when someone asks, “Is that book good?”
10) Turning into a psychoanalysts when someone asks if they can borrow one of your books. Well, we’re not just going to hand them out willy nilly are we? We need to know everything before we can determine whether you’ll bring it back. A simple, “Yes, I will bring it back” just doesn’t suffice
11) Dragging out the last book in a well loved series for 15 years because we can’t bare the thought of it ending
12) Contemplating how life is going to go on as normal when it eventually does end
13) Getting into the heads of characters so much our love ones think we’ve been possessed, “But mum… My thoughts are stars I just cannot fathom into constellations”
14) Forgetting to do important stuff, like eat, sleep, shower and feed the dog when we’re engrossed in a book
15) Forgetting our keys, forgetting our phone, forgetting our passport, forgetting our underwear but never ever forgetting a book
16) Being an advocate for libraries FREE BOOKS PEOPLE!
The ‘look of doom’ when someone interrupts your quality reading time
18) Multitasking. 97 books on the go? Challenge accepted. So many books, so little time
19) Staring and books for prolonged periods of time and marvelling over how incredible it is that a bunch of pages with scribbles on them can mean so much to people and hold such beautiful stories
20) Despite all the people that say reading is weird, us book lovers are awesome at making reading cool again

Dedicated to all my incredible book loving friends and followers. Here’s to you for making reading a hobby to be proud of. Do you do any of these? Or have any suggestions of your own?


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

53 thoughts on “20 Things Book Lovers Are Awesome At

  1. I LOVE the list! I think I actually do all of them, lol. And you’re right, I NEVER forget my kindle 😉 he he x

  2. Oh, these are so true it hurts haha! From laughing, that is. 😉 I believe this is the most accurate blog post on readers I’ve ever seen. I have to say I’m especially good at most of them. See, we’re totally skilled!

  3. Haha this is a great post. My last two holidays I took three books (all paperbacks) with me and was only away for a week. I probably could have done with more but I guess a Kindle would be a good idea.

  4. Haha “But you already have books to read.” Non book lovers just don’t understand that we never have too many books. Plus, they can’t understand how fast we go through them 🙂

  5. Haha these are so true! I always try to see what books other people are reading! My tbr list is sooo long – it will keep me going at least 20 years!! Though I’ll probably find new books to add!

  6. Your post was like reading about a kindred spirit. You understand me!!! I live with a husband and two sons who don’t like to read at all, and they look at me like I’m a creature from outer space when I talk about books, and my hubby loves to talk to me while I’m reading to see how much he can piss me off!! I think even my Facebook friends are getting sick of me posting about books 10 times a day. However, I must say I couldn’t check off #10 on your list. I NEVER lend my books. I know that sounds selfish, but they are my most treasured possessions, and other people just don’t understand how to care for them properly LOL :).

    1. Oh my god I couldn’t imagine living in a house where NO ONE likes reading! Thankfully my mum loves reading, it’s where my love for books came from so I always talk to her about books and we recommend books to each other all the time. I even bought my boyfriend a book for Christmas, Derren Brown’s autobiography (boyfriend is a magician and he’s his idol!) which much to my surprise, he’s actually stated reading! 😀 Some people really don’t respect other people’s property, I know that and it’s so annoying when it happens, not just books but anything. I wouldn’t dream of borrowing something and giving it back in a tattered state?!

  7. Damn freakin’ right! I love this so much. For each point I was nodding excessively. This is so incredibly true. We bookworms are bringing back the “reading books is for cool people” idea.
    And the look of doom. You have no idea how many times I’ve given this look to my parents and brother who are the ULTIMATE interrupters of my reading time.
    Whenever I see someone reading a book in public, I do what I can to see what they are reading. “Dropping” my phone near their feet to get a glimpse of the cover, etc. I probably look like a freak, honestly.
    And every other point in this post? I can totally and completely agree! I loved this so much. xoxo

    1. Haha I’m glad you agree! I totally think reading is cool, how is it NOT cool?! It’s the most timeless hobby you can have – reading NEVER goes out of style! Even in 100 years when people are reading on some strange devices we can’t even comprehend and paperbacks no longer exist, it’s STILL reading and that’s what’s important! Interrupted reading time is the worst, whenever I sit down to read, the second I start I always get a text. Like, people must know that that’s the best way to annoy me hahaha xxx

      1. Exactly. Reading will never go out of style!
        Oh, yes! Sometimes I turn off my phone while I’m reading which is total bliss. But then when I turn it back on its a flood of texts and notifications. 😂 xoxo

  8. 4 is so so so true for me, but it’s often on public transport so when I get the look of death that I’m a bus weirdo I have a good giggle to myself and then casually google the book before giving them an approving look back. Us book people are odd characters sometimes! Great post 🙂 xx

  9. Love this post Jenny it made me laugh! I turn into a ninja on my morning commute when I see people reading on the train. I also push books onto people (oops).. my mum had an op a few months ago and I rocked up with a huge pile of books for her, thankfully she enjoyed most of them (and it stopped her being bored!)

    Another fab post xxx

    1. Hahaha, the train, the perfect place for a “book spotter” :P. Aww, that’s really nice! Glad she enjoyed them and it kept her occupied! Hope she’s ok now? (: Me and my mum share books and make each other read things the other one loves too! Thank you sweetie (: xxx

  10. Ha Ha!!! Not quite as bad as you. I will ALWAYS lend my books – but I never forget to remind the borrower than the “Library Fine” for not returning it involves death by decapitation in public!

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