25 Thoughts I’ve Had As An Aspiring Writer

As you know, I’m in the process of writing my own novel. I started a series of posts called ‘Ramblings of and Unpublished Writer’ which you can find here and here which I really enjoyed writing. It helped me get my thoughts about how I was feeling about the whole process down and even share what I was happy and unhappy about with my work. I haven’t done a ‘Ramblings’ post in a while so this time, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share with you 25 thoughts I’ve had as an aspiring writer.

aspiring writer

  1. Oh my God, this is so exciting!
  2. Oh my God, this is so hard. How do people do this?
  3. YES! I’ve wrote 500 words today. I’m on a roll. Wait, how many words has that person wrote in 2 hours? That’s it, I give up.
  4. Calm the fuck down. Everyone’s experiences are different and some write quicker than others.
  5. If I don’t write quicker than this I’ll finish this book when I’m approximately 400 years old.
  6. Awww, I love my characters. They feel like real little people who live in my pocket who I can talk to whenever I want.
  7. What the fuck, why are my characters so stupid? STOP DOING THAT.
  8. Hmm, could I be the new J.K Rowling or is this too sweary?
  9. If I do become the next J.K Rowling, what would I buy with all my money?
  10. Stop it. Focus. J.K Rowling didn’t get to where she is by day dreaming about yachts and a house in Monaco.
  11. What’s that word? Fuck it I can’t think of that word! I’ll put a star in it’s place and come back to it later.
  12. I have no idea what I’m doing. What possessed me to do this in the first place? I can’t write a book.
  13. What if it gets loads of bad reviews and I spend the rest of my life crying?
  14. Maybe I should think about publishers to submit to. Fuck me, there are so many….
  15. How do authors have time for anything?
  16. I am never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to finish this book. I feel like I’ve been writing f o r e v e r.
  17. But at the same time, I don’t want to rush it.
  18. Hmm, who will I put in my dedications? Ooh I wonder what my cover will look like!
  19. Why are you thinking about dedications and covers you moron you haven’t even finished your first draft!
  20. I never realised quite how good I was at procrastinating until I started this. I wonder how long it’d take me to turn all the furniture upside down?
  21. Wow… Some writers are so amazing. I could only dream of being like them one day.
  22. Maybe I should make a list of actors who could play my characters in the movie. Just in case. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio…
  23. Help help help help help help help help.
  24. I’m enjoying this story and my characters so much that even if I get nowhere, it’ll be a good achievement. But…
  25. I will get there one day.

 If you’re an aspiring writer, have any of these thoughts gone through your mind? If you’re already an author, can you relate to any of these? I’d love to hear your own thoughts you have during your writing process!


45 thoughts on “25 Thoughts I’ve Had As An Aspiring Writer

  1. LOL. I’ve had most of those on ONE DAY!!!

    They all ring true – and anyone who says they’ve never experienced ANY of them has never tried to write a book.

    John x

  2. I’ve said all that and more…but underneath all of it, I love to write and wouldn’t want to stop. How far along are you, anyway? You write well, so it WILL be good…

    1. Haha oh god I absolutely love cleaning so that’s a bit of a problem for me when I start procrastinating! That’s very true though, once your whole house is clean then you’ve got no more excuses (; xx

  3. Sometimes , I don’t even notice myself procrastinating. I’ll be typing away , all tabs closed and ten minutes later I’ll be reading Harry Potter theories with no idea how I got there! Great and hilarious post!

  4. Totally rings a bell ! Plus the traditional/self-publishing debate in the middle of the first draft, never too early to worry about that 😛

  5. Oh yes! That’s me too! I just started my first novel for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I’m about a third through my first draft and can totally relate.

  6. Guilty of a few of these. I guess the most common thing is the occasional hubris among writers. One day I think the last manuscript I completed is a work of genius and the next day I’m thinking WTF did I write there, this is embarrassing. Unfortunately writing is the easy part. It gets way more difficult on the road to publication. Never stop writing!

    1. I can so agree with that! One day, I’ll re-read a bit I wrote and think it’s great but the next day I can’t believe how bad it is, haha! I’m just trying to have fun with it while I can before the HARD work starts! xx

  7. Oh gosh. Being an aspiring writer myself, I find myself nodding, smiling and giggling with all these thoughts because they are all thoughts I’ve had and still have! This is a wonderful post, I love it! xoxo

  8. Oh my god these are so accurate! The one where you can’t think of a word happens so much to me as someone who isn’t writing in their first language XD (I write in english but am dutch) great post!

  9. “What if it gets loads of bad reviews and I spend the rest of my life crying?” Ha-ha that’s so me 😂 I usually say : How stupid I am nobody’s going to give a fuck! Harsh but I it’s away of expressing the frustration moments 😅

  10. Haha this is a great post! I’ve had all of these thoughts at least once. I absolutely hate it when I can’t think of a word, especially when I have no way to describe it and thus no way to Google it. So frustrating!

    1. Thank you! I completely agree – there’s a paragraph in my book where she’s explaining flowers and I haven’t done my research yet so don’t know any names so it’s literally just a sentence of stars with a couple of ‘ands’ thrown in haha 😂

  11. Haha! Defo number 13 – I’ve got about 6 working progresses at the moment and stop each one because I think that I will get loads of bad reviews and no one will like them and then I will be sad! However, I’m sure your books will be amazing, if they are anything like your blog posts they will be a big hit and I will be first in line! Angelica x

    1. 6?! WOW! That’s extremely ambitious! Don’t give up though! Like I’ve mentioned in this post, even if nothing comes from it, at least it’ll be an amazing achievement to finish a MS. I’m sure yours wouldn’t get bad reviews either! xx

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