Secret London: The Cities Hidden Gems

London is one of the most varied and diverse cities on the planet. There is a whole host of activities that everyone can enjoy, regardless of your situation. Are you visiting on your own or are you visiting with family? It doesn’t matter because there is something for everyone.

In fact, there is more than meets the eye. London has that many sight and attractions that some are still a well-kept secret, until now. Below you find a list of the city’s hidden gems. Welcome to secret London. I hope you have a good time!

  1.       The Thames’ Path

The Thames is by no means a secret, especially as it dissects the city down the middle. But, the Thames’ Path is relatively unknown. The Thames, of course, is home to many of London’s major attractions, like the London Eye, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament. However, along this path there are a lot of diamonds in the rough. Some of the highlights include Rotherhithe and Charles Dickens’ favourite pub, The Prospect of Whitby.

  1.       Sir John Soane’s Museum

John Soane was the architect of The Bank of England, and his museum is his former residence. Now a public attraction, the museum is full of treats that are well worth a look. For example, there are works by Turner and Piranesi, as well as exotic artefacts from all around the world. Not the most popular, but definitely one of the most interesting sights in the city.

  1.       Little Venice

Okay, it is not exactly Venice. But if you want Venice, you should book a flight to Italy! The name pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this attraction. It is a collection of waterways – canals – that run through the city. Hire a barge boat and you can cruise down the canal and take in the every part of London while sampling waterside cafes and restaurants. It sounds better than travelling on the Tube in the dark, doesn’t it?



  1.       The Guildhall

You don’t need to travel to Rome to get your fill of gladiatorial combat. London hosted its very own games in the Guildhall amphitheatre, and now you can go and check out the history. The Guildhall wasn’t discovered until 1988. So, it is relatively new to the majority of the city’s inhabitants and completely ignored by the rest.

  1.       Camden

There is a lot to see in London, and a lot of people miss the best attractions, as a result. Obviously, the major sights have a monopoly on the tourists. But, for those who want to get off the beaten track, Camden is a great choice. On the Camden Passage, you can find a whole new world of shopping that will excite and appease you in equal measure. There are small boutiques, vintage shops and various other outlets that will leave you satisfied.

  1.       Wilton’s

Want to catch a show but can’t get a ticket for the West End? Wilton’s is the perfect alternative. Once a Victorian Music Hall, it is now a modern theatre that hosts a range of performances.


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7 thoughts on “Secret London: The Cities Hidden Gems

  1. I’ve been to London 2 years ago. So of your list, I only went to Camden. I hope to go back there this year ! So I’ll be sure to go to all these other places !
    (the best would be to move to London… But it’s not for this year haha)

    Great and useful post, thank you !

  2. Jenny! Thank you so much for this wonderful post! London – and the need to visit London or possible move there – is one of the places that holds most dear to my heart! I have been there once but was such a child that I didn’t get to explore and didn’t really care.
    This post ignited so much of my dream to travel and I am definitely saving this post and holding it close when it comes the time for me to go to London (which will hopefully be soon or in a year or two).

    xoxo, @ Josie’s Book Corner

  3. Some cracking ideas there. I’ve done a good few of them and would recommend them all.

    2 more, from West London.

    The London Steam & Water Museum, Brentford – between Kew Bridge and Brentford. An amazing place. Some friends had their wedding reception there.


    Strand on the Green, Kew /Bridge. running East along the north back of the river. A lovely walk with several historic pubs.

    Enjoy them both!


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