Travel Tips for Italy First Timers

Are you travelling to Italy for the first time? I bet you’re so excited – Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there are so many amazing things to experience there. If you’re a first time traveller here, you’ll want to make sure you are well prepared. Here are some of my tips:

Learn a Couple of Helpful Phrases

You’ll make the most of your trip if you learn a couple of helpful phrases before you travel. Not only will you be able to navigate your way around your area easily, you’ll be able to make friends and maybe even get special treatment at restaurants! Here are some phrases to get you started:

  • Hello/Goodbye – Ciao.
  • How are you? – Come Stai?
  • Bene, grazie! – Good, thank you!
  • Molto bene! – Very good!
  • Grazie! – Thankyou!

At the very least, you should carry a phrasebook with you so you can read from it if you need to. There are also translation apps available on the appstore, so make sure you download and test them before you go.

Pick Accommodation to Suit Your Trip

Depending on the kind of trip you have, you’ll need different kinds of accommodation. Pick accommodation to suit your trip and budget. You’ll more than likely want something with a flavour of Italy, so look at authentic apartments to start with.

Make an Itinerary Before You Go

By making an itinerary before you go, you can avoid stressing out when you arrive. Do your research on your destination and plan out the things you’d like to do and when. Just bear in mind you should leave yourself free time too, as you’ll more than likely find things you want to explore without restrictions. Don’t pack too much into the itinerary or you’ll feel rushed and won’t be able to enjoy your trip to the full.


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Smile at people! The Italians are mostly very friendly and will appreciate a smile. They usually greet one another with handshakes, hugs, and kisses on both cheeks. If you’re not a touchy-feely person, you’ll need to be prepared for this.

Consider Leaving a Tip

When you order a drink or food in Italy, the Italians take real pride in presenting them to you. They’ll usually give you free things alongside your order too, so consider leaving them a tip if you’re happy with the service. They will be very grateful!

Be Prepared to Eat a Lot

Italians don’t do food by halves, so be prepared to eat a lot. You don’t ever have to worry about receiving a small portion, so be prepared to have your belt stretched just a little. Know that whatever you order, you’re going to get more than enough to fill you up!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for first timers to Italy and they come in handy. Once you’ve been, feel free to come back and let me know how they worked for you. I’ll hopefully see you back here soon – Ciao for now!


Jenny in Neverland

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  1. This is wonderful! Italy is such a beautiful place that I wish to visit along with London! This is a great post for pointers and its very helpful!
    Lovely post, Jenny! 💋

  2. Nice post, Jenny. I’d like to add that in Italy a lot of the famous and most amazing art is found in churches, where more thoughtful dressing is sometimes required, especially for women–covered shoulders and something other than short-shorts or mini-skirt.

    It’s easy to carry a big, lightweight cotton scarf to toss on as a shawl or to wrap sarong-style over your shorts. The rules are much more relaxed in recent years, but respect for local customs is always appreciated.

  3. I’ve been three times. Such a wonderful country. Great post and great advice Jenny 🙂

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