How I Keep In Touch With My Childhood Friends

I’ve known so many fantastic people over the years that I wanted to make sure we always keep in touch. Thankfully, most of us use technology to stay updated these days, but I still like to see my friends in person. I try my best to ensure we always catch up at least once each month. My family commitments mean seeing each other more often than that is difficult. I hope that reading about how I keep in touch with my friends will encourage you to do the same thing.

Dinner parties

Now we all have partners; it’s important we involve them too. That is why I’ve started to organise regular dinner parties. I buy all the wine online to save money. I’ve also compiled a list of all my friends likes and dislikes when it comes to cuisine. That way, I can be 100% certain everyone gets a meal they will love. For instance, one of my school friends is now vegetarian. So, I have to cook them something different on most occasions.

Gym buddies

I’ve been working so hard during the last couple of years that exercise has taken a backseat. A few months ago, one of my childhood friends joined a local gym. I bought a membership pass too, and now we work out together. She’s much more athletic than me, and so I spend a lot of time sitting around. Still, we get to see each other and catch up all the time. She has a busy life too, and that is why the gym buddy idea was perfect.

Shopping together

Most guys hate doing the weekly food shopping. My partner is no different. So, I arrange to meet my friends and shop together. We only spend around one hour in the supermarket, but it’s a great way to catch up. At the end of the day, we need to purchase the food. So, we might as well do it together.

Social media

Whenever I can’t get to see my friends in person, they are always available on social media. Sometimes we start a group chat and spend all night nattering about the day’s events. We also use Facebook and Twitter to plan activities. My partner likes to spend a night with the boys each month. We usually arrange to meet up on the same night. We go to different venues but stay in the same area. That allows us to save on taxi money. We all meet up at the end of the night and go home with our partners.


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I hope this post will help to improve your situation. The people you knew when you were younger are some of the best friends you will ever have. Don’t let them become strangers. Life has a funny way of driving wedges between us all. We need to work hard to ensure we always make an effort for the special people in our lives. You never know when you might need a friendly ear. Childhood friends should stay together as long as possible.  


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