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Man’s Best Friend: A Tribute To All Our Loyal Canine Friends

Last month saw the start of the brand new series of Paul O’Grady’s, ‘For The Love of Dogs’. I don’t know about you but I absolutely adore that show and haven’t missed a single episode since series 1. Paul O’Grady, fellow dog lover, heads into Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in the UK to give us, the viewers, a little insight into the workings of the rescue centre and also the sometimes very grisly background of some of the poor, unfortunate dogs that walk into the centre every single day. As well as extremely informative and eye-opening, the show can often be heart-wrenching and I’ve been known to shed a tear sob uncontrollably at a handful of cases Paul has worked with on the show.


So, in today’s post, I wanted to focus on dogs. The light and love they bring into our lives every day and maybe, just maybe, if any of my lovely readers out there are thinking about getting a dog themselves, will encourage you to head to your local rescue centre. Now, before I continue, I must say that my dog isn’t a rescue dog. But rescue dog or not, I experience every day the joy my dog brings into my life and that’s the aim of today’s post; to celebrate all the loyal, loving and dopey dogs out there.

Myself, along with some bloggy helpers, have answered the question, “What does your dog and/or having a dog mean to you?”

@jennymarston_xo: Words cannot describe how much I love my dog. Above all else, he is always there to cheer you up and make you laugh when you feel like doing anything but. He is a light in my life, my own personal comedian and best friend and I honestly don’t think a day has gone by since we got him that he hasn’t made us laugh or smile at least once and I can’t say the same for any human being I’ve ever known.

@Blupye: Having my dog means I’m never alone. He’s the heartbeat at my feet and my little shadow who completes me. He’s bought a sparkle in my life that only he could bring. He makes me laugh and smile everyday without fail and he really is my best friend.

@lccock: My dog means the world to me, she is one the family, like my child. Having her means I will have constant unconditional love as well entertainment when I’m feeling down, and she’s the best walking buddy. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

@UnderToWonder: My dog is my world. And that is no exaggeration. As someone who doesn’t want children, has few friends and is very introverted, my dog provides me with the love companionship and safe feeling that I can’t get elsewhere. In bad times he gave me reason to get up in the morning and it good times he’s by my side to share my memories. My dog, my pet, my child <3

@CakeyDreamer: My dog Lady is 100% my best friend. Having a dog has meant that I never ever feel lonely and has helped me through everything- even if she can’t really “listen”, she’s still there for me when I’m feeling down and she always seems to know when I’m not feeling great! I wouldn’t change her for the world 🙂

@be_the_spark: My Chihuahua, Bruiser, means the world to me… There’s a lot to be said for unconditional love from a dog, having someone who’s always pleased to see you, who comes out to greet you whenever you walk in, who doesn’t care what you look like or what you do, as long as your lap is empty and your dinner can be shared! He’s a tiny dog but the house would be empty without him!

@tiny_dancer85: Having my dog, Rollo, means the world to me. He’s always by my side and no matter what’s going on in my life, no matter how bad things get he’s always there wagging his tail and pleading with his eyes for a cuddle. He makes everything better just by being there.

Do you have a furry canine friend? What does your dog (or cat!) mean to you? They truly are a man’s best friend and I’d love to hear about your best buddy! Tell us all about them in the comments and you can always find me on Twitter if you want to tweet me a photo of them!


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  2. The door from next door has decided this is our second home. She’s an absolute dote, some form of spaniel cross with the most amazing eyes who comes over solely to drop balls at your feet and have you throw them (and have the odd pat too!). It’s so lucky because I think the kids are too young for a dog yet but I’d love to have one and so I can be outside with them while she’s there to make sure they’re okay (even though she’s never run at them or gone anywhere near them except to drop stuff at their feet too!). I’m very jealous of people who have dogs, there’s nothing like a canine friend to keep you happy!!!

    1. Aww well at least you have a lovely doggy next door neighbour! She sounds so adorable! (: xx

  3. Aww this was sweet. I love that show too – I can’t help but have a little cry every time I watch it!

    1. It’s an amazing show isn’t it? The work he does is fab but some of the stories are just SO sad! 🙁 xx

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