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Movie Discussion: Paper Towns (2015)

It’s absolutely no secret that I am a complete and utter John Green fan girl. I worship the ground that man walks on and I’d never found books that I connected with so deeply and loved so much until I started reading his a few years ago. Naturally, I was ecstatic when I found out Paper Towns was being made into a film – I’d always thought it would translate fantastically to the big screen and after The Fault in Our Stars and how beautifully that book morphed into a film, I had high high hopes for Paper Towns.

For those who live in a cave, Paper Towns follows our main character, Q (short for Quentin) who is completely in love with his neighbour and classmate, Margo. Despite being good friends when they were younger, as their teenage years and high school engulfed them, they grew apart. Until one night, shortly before graduation, Margo appears in his bedroom and takes him on an adventure where she gets revenge on all the people that have wronged her, including her ex-boyfriend and her best friend.

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The next day, Margo doesn’t turn up for school. And after a few days where nobody sees her, people realise she’s missing. Q and his friends begin to notice that Margo has left clues and after a lot of analysis, Q finally works out where Margo could be and him and his friends set out on a road trip and a race against time to try and find her.

The thing I loved most about The Fault in Our Stars is how true to the book it was and particularly that lines from the book were used in the film and I was almost in tears when I saw that one of my favourite quotes from Paper Towns was used right at the beginning of the film. I think, especially with John Green’s books and his amazing quotes, that’s so important and it makes the film all that more personal.


Now, onto the cast. Q and Margo are such polar opposites and I loved that. Nat Wolff portrayed Q absolutely, 100% spot on as this kinda geeky but really sweet but completely smitten kid who wants to be normal but also wants to follow Margo into the mystery. I could not fault his performance, so much so that I don’t really have anything to say about it other than it was perfect.

Cara Delevinge was a bit of a risk I felt – when I first heard she was going to be playing Margo I instantly did that weird sucking your breath in through your teeth thing. As soon as she came on screen though my worries just disappeared because she was everything I imagined Margo to be. She got her attitude and whole demeanour perfectly and I think her and Nat Wolff had great on-screen chemistry.


The film as a whole I adored. I was a bit gutted that a couple of the other most well-known quotes from the book weren’t used because heck, that book is so damn quoteable. I also noticed a few changes between the two but they didn’t take anything away from the film and I completely get that they can’t add everything in for a variety of reasons. The ending was also a little different I believe and I seem to remember Margo being much meaner at the end of the book compared to what she was in the film but again, this didn’t take anything away from the fact that the film was incredible.

I absolutely adored the film from beginning to end. The beginning bit during Margo’s revenge mission was my favourite – I think her character just illuminates the story. The second half was very much a story of love, friendship, ends, beginnings and finding yourself and I love that it took the main characters to stray from the norm to be able to do that. As Margo says, “you have to get lost to find yourself”.

Have you seen or read Paper Towns? What did you think? I’d love to hear your opinions!


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  1. EXCELLENT review. I read the book before watching the movie, and I agree, there are differences, but they’re not blaring. I will watch the movie over and over just for the Pokémon impromptu. 😊

    Humor & Lifestyle //

    1. Agreed; I like to look at the film and the book as separate entities rather than a carbon copy because at the end of the day, ANY film adaptation is going to be different and is going to miss things out because it’s simply impossible for a whole bunch of reasons to get everything in. It was true to the book but can stand well on it’s own and I love that (: The pokemon bit was amazing! xx

      1. THANK YOU. So many people misconstrued this and get bent out of shape if the movie dares to be at all different from the book. But we don’t want a carbon copy anyways.

        Oh yeah. Pokémon rules.

  2. I’m a huge John Green fangirl too. And I loved the Papertowns book ( more than movie obviously) and Cara was pretty good at playing Margo. 🙂

    1. I much prefer the book to the movie too but as the film goes i think they done a fantastic job! Cara was flawless I think, a real surprise but she pulled it off brilliantly!

  3. I loved Paper Towns, it really did stay close to the book, and Cara portrayed Margo surprisingly well.

    1. It was fantastic – as film adaptations go it was very true to the book!

  4. I got to watch a special screening of Paper Towns that showed a Q&A with John and the cast first. I was so excited! I think I smiled with joy throughout the whole movie. It didn’t portray the same depth as the book did to me, simply because Q found all the clues so quickly and didn’t really struggle as much as he did in the novel, but I really liked the movie nonetheless. The short cameo of a certain someone had me laughing out loud and I think I like this ending better than the book one.

    1. Wow really??!! I’m insanely jealous I bet that was fantastic! I agree though about the film didn’t have as much depth but that’s totally understandable. I LOVED the cameo!!! I was like AHHHHH!!!

      1. I freaked out a little when the cameo happened. I was looking around at everyone, just hoping that they’d squeal with me. I just wasn’t expecting it at all!

  5. I haven’t seen the film yet! I loved the book, but read quite a few bad reviews for the film and I didn’t want it to ruin the memory of the novel – I think I’m going to watch it now I’ve read your review though 🙂

    1. I’ve read some very mixed reviews as well but I just love love loved it. Definitely give it a go (:

  6. Yet to read or see either! Definitely on my list but this post has definitely bumped it up on my to do! Great post 🙂

    1. Would hugely recommend both of them! (:

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