Unique and Interesting Transport Ideas to Try on Your Next Holiday*

If you find yourself in the position to go travelling, you’d be a fool to pass it up. Travel is good for us all to do every once in awhile. If you enjoy seeing the sights and taking in the beauty of a country, then you need to get your transport right. Don’t just think that a car or a coach is the only way you can get around. There are countless options available throughout the world and these vary from place to place. You’ll see so much more and learn more about the local culture if you choose an alternative mode of transport for your next adventure. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired.


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Take a Train ride in India

India’s roads can be scary and confusing for tourists who have never visited the country before. So why not ditch the car and hop onto a train instead. It’s a slower pace but more comfortable experience and you’ll see a wealth of beautiful landscapes and architecture. You can book a few nights in your own cabin or just buy a ticket for the day. You can also stop off at any number of South Indian hill stations and witness even more natural beauty. This is not just a standard train ride, so go with an open mind and soak up the culture and scenery during this incredible experience.

Take a Husky sleigh ride in Alaska

This is an activity that many people include in their bucket lists and it’s easy to see why. It a unique transport option that allows you to explore a vast winter wonderland. It’s something not many places have to offer and you’ll have a wonderful time looking at the mountains and forests. You may even see some wildlife that is unique to this part of the world such as bald eagles and grizzly bears.  Spending time with the dogs and listening to the tour guides informative talks will make this option even more mesmerising. You may have to plan your trip carefully as Alaska will have more snow during different times of the year.


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Take a Longtail Boat in Thailand

This iconic mode of transport has become an incredibly popular choice for tourists. They are long and slim making them ideal for laid-back and idyllic sightseeing. Pack yourself some local snacks and hop on board for a tour of local islands and caves. You’ll also get the chance to see underwater wildlife that is unlike anywhere else in the world. The locals use these boats as public transport so travelling on one will help you learn more about their culture and everyday life. Spending the day on a longtail boat is something you will remember forever so make sure it’s top of your list.

What have been some of your favourite transport methods taken whilst on holiday?

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  3. This is so awesome! Travel is such an amazing thing, and I am lusting for the opportunity to travel, but first I must save up the money to do so! Switching up your form of transport is a great way to go about it. To add some spontaneity to your travels! Loved it !

  4. A couple of good ones to try:

    Local buses in Latin America. Amazing places, amazing people – but do have plenty of time.

    Boats on any major river – the Nile, Mekong, etc. Just go with the flow.

    The slower you can go, the more of a place you will see.

    So keep travelling, and do enjoy it.


  5. One time I went to visit a friend of mine by using Amtrak (a railroad system that travels to most of the states in the U.S.). I’ve always had a love for trains and traveling on the Amtrak was a scenic experience. I’ve been looking for excuses to travel on it again.

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