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Do Numbers Really Matter?

Stats, page views, followers, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, whether you like them or not, in the blogging world, numbers are everywhere. Some people take more notice of the numbers than others. Some people are consumed by numbers and others couldn’t give a rats ass but at the end of the day, every blogger has numbers to their name. Caring about them is a whole other ball game but… do they really matter?


This is just a general discussion about the whole statistical side of blogging. Whatever your thoughts and opinions on the topic, I would love to hear them because no one way is the “wrong” way to be when focusing on your blogger stats. I a think it very much comes down to your own personal reasons for blogging in the first place. Someone hoping to start blogging full-time will no doubt have a heightened importance on the stats and the numbers than someone doing it just for fun. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to blog.

Personally, for me, I’m a bit of half and half. And that half and half fluctuates dramatically throughout the year. Sometimes I care more than usual, other times I care less than usual and I think that’s pretty normal. But the reason I don’t put a massive strain on the “numbers” side of blogging is because it’s never really been an issue and I’ve learnt that hundreds of thousands of page views doesn’t always equal a lot of interaction. I hit 1,000 WordPress followers not long ago, which to some will be a lot and to others won’t be but the main thing I’ve noticed over the past year is theย interaction my followers and my blog. However, what else I’ve noticed is that my daily and monthly page views are shockingly bad. So they kind of even out.

I also try and not focus on the stats too much because I don’t want to get too bogged down by it all. It’s a big, intimidating world, this blogosphere. There will always be someone with more followers than you, more likes than you and more comments than you and it’s so, so easy to get obsessed and overly competitive.

With all that said, I’m am totally not against stats. I think it’s a fantastic way to monitor your blogging progress and it’s always fantastic when you reach a personal milestone. I’ll always tweet when I hit a certain number just because I’m proud of it and that’s not a bad thing. Hitting important milestones; 100, 500, 1000 followers etc. is always a great excuse to run lots of giveaway and give something back to your loyal followers. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m always happy for my blogging friends achievements as well. I think it’s positive thing, something to be proud of and something you’ve worked for and there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate that.

I took the question to Twitter and here are some of the great responses I got:

@alicaitrin: I have an excel document where I jot down my monthly stats to see my blog and social media progress but that’s about it!

@ABronsSmith: From a marketing background, they would be vital. Biggest insight into how your audience reacts with your content.

@skydreamersimi: I used to write them down every month, I don’t anymore. I just look at them from time to time now and am happy if I reach a certain amount of page views or likes, but that’s it.

@SJBouquet: I’m competitive so each month I try to get my stats higher than the month before. I make it a game.

@AggiesLibrary: I am still very new to blogging so I am obsessing over it a little, checking them often. Just very glad they are improving!

@ScintillatingSZ: I love to see where my readers are from and what kind of posts they like!

@bookavid: I’d be lying if I said they didn’t matter to me. Without stats I wouldn’t know whether I was just shouting into the void or actually reaching out to people. They’re important, but not essential. I don’t obsess about them.

@simgill94: I think for me personally I love seeing where the stats are from rather than the amount. I love knowing people around the world are reading my posts (:

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to hear your opinions on this topic, whatever you think and however you feel about stats!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. I think it depends on why one blogs. If you blog as a past time, numbers probably don’t matter. However if you want to be published having already established a following can be helpful.

  2. I’ve been blogging since the beginning of March and… I’m very conflicted at the whole ‘blogging stats’. I love to blog – it makes me happy. At times, I do it just because I love to write and share my love for books. At other times, I get depressed and\or frustrated that I can’t seem to make my blog known. When I tweet, it basically goes ignored ‘^^ . It can make anyone get deprssed and think: “I’m not good enough. What can I do better? I’ve tried everything, what else is left?”
    The most important thing I belive is: not giving up.
    Sometimes, I feel like I’m at the bottom of a very deep well. At the top of the well there are all the successful bloggers (those who have many followers, many likes, many comments…) while I attempt to claw my way up to the top. It’s hard, it’s gritty and sometimes you fall back down, but maybe… just maybe… eventually I’ll be able to climb all the way up and find myself up there.

    My blog:

    1. Definitely don’t give up but remember that blogging takes time and effort and everyone has to start somewhere. You’ve only been blogging since March, you’ve done great so far. Don’t get disheartened (:

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  4. when I started my blog, it was more as a private journal and well did not really want anyone reading it.. I wrote and never shared links on twitter or anywhere really.
    Somewhere along the line suddenly discovered the stats tab and its impressive *sometimes* to see the whats going on behind the scenes and I pay more attention to comments than just the stats but its awesome to be told you have 1000 views whoop whoop

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  6. I don’t believe that stats mean anything as far as your writing is concerned. How and what I write doesn’t effect my stats. What effects them is how much I get out and visit and comment on others writing, and sharing on various social media. Getting my name out there, so to speak. Advertising. While I like big numbers, I cannot lie, I would write to the best of my ability regardless of what the stats pages says.

    1. Interesting points. I definitely find what I write affects my stats because different types of posts attract more/less viewers. Sharing on SM is so very important though. Its great that you wouldn’t lose motivation if the higher stats weren’t there. I’d like to think I wouldn’t but… xx

  7. As a person who runs a personal blog I like to see what sort of impact my posts have. I love to get “likes” because it means what I am saying is resonating with people. Comments are great too because someone has taken the time to think about what I am posting about to offer their own feedback.

    1. Great points Tony, I agree! (: xx

  8. I love this post, and I’m a lot like you. There are times where I’m really stressed out about my stats, or really happy because they’re doing great at a certain time. At the same time, I think I get too concerned with my stats and it sucks the fun, carefree part of blogging. So i think there’s good in it and bad in it

    1. I agree, I remember when I started blogging, this never ever even crossed my mind. If I got a comment or a like or a new follower I was ecstatic but then I just got on with it and continued to read and review books just because I LOVED doing it. It makes me sad sometimes, how my attitude has changed about it all since I started and have been kinda “opened up” to the world of blogging xx

  9. Personally, I prefer to receive comments on my blog posts over anything else. I don’t mind having just a few followers, but I really enjoy knowing that people are interested in my writing and took the effort to let me know. I try to do the same on other blogs, but personally, likes and follower counts don’t matter as much to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree, although its great to see your followers and views growing over time, NOTHING beats a blog comment! (: xx

  10. I’ve noticed certain genres seem to attract a lot more followers – romantic fiction seems to do well. In the summer I’ve noticed views drop, understandably (as do posts, probably!) I’ve been blogging for 19 months and initially I was a bit obsessive over numbers, and I didn’t have a Twitter account. As soon as I used Twitter for promotion my views multiplied by five (obviously I now feel a bit silly for not using it before, but I’m not that skilled in technology – a tad too old!)

    1. Yes I’ve noticed that with genres as well! Some definitely do better than others and I agree, fiction, romance and chick-lit always seem popular. And YA, I’ve found. You’re never too old for Twitter! (; xx

  11. I like to look at the stats. Lately I have been using it to try to figure out a posting pace. It’s interesting to see that this post has been viewed a lot, compared to that one. That’s a good tool, the trick is trying not to be obsessed with it. I’m like you. Sometimes I will check them more often, sometimes I won’t look at them for a whole week.

    1. It is very interesting to see what types of posts do well and what days tend to do better in terms of views. I used to find posting on a Saturday did EXTREMELY well but lately, that’s not the case! Funny how anything and everything can affect them? xx

      1. Totally !

  12. I try not to obsess over the numbers, but it makes my heart happy when I get page views. I’m working on making my posts easier to engage with as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think it’s great that you’re doing something productive to try and improve it but without getting too worked up about them! (: xx

  13. I working in marketing during the day, so I’m all about the numbers. Like you said, if you’d love to blog full time they are important, and I fall into that category. My blog is just a few weeks old, so i’m loving watching the numbers grow at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Elaine –

    1. That’s brilliant, well done! I’d love to be able to blog full-time so it’s important in a way to keep track but not to let it become MORE important than producing good content and working on your skills (: xx

  14. Oh. it’s meee! Haha. Thanks for including what I said!

    1. Hehe, you’re very welcome! Thank you so much for your input (: xx

  15. I use to be obsessed with numbesr and I would analyse my stats every single month, setting goals on how I could improve them. Then my stats dropped drastically when I started working full-time because I didn’t have much time to spend on promoting my posts and leaving comments on other blogs. Now, I don’t care so much. I mainly use stats to work out what type of content people like so I can carry on producing content that people enjoy reading

    1. That’s really sensible (: Although I don’t think it’s always a bad thing to keep track and have a monthly “plan”. I recently created a readers survey for that very reason, so I could find out what type of posts readers like best! xx

  16. It’s like the old saying about how if you have money you don’t need to care about how much you have, if you don’t you obsess on how much you can potentially make. I definitely obsess and would love to be able to quote a big number of followers, as I am new to the game, and, when I’ve worked hard on a post it does affect me a little that not many people have paid heed, but that being said I adore blogging so much and have some of the loveliest, loyal followers. Also even though it can feel like you’re talking to yourself, it’s something. Plus, I don’t put as much in as some of the big wigs as I divide my time, so they deserve it! Some of the tweets are great and actually, this whole post puts things into perspective!

    1. You’re totally right about what you say! People who have thousand upon thousands of followers probably don’t worry as much do they? I think every blogger gets those times when a post they’ve worked particularly hard on, doesn’t do so well. Similarly, Ive noticed that some posts I sorta just whacked out in 10 minutes and didn’t give an awful lot of thought to, actually do the best. Funny how that happens? As long as it makes you happy, that’s all that’s important! xx

  17. My blog is all about promoting; and providing resources for, Indie Authors (scattered with my own brand of humour) – so the stats are important, as well as the feedback in comments, to let me know how effectively I’m doing my job. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. This makes a lot of sense going by what you want to get out of your blog! (: xx

      1. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. It sounds like you’ve got the balance just right – they’re good for monitoring your own progress if that’s what you want to do or to produce marketing materials if you want to monetise your blog but really, in the grand scheme of things, in terms of your soul and general wellbeing, they don’t matter. You’re right, there will always be someone out statting you and and it can become a bit heartbreaking if you focus too much on that. I’m guilt of caring about the numbers in waves, just this week I’m hugely panicking about mine but next week? Meh, it won’t matter any more.

    Thanks for getting me thinking.
    M x

    1. I’m very much the same as you! It can be frustrating but everyone and every single blog is different and you just can’t compare yourself to anyone otherwise you’ll go crazy!!! xx

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    1. Thank you for reblogging (: xx

  20. Stats are supposed to be a good indication of how well you are actually doing, and I confess I was obsessed with checking them in the beginning. Until I noticed how wildly they fluctuate, and I realised they probably were not that accurate at all. These days I tend to rely more on personal interaction, for words will always mean more than statistics!

    1. Of course! Literally anything and everything can cause stats to fluctuate – even things that we can’t influence ourselves. Weather time of year – anything! xx

  21. I love looking at the stats, seeing where people are from and why they are visiting, but the actual number doesn’t matter that much to me. Of course, it’s nice to know that visitor numbers are increasing, but if they never engage on the page itself, it doesn’t make much of a difference if I have 50 or 200 views per day. Still, I check on them pretty much daily just to know what’s going on.

    1. This is a nice approach, I like seeing where in the world people are coming from too! It’s very interesting and intriguing to see all these different places all over the world! xx

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