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Prairie Charms #StockingStuffers Christmas Campaign!

If you’re a blogger, there’s probably a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard of Prairie Charms – a small, handmade accessories and gifts company that sell the cutest jewellery, nail and hair bits and lots of other adorbs gifts. I signed up for their Christmas Campaign, where by for just £5, you receive 4 of their products. I received mine last week and am so thrilled with everything from the products to the customer service so here’s a wee little post about what goodies I got and why I’d recommend Prairie Charms!


First of all, all the gifts came individually gift wrapped in Christmas paper which I thought was so sweet and was expecting! Also, the envelope! (see background of photo above) need I say more? The best envelope I’ve ever received and trust me, I’m not an avid envelope enthusiast but seriously, this one rocked.


My first little gift was a super cute Christmassy themed hair bow clip that I’ve worn a couple of times around the house since I received it. It’s really comfortable to wear and has been really handy when you need your fringe out your face or want to clip one side of your hair back (which I so often do because I have like, a mane). I don’t often wear hair stuff – my only 2 hair styles are half-assed, half-falling out ponytail or Rapunzel but this clip made a nice change!


The next was these small, sparkly, glittery, star earrings (excuse the dreadful photo here). I have my ears pierced quite a few times in each ear and I love mixing it up with my earrings occasionally so I absolutely adored these! They’re quirky and cute and the perfect size. Plus, glitter.


Next I received this quote print and, before I continue, may I just say (and probably loose some followers by saying it) that I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but I absolutely love this quote! Everyone knows how much I love Peter Pan and the “growing up” elements of this quote will be absolutely perfect in my bedroom somewhere! It’s gorgeously printed, simple but classy.


Lastly, I received this sweet little gingerbread man necklace! I rarely change the necklace I’m wearing but I’ll definitely be wearing this over Christmas and definitely on Christmas Day. It’s so cute and a lovely size and would make a perfect gift for someone who loves Christmas (or baking).


I am so pleased with the products, the price, the delivery and the service from Prairie Charms. They’re very prominent on Twitter and work a lot with bloggers and their customer service is just fantastic. They’re so appreciative and enthusiastic about their products and their work that it’s hard not to be enthusiastic back. Will 100% be buying from them again in the future!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. I also haven’t heard of them, so thanks for this post. I mostly like the necklace, so cute. And the quote.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

    1. The necklace is very cute! Hope you’ve found a new favourite gifts brand in them! Hope you had a lovely Christmas, too! (: xx

  2. Not heard of them but will definitely check them out. Love the gingerbread charm pendant 😃

    1. It’s really cute isn’t it!

  3. That quote not only looks beautiful but it’s from one of my favourite T-Swift songs! Now I’ve got it stuck in my head, gosh darn it. Wonderful post, I’ll definitely have my eye on this shop from now on.

    1. I think I should probably listen to this song now? Hehe. They’re a great company (: xx

  4. I guess I’m amongst the 1% of the bloggers who’ve never heard of them until now. It sounds like they have really nice products.

    1. They do! You should check them out! They’re around on Twitter a lot too (: xx

  5. Hmmm…. 1 to bookmark (we have 2 daughters)
    Could be good for next Xmas.


    1. Definitely – well worth the money (: xx

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