With the end of a year, comes all the lessons we learnt throughout it and although you couldn’t possibly determine an entire year by 15 points written down on a blog post, it’s still important to look back at the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny and the ridiculous to see where you went wrong or right. Here’s 15, some serious, some not so serious, things I learnt this year.

15 Things I Learnt In 2015

  1. Don’t let the assumption fairy hit you in the face. Sometimes, sometimes, you don’t actually know everything.
  2. I do in actual fact, fancy Chris Hemsworth. Despite years of stating I would never fancy the Hemsworth brothers *gracefully glides off my high horse*.
  3. Despite having nerves of spaghetti, I’m not bad in an emergency.
  4. Books will always be my first love. Books can change the world.
  5. It’s okay to ask for help. If you’re feeling vulnerable or sensitive, tell someone.
  6. Things aren’t always what they seem. Learn the facts before you jump to conclusions.
  7. Similarly, people aren’t always what they seem. Give someone a chance, they might surprise you.
  8. I really would love to travel one day. Maybe not for years and maybe not to the furthest reaches of the Earth but somewhere.
  9. The quote, ‘Things change and friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody’ is so very accurate and it’s a part of life we, unfortunately, can’t change.
  10. Man Vs. Food will never not be amazing.
  11. Exercise is important and there’s simply no excuse for sitting on your arse eating bacon sandwiches all day.
  12. You matter. There is no shame in focusing on yourself and your own needs.
  13. Nobody really knows what they’re doing. Everyone’s just winging it the best they know how and if they tell you otherwise, they’re probably lying.
  14. There’s always room for new hobbies and passions and never hide anything that ignites your sparkle.
  15. Nothing is as important as happiness and experiences.

What have been your biggest lessons of 2015?


  1. Aww, I love your list of thing you’ve learned. I’ve definitely learned of these too in recent years. Unfortunately some people never learn to stop making assumptions and jumping to conclusions :-/ But anyway, 2015 was kind of a year of rediscovering and remembering why books were my first love, so a big yes to that one! Here’s to learning more and having an even better 2016 🙂

  2. I learned that every moment, no matter how tragic, has the possibility of joy. You just have to chose it. Great post. I enjoyed it even though I don’t fancy Hemsworth.

  3. Lovely post and I could relate to so many of these too – including the Hemsworth curse, there’s just something about them isn’t there? I blame the smile and the eyes! Love the one about taking on new hobbies and knowing that you matter too, that’s such an important thing to take into any new year. Wishing you all the best for 2016! – Tasha

    1. Hahaha see it’s funny cos I don’t QUITE fancy Liam yet but I’m not ruling it out entirely. Who knows, that could be my main point in my “Lessons I learnt in 2016” post hehe! All the best for the new year for you too! xx

    1. Oh that’s a fantastic one! And such an important thing to have learnt. I can definitely relate to that this year, too. It’s sometimes not the big things that make the biggest impact! (: xx

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