Activities You Have to Try in 2016*

If you don’t have a bucket list, then make your New Year resolution this year to draw one up. And put all those activities on it you wish you had already tried. Of course, if you lack inspiration for the details of your bucket list, then don’t worry. I’ve been busy checking out some of the most awesome ways to spend your holiday days in 2016. There’s sure to be something for everyone to have a go at on my list of activities you have to try in 2016:

On The Water

I’ve been to the Lake District when the weather was glorious and thoroughly enjoyed just lazing about on a boat. Going nowhere but experiencing bliss is a great activity to enjoy. And you can catch up on a few chapters of your favourite read too. The active part is rowing the blooming boat into the middle of the lake! For something a little more adrenaline fuelled, why not try windsurfing? You can do this in Cumbria if you want, but why not try the Thames Estuary or even Cornwall for something a little more heart pumping!


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In The Air

It’s not everyone’s mission in life to throw themselves out of a plane. But most of us wouldn’t mind that experience of flying. How about taking the controls and learn to fly a small plane? If you don’t fancy being that daring, you have to try a helicopter ride. It’s noisy, but it certainly is the thrill of a lifetime. Plus, there are plenty of UK landscapes you just have to see from above! For a bit of peace and quiet, you could try tandem hang gliding. That way, you can really feel the wind on your face.


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On The Ground

Have you ever explored Britain’s caves? There are some incredible cave systems to climb and squeeze your way through. There are several different tours available across the country. You can even combine it with a bit of abseiling and climbing if you’re looking for something a bit more extreme. Seeing what the world is like hundreds of feet underground is quite a spectacular experience. Don’t forget your GoPro!


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Moving Fast

For all those that love fast vehicles with thrills, why not try your hand at driving a different kind of vehicle this coming year? There are plenty of Sweden winter activity breaks that will give you the opportunity to try a snowmobile at high speed. Or you might prefer the thrill of driving a Husky sled! Moving across snow and ice at high speed is a great way to enjoy a winter break in 2016. For something closer to home, why not take up some ice skating lessons?


Thanks to Gracey for the pic

The New Year is certainly full of opportunities and promise. I’m feeling quite optimistic about it. I’m always up for trying something new so I’ll be putting some of these activities on my bucket list. Most of us make a few New Year resolutions each year, but it can be really hard to see them through. That’s why I love to put something fun that I’m motivated to do on the list! What will you promise yourself this year?

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