I’m not talking about New Years Eve, dressing up, having amazing plans and getting ridiculously drunk – in fact, I’m not one for bothering with New Years Eve plans anymore now I don’t drink or go clubbing – I’m talking about the scary prospect of a whole new year ahead of you. When you can leave the trials and tribulations of the previous year behind and, as cliché as it honestly does sound, have a fresh start. I’ve always found this transitioning period from one year to the next an important time and here’s some things that I’ve done – and still do – to help me get the New Year off to a positive start.


  1. Sort out and tidy up your living/work space: Whether this is your bedroom, your entire house or your office desk, this one is really important to me. I love cleaning and de-cluttering anyway and there’s nothing I find more satisfying and rewarding than throwing things out and giving my room some order. I do this sporadically throughout the year but at the end of the year, I do an extra thorough job so I know everything is how it should be for the new year.
  2. Buy a diary: There’s nothing better than a new diary or notebook and us bloggers love our stationary! (And don’t pretend you don’t…!) Now’s the chance to splash out on a gorgeous new diary for the year ahead, even if you always give up after a few months, you never know that this could be the year you keep at it. Having a place where all your contacts, appointments, plans and thoughts are in one, handy place can be a life-saver!
  3. Pamper yourself: I don’t mean getting ready with your friends for a night out, I mean just you, on your own and spending a day or evening focusing on yourself. Having this quality alone time, especially over the festive period is hard but important, I find. I love to spend an evening having a bath, painting my toe nails, using face masks and all kind of weird and wonderful products that you probably wouldn’t use on a regular busy day. Starting the new year feeling confident in yourself can have an incredible affect.
  4. Treat yourself: This kind of ties in with the above but I love treating myself to something at the beginning of the year. Usually I have some leftover Christmas money and although I’m a keen saver, I like to keep some back and buy something nice for myself to give myself a little extra boost. In 2016, I think that’s going to be a couple of new dresses from Boohoo!
  5. Write down your goals and aims for the new year: Even if you’ve never stuck to any of your goals before, there’s absolutely no harm in getting down on paper what you hope to achieve for the coming year. Resolutions are hard so I try no to stick to set things anymore, just a basic outline of things I’d like to hopefully improve on or increase in the new year. I wrote my own goals for 2016, here!
  6. Clear your computer: As a blogger, I have hundreds and hundreds of photos and documents on my laptop that have accumulated over the year. Most of which, I no longer need. So at the end of the year, when I know I haven’t got anymore blogging to do for a little while, I’ll always go through my photos, delete what I can and then put the rest on a USB stick so I can clear my laptop and have a fresh, clean slate for the new year!

On that note, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a wonderful New Year! I’d love to know what you do, if anything, to prepare for the year ahead!


  1. That’s a lovely idea to give all your old clothes to charity – starting the new year by de-cluttering AND doing a good deed! (: Haha my diaries never last either – I have some weird mid-2015 to mid-2016 diary I’m using at the moment which is strange because now halfway through 2016 I’m going to have to get a new one?! Hahah xx

  2. That’s great news! I’m glad your year has got off to a positive start! I love the whole, “out with the old, in with the new” feeling! Happy new year! I hope 2016 is fabulous for you! (: xx

  3. I seriously need to declutter my computer because there are literally files everywhere! It seems like such a facing though, so I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and do it 🙁
    On the plus side, I have bought a lovely new diary this year!

    1. It’s such a daunting task, I agree! But I figure if there’s a bunch of files or photos you haven’t looked at in years then you obviously don’t need them that much! You could always put everything on a USB stick and then delete it from your computer. That way, your computer is clear for the new year but you can go through the stick gradually and delete stuff, rather than having to do it all in one scary go!

  4. The de-clutter purge is one of my annual rituals. Almost seems like anti-nesting!

  5. So practical, love this! I do like a good de-clutter and my mamma bought me a shiny new diary to get to grips with. It sounds so fluffy written down but I’m also trying to meditate a little, to bring some positive thoughts into my day and banish the grumpy negative whinges that become so habitual towards the end of a long year.
    M x

    1. Thank you! That doesn’t sound fluffy at all! I’ve tried meditation before but didn’t get very far with it because I found it quite difficult but I would love to try it again.

  6. I’ve been making myself more proactive since the new year rang in. Usually I’m quite self-indulgent with time management, leading to lateness or time wasted, but I’ve told myself I have until the count of 5 to get the beneficial thing done (whether I ‘feel’ like it or not) and therefore it’ll work out for the better and I hope to achieve more this year. Here’s hoping

  7. This post is spot on with how I prepare for the new year. Just like you, I don’t really like to go out and be crazy on New Years Eve or New Years Day for that matter! But all the things you listed in this post is exactly what I like to do!

  8. I do some of these as well! Love decluttering! Though, since I only moved in here in December, not really necessary, though I do try to keep it up!
    I really need to go through all my blog/instagram photo’s though; it’s a bit daunting.

    Happy new year!

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