Anxiety, whether severe, mild, debilitating or just a nuisance, isn’t funny. It’s not a joke or a laughing matter and it shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should always, always seek medical advice if you feel that you’re suffering from anxiety that’s started to impact your life. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years now (I wrote about my experience for the first time here, last year) and have tried a whole bunch of things to help ease it. I know now that my anxiety is something I will probably have to deal with for the rest of my life but I have tools to help me that ease my anxious thoughts every day. Today I wanted to show you and share with you the things that help me deal with anxiety (please read the small print at the bottom of this post).

How I Cope With Anxiety

Bachs Rescue Remedy Spray: Bachs do a whole range of products from sprays to chewing gums and although they might not have the nicest of taste, they are so handy and discreet. I prefer the spray, as it’s ideal to keep in your pocket and it takes less than a second to spritz on your tongue. The herbal ingredients are all flower essences in a grape alcohol solution and it provides a instant release. I don’t know whether this is a placebo or the sensation of the spray on your tongue but whatever it is, it works!

Kalms Tablets: Since being diagnosed, I’ve never taken medication because I didn’t trust the side effects and I hate putting medication in my body that I could potentially go without. So, I decided to look elsewhere and I tried Kalms – a herbal remedy. I love Kalms tablets because they have very few side effects and are quick and easy to take wherever and whenever. You’re allowed 6 a day so I like to take 2 at a time and spread them out throughout the day and it makes me feel better just knowing I’ve taken them.

Water: Keeping well hydrated is obviously, extremely important for your health anyway. Keeping hydrated and getting enough water can have a whole range of health benefits but I also find water extremely relaxing. Obviously, spending every day at the beach or near water isn’t an option so I always make sure I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere. Taking small, regular sips when I feel anxious often helps me relax.

Books/Reading: This is a bit of an obvious one but sometimes nothing helps more than sitting down, in a quiet room, on your own and reading. Forgetting about everything and everyone around you and spending your time in the simplest of ways. Because that’s what we’re lacking, right? Simplicity in our lives. I love reading and when I feel anxious, reading to the point where I sometimes feel I am the characters in the book can really help.

Music: Like reading, music can solve many things. I have a couple of songs that I always go to when I’m feeling anxious. Putti g my headphones in and drowning out the world – particularly in the car – is one of my favourite things. I also love making little scenarios in my head to the songs I’m listening to. Picturing yourself on a beach or somewhere that makes you happy can redirect negative thoughts. Two of my go-to songs are Feel This by Bethany Joy Galeotti and Pure Shores by All Saints.

*These are all things that I have tried and still do/use on a daily basis. These all work for me but I'm not in any way claiming they will work for everyone. Always talk to a doctor, counsellor or psychiatrist first before diagnosing your own anxiety or mental health.


  1. Glad I’m seeing this post. I have GAD too, it’s gotten even worse in the last year! I find reading an escape too. I also find writing soothing as well as homoeopathic or herbal medication (I’m too scared to try medication that I could potentially become addicted to. I don’t want to rely on medication).

    1. Ah I’m sorry to hear you suffer with it too 🙁 it really is rotten so I completely feel for you and your situation. It’s funny how it fluctuates too right? Some months it’s relatively under control and others you can barely cope. I’m totally with you on the medication… I didn’t want to take it for a whole bunch of reasons and I’m glad I didn’t and although I probably would be a LOT better on it, I wouldn’t have wanted to go through the dreadful side effects of coming off it which I’ve heard such terrible things about and potentially being back to square one. I wouldn’t want to be on medication all my life.

  2. It is so much better to take natural remedies than resort to prescriptions from the GP, well done for highlighting this Jenny. I have also tried Bach remedies, and Kalms when the need arises for a little helping hand…

      1. Ok thanks! I will need to check them out. I used to be on some meds but switched jobs about a year ago and had insurance issues so I stopped taking them, but I feel like I need something. Maybe these will help!

  3. These are exactly the things I do to ward off my dark days, and most of the time they work extremely well. (and no side effects whatsoever!) Even on those horrible days when nothing seems to help, I swear they take the edge off. I have been prescribed anti depressant drugs in the past, and ended up a virtual zombie!

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