So… I Was a Little Bit Irritated…

And decided to channel that irritation in a healthy way… Into a blog post. About all the things that irritate me. I struggled a bit at first – I got up to number 3 and couldn’t think of anything else. I assumed I must be a lovely person who see’s the good in everyone and doesn’t ever get annoyed about anything ever. But then inspiration struck me and I was worried if I didn’t stop at 20, I’d never stop at all.

So.. I Got a Little Bit Irritated...

  1. When people come into your room then leave the door open. Mum, dad, dog, whoever, just stop.
  2. “I love Harry Potter”, “Oh cool, me too!”, “Yes but I’m the bigger fan”. How fucking old are you? (someone actually said this to me once)
  3. When people can’t understand that not everyone hates the cold… Yes, it’s minus 1 and my window is open. Where’s my medal?
  4. And those people that feel the need to repeat the fact that it’s cold a million times a day. Saying it’s freezing over and over and over again isn’t going to make you any warmer.
  5. Drafts. As in… The breeze from under a door and when peeps are like, “CLOSE THAT DOOR AFTER 0.0004 SECONDS YOU’RE LETTING A DRAFT IN”, Okay, but did you die?
  6. Being continuously asked questions whilst watching a film… We’re both watching the same film for the very first time, I don’t know any more than you do so shhhhhh before I punch you.
  7. “There’s no space in your bedroom, you should get rid of your bookcase,” and you should remove yourself from my life you absolute lunatic.
  8. “Aren’t you a bit old for Disney/fairy tales/comic books?” Aren’t you a bit old to make those sort of judgements?
  9. When people seem to think it’s a crime that you don’t like the same things as them. James Bond? Couldn’t give a shit. Indian food? Hate it. *looks out window* Yep… The Earth is still turning, birds are still singing, sun is still shining. Can we move on now?
  10. Being told to, “get a grip” because you’re sad when one of your favourite celebrities die. You cold-hearted little sod.
  11. “You should be going to clubs and getting drunk!” Oh am I? Sorry, I must have missed the 20-25 years part of the life manual when I was born. I’ll get right on that.
  12. On that note, when you just have to have a drink because it’s Christmas. Have I? Because here I am, on Christmas Day, rolling around in chocolate and my new elephant socks perfectly content without one.
  13. *Offers a different opinion to someone else*, “Oh my god you’re such a bully!” Woah, back up a minute sunshine, I hardly tried to stick your head down a toilet did I?
  14. Food snobs. You don’t eat bread, meat, fish, frozen food, processed food, tinned food or anything that’s come out of an animal? Great, good for you – I honestly do envy people who live such a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it but I’m on my way to McDonald’s right now and you won’t make me feel bad about it.
  15. Book snobs. “Oh so you read chick-lit? What’s that then, something light and fluffy for your commute? I’ve just finished the entire works of Charles Dickens myself.” What? Seriously what.
  16. Travel snobs. “You have to travel. Oh you just HAVE to. Your life won’t be complete unless you travel. You completely find yourself when you travel. Travel is what brings out the best in you. You can’t begin to understand life unless you travel”. Have you ever considered that some people erm, might not want to? (FYI, I would like to travel somewhere, some day but I’d never force someone into thinking that’s what they need to do)
  17. “You throw like a girl” Oh, look at you, all observant and stuff. Did the boobs give it away? Or is it these giant ass heels I’m going to kick you with?
  18. “Why do you like Formula 1? It’s just cars going round and round in circles.” Why do I like reading as well? It’s just words on a page. Or why do I like cooking? It’s just putting food in a pot. Or why do I like blogging? It’s just tapping keys on a laptop. It’s like everything we do or like is made up of someone doing something. Funny that.
  19. Automated Direct Messages on Twitter. Seriously why are they still a thing? Has anyone ever honestly paid attention to one?
  20. People who unnecessarily arse around. When everyone’s ready to leave and half an hour later you’re still standing by the front door tapping your foot. These are the same people who can’t make decisions if their life depended on it. How do you get anything done?!

Go on then… What irritates you? Let it all out!

Some of these points were exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Although I agree with all the points I made, I do hope I haven't offended someone in the process. If I have, I do apologise but my only intention was a funny, light-hearted post that I hope most of you can relate to.

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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

66 thoughts on “So… I Was a Little Bit Irritated…

  1. Haha reminds me of Peter Griffin’s ‘What Really Grinds My Gears’ segment. The clubbing thing never stops in your mid/late twenties either. I havent been clubbing since I was 24 but people still feel the need to tell me I should be out doing it despite the fact I spent every weekend from 18 until 24 going out, I don’t want to any more!

    1. Haha right! You totally get what I mean. I did SO much clubbing when I was 18 and 19. Even before that, I got drunk so much – I’ve experienced it all, it’s not like I’m missing out. Since I developed anxiety I can’t go into a club and find it difficult to go into a pub as well and I also don’t drink but the thing is, I don’t WANT to! That’s what some people can’t seem to understand haha xx

  2. Don’t get me started! Not today, anyway. One of these days I will have to get a load of things off my chest, just to get shot of them, but not now…
    Looking forward to enjoying doing it as much as you just have…

  3. This is brilliant! I can relate to so many of those points, especially when it comes to films and some talking throughout. The first watch though I always think and how can I help you?!

    My pet peeve would have to be someone coming into my room and saying that my room is messy. A and then saying that I could resolve it by getting rid of some books! I mean that really is a stupid thing to say, especially as my books are organised into set piles haha

    1. Haha see no one ever tells me my room is messy cos I’m a complete clean freak and I don’t leave even a cup on the side for longer than it really HAS to be there! But I’ve been told numerous times to get rid of some books and I just can’t have that kind of negativity in my life xx

    1. Yes! You totally know what I mean. Like I don’t always love sitting there shivering but I like to feel a breeze on my face. I find it comfortable and relaxing and sometimes if the room is too hot then your face gets too hot and it’s just so uncomfortable and ugh! xx

  4. Brilliant post! More personal and could get a really good idea of YOU! And I would not say no to a McDonalds either! No one has ever made me feel guilty about what I eat, because at the end of the day, they’re the ones missing out on the deliciousness of eating it! Xxx

    1. Thank you very much! I’m loving everyone’s comments. Thankfully, I’ve never had someone be directly mean or rude to me about what I eat but I have definitely seen a fair few Twitter comments from people like what I mentioned to seem to think they’re above and beyond everyone else because they don’t eat bread or whatever and try and make people who do eat it feel bad. These people who try and force vegetarianism or veganism upon people too – like I have nothing against either and would love to be a vegetarian if I’m honest but I’m not and I love meat and whilst I do feel bad eating it sometimes, it’s not gonna make me turn full veggie! xx

      1. Yeah luckily I haven’t had anyone preach to me about what I eat and what I shud be eating (apart from my mum) but I love girls who enjoy their food without caring what people think! Like when I went to New York everyone asked me what shops I was going to, I’d actually planned where I was eating lol the food was what I was looking forward to!! And it was AMAZINg!!! X

  5. Misspelled words are the first thing I notice on anything. Irritates the crap out of me.

    Also, liberry instead of library.

    And my biggest pet peeve: I startle so freaking easily and have the startle reflex of a gnat. You could be standing right beside me and say “hi” and I would jump. So my biggest pet peeve is people sneaking up behind me and yelling in my ear. That’s how I almost wet myself in middle school.

  6. THE OPINIONS ONE OH MY GOD. I swear to god every time I tell someone The Walking Dead just wasn’t for me they respond as if I’ve said everyone who enjoys it is stupid and wasting their life. Like, whether or not I liked it does not diminish its worth for you. Calm the fuck down.

    Also had it in reverse (from another blogger nonetheless) in a twitter chat. They were talking about how they disliked a particular author because x, y and didn’t understand why ANYONE would waste their time on them. And I just added that I think some of us like them because we can relate to x, y in their work and they flipped out on me about how stupid I was. And then insisted they hadn’t done anything when I was like umm wtf? I honestly haven’t participated in that chat since b/c it was so judgey. People are ridiculous.

    Did not mean to rant in the comments lmao sorry. But loved the post! I am totally one of the “i’m freezing. no seriously, though, guys, I’m freezing” type people. I don’t even notice I’m doing it!

    Katie @

    1. Oh my god hahaha I used to love The Walking Dead but after a while it just bored me and felt so SAMEY. But again, like you, not gonna make anyone feel bad who actually does love it. What’s the point.

      And really? I was going to say in surprised that another blogger acted like that when you have your opinion about something but truthfully, I’m not all surprised. I’ve seen it so much on Twitter and it’s ridiculous. Branding people a bully because they have a different opinion to you? Completely pathetic. There’s a VERY big gap between sharing and discussing opinions and bullying. You should totally come and take part in another chat – they’re not all bad I promise (: xx

  7. Oy, I’m half-Indian but I’m not a big fan of the food, whoops! It’s funny when people tell me how much they love it and I know exactly what they’re talking about because I’ve choked on all those spices. Of course, I’m a HUGE hypocrite because when someone else says they hate Indian food I feel the need to defend it even though I feel the same exact way. I’m AWFUL.

    1. Hahahaha! :’D Well I hope you didn’t take offence to my Indian food comment! I had a bit of a bad experience after eating it once (think, projectile vomit all over ex’s mums bathroom type bad). It’s definitely put me off for life but it’s also something I would consciously choose to eat because I simply don’t enjoy it. Apart from a samosa or two every now and again! xx

  8. This sounds like such a fun post to do, great to have a vent now and then. I reckon my list might go on a bit too!!! The things that annoy me are rude people, people who can never get anywhere on time and always expect you to wait, or turn up late and never apologise, yet have a paddy attack if you do the same to them….People who don’t respect your interests, (if they differ from theirs,) your sexual orientation, culture, religion, or lack thereof. Live and let live, that’s my motto, even golfers (like my dad, are allowed to tell us for the umpteenth time about their shots!!, not saying that I’ll take it all in, but I’ll at least pretend to listen, or joke with him in a friendly way about not listening! ) I’m one of those who tend to moan about being cold, so hope you don’t unfriend me!! I’m never warm in the winter…. and shrivel up like an old flower that’s seen better days, I get chilblains, and want to hibernate, hug a hot water bottle, CAN’T SLEEP, etc, etc, See I’m moaning… I get so jealous of people who don’t feel the cold, can’t help it… on the bright side it’ll soon be Spring and I’ll start blooming again…. x

    1. You’ll start blooming and I’ll start retreating inside and never coming out because I’m scared of the sun hahaha πŸ˜‰ loved your rant! Would love to read a post like this from you as you made some great points (: people who don’t respect your interests are dreadful and make me really angry. Who in their right mind thinks it’s okay to roll their eyes or make snarky comments because someone enjoys doing something that they may not or something that’s considered a little different xx

    1. Absolutely! Also one of the many reasons why I love reading, too. I would love to travel some day. Maybe not to the extent some people do – I don’t have the balls for that – but I would like to see more of the world but if someone doesn’t? Okay. No problem haha xx

  9. Love this post… I swear I related to each and every point you made, especially the one about book snobs. Who cares about my reading habits, or what authors/genres I enjoy? Reading the classics doesn’t make you a “better reader” any more than eating Indian food makes you a “better eater”. Reading is reading, and as long as you’re enjoying it, you’re doing it right!

  10. I seriously relate to so many of these. In fact you immediately grabbed me with the whole people walking out of your room and leaving your door open. My sister always does that and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! I also hate with a passion being told I should be out clubbing, book snobs and automated Twitter messages. My inbox is full of them, but I’m refusing to open them on principle!

  11. I agree with most of these but especially number 8. You are NEVER to old for Disney/fairytales/comic books. Never, ever too old! Just because my age suggests I should be a mature adult person does not mean I can’t go to the cinema and watch Inside Out……twice……

    Also completely agree with number 11. I got the same thing when I was that age. Nope, not doing it, not interested, still not interested now.

    And the food one, and the automated DM. Yikes, I could be here all day. πŸ˜‰

    1. Absolutely nothing wrong with an adult going to the cinema to see a Disney movie more than once. Growing up is boring anyway… You’ve gotta hold onto those childhood and childish loves that make adult life that little bit more fun and bearable and anyone that doesn’t is either A) a liar or B) incredibly boring! xx

  12. I ask questions through every movie. I didn’t realise it was annoying until I watched a movie with my Mum lately, she was worse than me tbh, it was every second, but now I save them and casually throw them into conversation later, though by then I’m usually fairly confused. A (related) joke: A man went into prison. He was told that there was a book of jokes and that people had to learn them off because after lights out, people would call out the numbers of the jokes to add a bit of lightness to the (obviously) tense atmosphere. He heard it that night. Somebody would say ‘3’ and everybody would laugh. Another would say ‘245’ and there’d be louder laughter. And so off he went to study up on them. He learned off the ones he thought would get the biggest laugh and that night when there was silence he shouted out ‘356.’ Silence. ‘267.’ Again, nothing. Then he heard ‘7’ and everyone fell about the place laughing. ’56,’ more laughter. So he tried ‘1.’ You could have heard a pin drop. He said it to someone the following day and asked what everyone’s problem was and they said ‘ah, but it’s the way you tell em!!’;) Just because there are so many good uns above to quote. (Feel free to ignore th whole crazy message if you want but great great post!!!)

    1. Hahahah oh dear! I will admit, I’ll make a few comments throughout a film and my boyfriend usually does too but consistent talking and question asking drives me mad! Love that joke btw – I did read it (I read everything!) and it has a very good point! xx

    1. Hahaha funny how it works the other way around too! I always feel like it’s more “acceptable” to always be cold than always be warm though. When someone’s always cold people sympathise – because it’s more common – but when someone’s always warm you just get told to man up hahaha πŸ˜‚ xxx

  13. This is the best post I’ve ever read lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My biggest irritant is book snobs. Or really I guess life snobs in general. Yes, I’m living life my way…and look at that, I’m still alive. πŸ€—

    1. Well that’s some comment! Thank you very, VERY much! (: Life snobs in general.. Amen. Look at me with all my stuff and expensive holidays and people who look down on others for having certain passions and hobbies. Ugh xx

  14. I am SO with you on a lot of these. And don’t get me started on Automated Tweet Direct Messages!

    Re No. 6, My mother used to do the alternative. “You’l;l like this bit, x happens” (even if she hadn’t seen the film!)

    1. Hahaha automated direct messages… Why do they even still exist?! And oh lord, I also can’t stand it when through and entire film, people are making assumptions on what’s going to happen and they’re NEVER right! Hahah, it’s equally frustrating as it is amusing xx

  15. Ugh YES on the movie watching thing! I also hate when someone asks you a question and you’re in the middle of answering it and they just turn away from you and start doing/talking about something else!! Nothing irritates me more haha

  16. I LOVE this Jenny!!! This is brilliant!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAA! I think i just about agree with everything you said!!!!! =) We’re all different so just get over it okay!?!? We may not like the same things but that’s what makes us friends! It’d be boring otherwise…..!

    I hate the fact that everyone seems to be so totally surprised when I say I hate mushrooms!!! They’re always like, ‘oh you should try them you might like them now’ or ‘you’ll like them when you get older’ NEWSFLASH I’m older now and I STILL hate them okay!?!!?!??!? GET. OVER. IT!!!! MEH.

    There are a few more things which irritate me but I don’t want to clog up your comment feed!!!! πŸ˜›

    Really well done Jenny!!!! I LOVED THIS! =D x x


    1. Your mushrooms are my sweet potatoes (although I also hate mushrooms πŸ˜‰). But every Thanksgiving my family bullies me into trying them again and guess what…I still fraking hate them.

      And why, exactly, is that my fault?? I put something in my mouth and my taste buds say, “Nope, that’s disgusting. Don’t do that again, please.” (They’re polite like that πŸ˜‹). But I’m the weird one because I don’t want to eat things I hate?! Why aren’t YOU (my family) weird for eating things you hate all the time?! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ€—

      1. It’s ridiculous when you don’t like a certain food then someone says oh but you HAVE to try it with x, y, z. I didn’t like it the first time I tried it, or the second or the third what makes you think I’m going to like it now! Ugh! Like me with Indian food. I don’t DISLIKE it per say… I just wouldn’t CHOSE to have it. I’d never consciously choose to have Indian food for dinner – I don’t enjoy it particularly much so why would I waste my money on it? Yet, oh I just HAVE to try it ONCE MORE.

    2. Haha so glad you loved the post so much and agree with a lot of the points! I don’t mind if you clog up my comment feed, that’s what comments are for! (; You don’t like mushrooms?! HOW BLOODY DARE YOU YOU MUST HAVE THEM ON A PIZZA. Seriously, I don’t like mushrooms either, so bloody what hahaha! xx

  17. Oh my god. I am agreeing with so many of these. Also, No.2 seems to be happening a LOT with the Disney community on Twitter- why is it a competition over who is the biggest fan?! Get over it.
    And yes to book snobs, I don’t care if I like reading romance novels, they’re no less of a book! And travel snobs too. Some of us can’t afford to ditch our jobs and go travelling to “find ourselves”. I’m pretty sure I know who I am without needing to ride an elephant first, thanks.

    Loved this so much!!!

    1. I’ve definitely noticed No. 2 happening amongst Disney bloggers and fans. It’s crazy! You’ve been to Disneyland seventeen hundred times? COOL.
      Your comment about the elephants made my day haha, amen to that! xx

  18. I can so relate to a lot of those, especially the questions while watching a movie. The worst thing is when people ask questions, you don’t hear what is being said in the film and that was exactly the scene where they would have actually explained what is going on hahaha

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