So… I Was a Little Bit Irritated…

And decided to channel that irritation in a healthy way… Into a blog post. About all the things that irritate me. I struggled a bit at first – I got up to number 3 and couldn’t think of anything else. I assumed I must be a lovely person who see’s the good in everyone and doesn’t ever get annoyed about anything ever. But then inspiration struck me and I was worried if I didn’t stop at 20, I’d never stop at all.

So.. I Got a Little Bit Irritated...

  1. When people come into your room then leave the door open. Mum, dad, dog, whoever, just stop.
  2. “I love Harry Potter”, “Oh cool, me too!”, “Yes but I’m the bigger fan”. How fucking old are you? (someone actually said this to me once)
  3. When people can’t understand that not everyone hates the cold… Yes, it’s minus 1 and my window is open. Where’s my medal?
  4. And those people that feel the need to repeat the fact that it’s cold a million times a day. Saying it’s freezing over and over and over again isn’t going to make you any warmer.
  5. Drafts. As in… The breeze from under a door and when peeps are like, “CLOSE THAT DOOR AFTER 0.0004 SECONDS YOU’RE LETTING A DRAFT IN”, Okay, but did you die?
  6. Being continuously asked questions whilst watching a film… We’re both watching the same film for the very first time, I don’t know any more than you do so shhhhhh before I punch you.
  7. “There’s no space in your bedroom, you should get rid of your bookcase,” and you should remove yourself from my life you absolute lunatic.
  8. “Aren’t you a bit old for Disney/fairy tales/comic books?” Aren’t you a bit old to make those sort of judgements?
  9. When people seem to think it’s a crime that you don’t like the same things as them. James Bond? Couldn’t give a shit. Indian food? Hate it. *looks out window* Yep… The Earth is still turning, birds are still singing, sun is still shining. Can we move on now?
  10. Being told to, “get a grip” because you’re sad when one of your favourite celebrities die. You cold-hearted little sod.
  11. “You should be going to clubs and getting drunk!” Oh am I? Sorry, I must have missed the 20-25 years part of the life manual when I was born. I’ll get right on that.
  12. On that note, when you just have to have a drink because it’s Christmas. Have I? Because here I am, on Christmas Day, rolling around in chocolate and my new elephant socks perfectly content without one.
  13. *Offers a different opinion to someone else*, “Oh my god you’re such a bully!” Woah, back up a minute sunshine, I hardly tried to stick your head down a toilet did I?
  14. Food snobs. You don’t eat bread, meat, fish, frozen food, processed food, tinned food or anything that’s come out of an animal? Great, good for you – I honestly do envy people who live such a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it but I’m on my way to McDonald’s right now and you won’t make me feel bad about it.
  15. Book snobs. “Oh so you read chick-lit? What’s that then, something light and fluffy for your commute? I’ve just finished the entire works of Charles Dickens myself.” What? Seriously what.
  16. Travel snobs. “You have to travel. Oh you just HAVE to. Your life won’t be complete unless you travel. You completely find yourself when you travel. Travel is what brings out the best in you. You can’t begin to understand life unless you travel”. Have you ever considered that some people erm, might not want to? (FYI, I would like to travel somewhere, some day but I’d never force someone into thinking that’s what they need to do)
  17. “You throw like a girl” Oh, look at you, all observant and stuff. Did the boobs give it away? Or is it these giant ass heels I’m going to kick you with?
  18. “Why do you like Formula 1? It’s just cars going round and round in circles.” Why do I like reading as well? It’s just words on a page. Or why do I like cooking? It’s just putting food in a pot. Or why do I like blogging? It’s just tapping keys on a laptop. It’s like everything we do or like is made up of someone doing something. Funny that.
  19. Automated Direct Messages on Twitter. Seriously why are they still a thing? Has anyone ever honestly paid attention to one?
  20. People who unnecessarily arse around. When everyone’s ready to leave and half an hour later you’re still standing by the front door tapping your foot. These are the same people who can’t make decisions if their life depended on it. How do you get anything done?!

Go on then… What irritates you? Let it all out!

Some of these points were exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Although I agree with all the points I made, I do hope I haven't offended someone in the process. If I have, I do apologise but my only intention was a funny, light-hearted post that I hope most of you can relate to.



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