Keeping Your Family Entertained During Half Term


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Half term is an incredibly exciting time for kids. It gives them a fun and well deserved break after weeks of working hard at school. But while it may be exciting for the kids, their parents might not be as enthusiastic. Keeping your kids entertained when they are not at school can be challenging. The last thing you want is for them to be bored and fed up. So instead of dreading your children’s half term break, use this list to get inspired instead.

Go on a last minute break

Going on holiday is something the whole family can look forward to. So instead of waiting for summer, why not go on a last minute break during the next half term break. It could save you money and give you all a much-needed break from home. Being somewhere new can open their eyes to different experiences, cultures and ideas which can only be beneficial. There are also endless destination choices for you to choose from. You could look at having some amazing family adventures abroad or just visit somewhere new in the UK. Look for family days out and activities you can do at your chosen destination to make sure you can cater to each member of your family. Also double check when your children are needed back at school and give yourself a day to recover before heading back to work.


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Go on a trip to the zoo

If your kids love animals, then a trip to the zoo is a must. You could head to London or Colchester zoo for a fun-filled day out amongst the animals. Or try a safari park where you can get up close to a whole host of exotic creatures. This will give your kids a sense of adventure, and they will love being able to learn about, pet and even feed some of the animals. Plus many zoos now also include fairgrounds with rollercoasters and rides for even more fun. After your zoo trip, you can encourage your kids to get crafty and make animals masks or draw pictures of their favourite memories from the day. These can be something they keep forever and remind them of the wonderful day you have had together.

Go on a history adventure

There are hundreds of child-friendly museums and attractions that will get your children inspired by history. It might be dull and boring to them now but these days out can bring it to life. Warwick castle has a fantastic, horrible histories trail where they can explore the castle grounds to find clues. Alternatively, The Black Country Museum will transport you all back to Victorian England. You can learn about how people lived during this time and even wear historical costumes. Many of these attractions will offer discounted prices throughout the year, and some even have free entry. Making them an ideal choice for a half term trip out.

You can use one or all of these ideas to keep you and your kids entertained throughout the half term break. Whatever you do, make sure it’s enjoyable and encourages learning while having fun.


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