3 Unbelievable Natural Phenomena You Have To See To Believe

It’s on my bucket list to travel more. I think most people would like to see more of the world. There’s something fascinating about travelling, getting to visit different countries and see different cultures. No two places are the same and you can learn a lot about people, geography and the planet on which we all live. It’s great to pick up new languages, try new food and new experiences… and see the sights. I said I’d be more active in 2016 – maybe a trip further afield is necessary!

Man has created some spectacular views in every corner of the planet. But it’s impossible to replicate the absolute majesty of the earth’s natural treasures. There’s nothing so beautiful as the creations of Mother Nature. She’s the original inventor! There are so many different types of natural phenomena. Some are the most breathtaking and visually stunning sights you are likely ever to feast your eyes on.

Here’s my top three of the ultimate natural phenomena you must see!

Sermeq Kujalleq,Calving Glacier,  IlulissatIcefjord, Greenland


Image source –  Wim Delin

A calving glacier does exactly what it says – it produces baby icebergs! Sermeq Kujalleq is the most prolific and active calving glacier in the whole of the northern hemisphere. Every single day, more than an incredible 20 million tonnes of ice break away from the glacier. This creates small Icebergs that float off and create the unique landscape and terrain. As the break off into the see, the noise is louder than you would ever imagine. It’s 155 kilometres north of the article circle, but you don’t have to trek, there are flights available from Denmark. It’s not somewhere you’d want to be on a boat near, that’s a definite no-no!

The Northern Lights, Canada


Image source: Dave Dyet

You can see the Aurora Borealis from many different locations in the northern hemisphere. You should go see the Northern Lights in Canada if you want to observe them in absolute stunning clarity. Possibly nature’s most beautiful light display, the Northern lights are the end result of activity in the sky. Gaseous particles from the earth and highly charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere collide. The reaction creates this fascinating and magical display. Dramatic and breath-taking, the Northern Lights are on my bucket list. One day I will witness it for myself!

Geothermal Pools, Yellowstone National Park, USA


Image source M Van Pay

Geysers and hot springs are a defining feature of Yellowstone. It’s got a tremendous amount of activity going on underneath the ground. While you can’t see all of the geological action, enough makes it way above ground to make this one of The US’s biggest tourist attractions. Geysers and hot springs are part of the parks beautiful terrain which was built on a volcano that was active over 640 thousand years ago. It’s a real wonder of the natural world! Covering nearly 3500 square miles, there are plenty of things to do! Did you know Yogi Bear’s home, Jellystone Park was based on Yellowstone?

The earth is so full of amazing scenery and phenomena created by Mother Nature herself. It’s awe inspiring. What’s your favourite? Where would you like to go?


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  1. Seeing the Northern Lights is definitely on my bucket list. There’s something so enigmatic about it, I reckon it would be really hard to be unfazed by it 🙂 haha.

  2. All gorgeous. All incredible. But I have always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis. 😍

  3. Northern Lights are on my bucket list too! I’d also like to see the sun at the horizon even during night hours. Also skydiving in Grand Canyon! I could go on and on there’s so MUCH to explore. 🙂

  4. Our Earth is so beautiful, isn’t it? I want to travel and experience seeing all of these wonders and beauties! Thank you for sharing these natural phenomenons; I feel like going travelling even more now!

  5. Yes to all of these!
    Northern Lights is definitely high on my bucket list too!!

  6. I live in Northern Norway so I see the northern lights all the time, but in around November this year we had the most amazing northern lights I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The sky exploded in purple and green almost every night, it was insane. Even I was in awe and I’m so used to it. I went outside in the freezing cold and laid down on top of the garden table so I could watch the sky dance.

    I also really want to experience a hot spring!

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