10 Blogger “Clichés” I Don’t Really Get

We’re all guilty of it; being sucked in to some of the crazes that every blogger and their nan seem to be doing, buying or wearing. I most definitely am. Disney? Check. An unhealthy obsession with John Green’s books? Check. Printing out quotes that seem to have some sort of loose meaning to me and framing them on my wall? Absolutely check. But there are some popular things, clichés if you will, that I have honestly never given in to because quite frankly, I just don’t get them! But check back in a year and see how many of them I’m succumbed to!

10 Blogger Clichés That I Don't Really Get

  1. Pugs: I love dogs as much as the next person but if a product is going to have a photo of a dog on it, it’s going to be a pug. Why? Are all other breeds copyrighted or something?
  2. Flat lays: *whispers* what are flat lays omg have I ever done one without realising?
  3. Marble: Where does one even purchase a giant fuck-off sheet of marble just for blog photo purposes? B&Q? The Roman Empire?
  4. All the coffee: I’d honestly rather drink cough syrup (in all seriousness though, coffee makes my anxiety flare up super bad and makes me feel drunk so I couldn’t drink it even if I wanted to)
  5. Tsum Tsum’s: Are these like the equivalent of collecting Beanie Babies when I was younger? Don’t get me wrong, they’re sooo cute but where do you put them all? Where do you draw the line? How do you know when enough Tsum Tsum’s is enough?
  6. Macaroons: Never tried one in my life. I honestly couldn’t even guess what they tasted like
  7. M.A.C: I break out into a sweat every time I see the price of a M.A.C product. I’m shit at make-up so the cheaper the better, really…
  8. Lush: I can’t say I’ve ever really jumped on the Lush bandwagon. The shop smells great but that’s about it from me I’m afraid
  9. White furniture, white walls, white houses: Seriously, where do you guys live, a waiting room?
  10. Avocado on toast: What. I want bacon on toast. I want sausage on bacon on toast. I want egg on sausage on bacon on toast.

I hope nobody took this post too seriously or was offended by anything mentioned. Although I don’t partake in the above clichés, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a Lush empties post, an aesthetically pleasing living room or don’t marvel at how amazing someone’s M.A.C make-up looks. I’m very much guilty of many, many other blogger clichés and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all!

What clichés are you guilty of when it comes to blogging?


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


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  3. Flat lays? What are they? Coffee isn’t something for me, I don’t like coffee. AND YES, THE WHITE EVERYTHING. Even my house have white walls but they have turned a dirty shade of white. What’s the secret to those super white walls and stuff?

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  5. This post is awesome 🙂 And yes I had to google ‘flat lays’ and I still have no idea what the heck it is, lol.

  6. I’m guilty of 1 and 5 haha. I’m obsessed with pugs and Tsum Tsums. I don’t know where it ends, but so far I still have room for more Tsum Tsums 😂

  7. Thank you, God, I am not the only one! Lush smells too strong for me, and avocado for me tastes like cucumber with butter. I am more into cats than dogs. As a Virgo cleaner, must say, white furniture gets dirty very easy and looks like a hospital to me. Love your post, Jenny. xxx

  8. Luckily I’m only guilty of one of these which is the pug one haha! But I totally agree with all of this, I don’t understand the lush obsession and just the thought of venturing into a M.A.C shop scares me!

  9. Funny

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