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What I Would Tell My Younger Self About…

Life moves and works in weird and sometimes wonderfully mysterious ways and although we shouldn’t, the majority of us will look back at a better, happier or simpler time and think about the could haves, would haves and should haves of the past. I am thankful that I had a rich, fun and bright childhood and teenage years. I had more fun than I ever thought I would and experienced some wonderful things. But, like everyone, I made mistakes and had to endure the bad with the good. Looking at different aspects of my life, I’m thinking about what I would say to my little, naïve, 13, 16 and 18 year-old self.

What I Would Tell My Younger Self About...


  1. You will read a book with the quote, “Things change, friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody” and as you grow up, you will come to realise how true that is.
  2. Your best friends will not always be your best friends. Make the most of the good times with them because eventually, your separate lives and interests will pull you in different directions.
  3. But rest assured that there will be those select few that no matter how much time passes, things will never change. Never give up on those.
  4. You will find new friends in the most unlikely of places in the most unlikely of ways. In fact, you’ll make amazing friends from all over the world through blogging!
  5. Don’t compare yourself to you friends: old and new. We all move through life at a different pace.


  1. They are the best days of your life. You will look back and realise that but for now, enjoy it. Enjoy every damn minute of it.
  2. Be grateful that you went to a fantastic school, had a solid group of friends and were never bullied. There are girls all over the world without an education or too scared to go to school for the fear of being bullied.
  3. Going to an all girls school was probably the best decision you ever made. It will empower you and your grades will thank you for it.
  4. You will regret not going to University and following what you really wanted to do and following your friends instead. You can’t do anything about it now but just prepare yourself for the regret.
  5. You are so lucky with how many amazing trips you went on with your school – remember them fondly. Even the time you smashed your face on the sea floor trying to surf.


  1. It’s never worth losing jewelry pieces from. You’ll get over the nose ring incident and move on.
  2. You will worry far too much… Stop it! Sometimes it takes the fun out of things. You’re right to be cautious but seriously girl, you won’t get pregnant from being on the pill and wearing a boy’s boxers.
  3. Speaking of the pill… You’ll have a very love/hate relationship with the thing. Remember, only use it if it’s right for you.
  4. But your first time? Gosh, erm… First time’s aren’t pretty. Or sexy. Or comfortable. Or fun. Basically, do not get your hopes up.
  5. And to be perfectly honest, sex with even the most perfect partner sometimes isn’t so perfect either. Shit happens and it doesn’t always go to plan. Shrug it off as a bad experience and move the hell on.

Hobbies and Interests

  1. There’s no such thing as “girl hobbies” and “boy hobbies”. Do whatever the hell you want.
  2. Stick with something. You won’t, until you start blogging that is but you should.
  3. Don’t let anyone undermine what you enjoy.
  4. Embrace new hobbies. There will come a time when you’ll start to enjoy something that you never thought you would (Formula 1) and it will become a huge part of your life!
  5. Work hard at your hobbies and embrace your interests with 110% because you never know where they might lead you.


  1. Oh, 18 year-old Jenny, please don’t live off of lettuce leaves and spend every waking moment in the gym. You had a beautiful figure but for some reason, was too blind-sided to see it.
  2. Mental health problems will make your weight fluctuate like mad. Try and not let it get you down too much.
  3. You will struggle profusely with self-confidence and body confidence in particular. Even now, at 23, you still do. But you’ll always have hope that things will change.
  4. If someone compliments you, believe them.
  5. Eat the god-damn pizza.

If you could meet your younger self, what would you tell them? What would you warn them about or praise them about? Do you wish you could go back and change anything? Let me know.




  1. This is a great list! I love it! I completely agree with these points I wish I could have told my self these things when I was younger!

    1. Thank you so much (: xx

  2. I loved reading this so much, I’d tell myself a lot of the same things as well as other things you haven’t mentioned! Posts like this are my favourite, I think we all have so many things we wish we could tell our younger self not to worry about, if only that were actually possible!


    1. Thank you so much, glad you liked it! (: xx

  3. This is a beautiful post! I love reading these “what I would tell my younger self” type of things and I definitely might do one before turning 18 – or WHEN I turn 18 this year.
    There’s so many things I could tell myself now, but not as much as I would be able to tell myself in 10 more years. Right now, I don’t think I would want to change my life. Except for, I wish I had taken all the opportunities that I didn’t take because of my anxiety.

    1. Please do a post on it this year! I can agree and sympathise with the anxiety point – that’s definitely one of mine too xx

  4. I’d tell my younger self that it’s okay to be passionate for what you do, the underdogs of high school really do go on to do better in life than some of their peers, get better at making friends, and despite how nice that guy may be, get rid of him! He’s not worth it. I’m sure there are more things, but that’s why I got.

    1. Yes! Awesome point (: xx

  5. Loved this, Jenny! I would tell myself to say no more often and not be afraid to speak my mind…

    1. Thanks Suzie! Great points (: xx

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