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15 Things Everyone Will Understand if You Used MSN

I was an avid MSN user as a 14 year-old grunger / emo kid. I have so many funny memories from it – ridiculous conversations and dressing up like shepherds on webcam to my friends. It was the days where technology had started to really come into our lives and along with Myspace, MSN was the greatest invention ever. Are you guilty of any of the below?

15 Things That Everyone Will Understand If You Used MSN

  1. Meeting new people and giving them your MSN address, not your phone number
  2. Finding the perfect ‘personal message’. What emo song lyrics will reflect who I really am?
  3. Talking to friends then going offline, “sorry, I’m still here it’s just someones come online who I don’t want to talk to,” guilty as charged.
  4. “I like you… Sorry, that was my friend!” Oh c’mon did anyone ever really believe that?
  5. ωяιтιиg уσυя ѕ¢яєєи иαмє ℓιкє тнιѕ тσ αρρєαя ¢σσℓ αи∂ тє¢н ѕαννу
  6. Those humongous smiley faces that filled up the entire computer screen and sometimes made a noise *cue embarrassment when someone sent you a kissy face and your parents walked in on your 13 year-old ass*
  7. Getting to the age where you have to fill things out and finally realising that maybe wasn’t a suitable email choice, now or ever.
  8. That thing where you’d write “hi” and a waving hand would appear in its place. Or “I love you” would turn into an eye, a heart and a finger pointing at you. What the hell even was that?
  9. Online, offline, online, offline – just to get someone’s attention. Admit it… You all did it. 
  10. Adding ‘rawr’ or some other animal-ish type noise to the end of your name to appear slightly cutesie.
  11. Group conversations. Oh gosh, get me out.
  12. Being added into a group conversation by someone you sorta know where you don’t know anyone else but not wanting to seem rude by leaving so you end up just having to put up with a constant orange flashing tab on your screen 
  13. The dreaded profile picture. Favourite band? A cute animal? A ‘natural’ photo of myself when I see cool and edgy and totes laid-back but really it took me and my best friend 3 hours and 600 attempts to get the photo?
  14. Rushing home from school to jump online and speak to your friends who you’d just spent 6 hours with, at school
  15. And finally… the old school emojis. Those were the days.


Do you relate to any of these? Or any more you can add?


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  1. […] MSN: Running home from school to talk to my friends who I had just spent the last 6 hours with at school […]

  2. I used AOL instant messenger and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for a time. I met some cool people on IRC just by going in and introducing myself.

  3. Inge says:

    This totally takes me back hahaha. Good old MSN!

  4. Oh yes. I was a my space, msn, girl. I still miss my space, you used to be able to do so much more on your profile compared with Face book.

  5. The first-gen MSN days on top of shit computers where conversations would implode if spammed with the crying emoji. Those were the days.

  6. I am guilty of all of these haha! Especially being “offline”. Why didn’t we just block the people we didn’t want to talk to haha?! I miss MSN so much!

    1. Haha who knows! Didn’t want to appear rude? Me too! 😔 xx

  7. Renee says:

    Omg yes to all of these!! hahah thanks for bringing back memories! I kind of miss MSN.

    1. I miss it too – well the time around in which I used it. So fun and carefree! xx

  8. Oh my gosh, every single one of these! MSN was my favorite! This brought back years of memories!

    1. Haha I’m glad! So many funny conversations were had on it! xx

  9. Aw man, this brought back some memories. I was constantly on MSN!!
    I had a few friends that changed most of their letters to become emoticons, and then when they typed something, you had to decrypt what the heck they were saying. Hahaha.

    1. Hahahaha I know right that’s exactly what I meant! I’m guilty of doing that to some words 😉 xx

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  11. I must be getting really old in the tooth, or something! but what the heck is MSN?

    1. It was an old messaging programme for computers! Where you added people’s emails, had a screen name and a display picture and could send stuff. It was awesome.

      1. sounds like something we could do with now…

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