Life can get too much at times. Emotions running high, bad days, feeling unwell, problems at home or within relationships are all enough to cause us unwanted stress at times. I’ve been there and unfortunately, stress is becoming quite the familiar friend to me lately. Everyone deals with stress differently and I wanted to share my own ways in which I like to at least try to deal with stress.

4 Things I Do To De-Stress

Have a bath: Not just a quick, ‘I’m going to have a wash’ bath. Like a proper, 6 hour long, lock myself in the bathroom type bath. I prefer to be alone when I’m stressed or having a bad day and what better place to do that than the bath? I’m not even fussed about nice smellies or bath bombs, I just like to immerse myself in the water because I find water so incredibly relaxing. It’s also a nice place to have a read or play some games on your phone as I also like to pretend my problems don’t exist when I’m in the bath.

Read a book: It depends on what book though and if I’m in a particular mood or going through a strange time, I’m often very weird and picky on what books I read as anything that reminds me or may make me think about what’s happening to me is likely to make me feel worse. When this is the case, I like to go for crime or thrillers. Something dark and disturbing or YA. Something with meaningful messages with amazing characters. Whichever I choose, if it’s a book I like then it’s great to get lost in it for a while, particularly when you’re stressed.

Watch a documentary: Usually about animals or something quite deep and/or shocking. I love documentaries anyway and they often make me open my eyes to bigger things that are happening in the world when I’m sitting there worrying about something that chances are, doesn’t really matter. They’re so enlightening and can deeply shock you and make you completely forget how you feel for a while.

Sort my room out / tidy up: There’s nothing I find more therapeutic or relaxing than tidying up or sorting out clutter. It saddens me that I can sort through my room more often but if I did, I’d have no possessions left! Sometimes when it needs doing, I dedicate a whole day and do my room from top to bottom – all the shelves, drawers, my wardrobe, under my bed and organise, tidy and throw stuff out. It’s extremely satisfying at the end of the day when it’s all done and sometime you feel a little bit lighter for it. It also takes up so much time and energy that I often don’t think about whatever it is I’m stressed over for a while.

What makes you feel better in times of stress? Do you do any of the above or have any of your own? Let me know.



  1. I definitely grab a book when I feel anxiety creep in. I used to practice yoga, but my teacher left and it’s been so long now that I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt myself! Though I’m thinking about getting back to it, even the simplest exercises have an amazing effect.

  2. I love having a big clear out and throwing away a load of old junk. Also love to read and write. Not really a fan of baths, I get too hot and that makes me stressed haha.

    1. Ooh I love baths because you can control the temperature. I never have a REALLY hot bath but sometimes I like to have a really cool one! It’s so relaxing (: book, chocolate and bath = perfect combo.

  3. I love sorting stuff out when I’m stressed. I usually get the bleach out and scrub, get rid of all the agitated energy that comes with being stressed. Lately I’ve found making friendship bracelets really helps 😀

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