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The Influence of Followers: Would You Still Blog if You Didn’t Have Them?

Having followers and readers is great. I won’t lie. When I started my blog, although I loved writing book reviews and enjoyed it immensely, I would often dream about having a decent amount of followers who I could get to know, exchange comments with and build a rapport with. I would grow green with envy at the bloggers who had hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. Who would receive comment after comment on their latest post and who would constantly be chatting to people all over the blogosphere. I realised that although I loved writing and reading – followers were something I wanted too. 

Would You Still Blog if You Didn't Have Followers

Over my three ish years of blogging, I’m thrilled to the bone that my following has grown and grown. I may not have thousands and thousands and heck I’m definitely not up to the standard of some amazing bloggers I know but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Although it was hard and took a long bloody time, it was worth it and still I will continue to work hard on my blog and attempt to grow my following even more. Like I’m sure a lot of you are doing right now too.

This got me thinking. I had a blog post up – I can’t remember what post it was, but in terms of stats and interaction, it didn’t do as well as I thought it would and definitely didn’t do as well as some of my other posts. All bloggers will experience this and it’s usually the posts that you think will do well which are the ones that surprise you and don’t but although it was annoying, it got me thinking of the importance of my followers and the need for having them and the interaction I often crave when I publish a new post.

I took to my trusty friend Twitter and posted this question in a poll: 

“If you didn’t have followers or readers, would you still blog to the same standard or at all as you do now?” 

I left 3 answers, “Yes – I blog for myself”,Maybe – I’m not sure” and “Probably not”. I received 123 answers to this poll – so a decent amount to be able to gather some reliable results. And the results both surprised – and didn’t surprise me. In a funny ol way. 

67% of people said yes, they would still blog because they blog for themselves. 

26% said they weren’t sure.

And only 7% said they no – they wouldn’t blog anymore if they didn’t have readers and followers.

The reason these results both surprised and didn’t surprise me was because I know how it feels to blog for yourself – at the beginning when I adored writing my book reviews just because. I understand that blogging is an outlet: emotional or creative for an awful lot of people. It’s something to do in a time of need and can help tremendously in getting all your thoughts and frustrations out on virtual paper.

But I was also surprise by the amount of people that said no. I thought it would be more. Why? Because in this instance, I fall in the very small minority. 

I’m not ashamed to say that actually, now I know both sides of the coin, if I lost every single one of my followers in some freak nature disaster tomorrow (which would be totally weird that all my followers just happened to be in the same place at the same time…) I probably wouldn’t blog anymore. I’d say a fond farewell to this chapter and move on.

Why? Because I love my followers (I’m not saying that people who don’t agree with me don’t love their followers – just bare with….) I love writing my blog, I love brainstorming post ideas, trying new things, reviewing books and films and writing discussions about topics I find important. I love writing funny lists that I think people will relate to and in depth posts about personal issues that I hope my readers will be able to take knowledge in knowing they’re not alone if they’re going through the same thing.

And that’s why I wouldn’t blog anymore if I lost you guys – because I write for you and I adore hearing what you have to say. I relish in every single comment I get – and I always take the time to reply personally to everyone. I relish in the fact that my anxiety posts might have helped someone or given someone some well needed advice in a time of need. Or that my list posts might have made someone laugh on a day where they felt like doing anything but laughing. Or that my book review might have encouraged someone to buy the book and read it for themselves.

I thrive on followers and interaction. Call me needy or an attention seeker – whatever but that is when I’m at my best. That is when I work hardest and feel the most motivated and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong with blogging for you – and only you and having followers is just a well earned bonus. That’s the thing with blogging, we’re all different with different intentions and aims and goals and that’s what makes it special.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you with the majority or do you agree with my points? I’d to hear your thoughts! 



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  2. closetreaders says:

    Great post! If I’m being totally honest (which I always am) I’m probably am a minority. It would feel strange posting with no one reading. Like yelling at a wall. Or discussing topics to an empty room. I have about 200 followers and on my dark days I just blog for them. Its motivation.

    1. I absolutely totally agree with you and love the yelling at a wall comparison!

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  4. Great thought provoking question! I feel like Colin Firth in the movie The King’s Speech: “I have a voice!” and Geoffrey Rush responds, “Yes, you do.” I blog because I have something to say, and the responses from other folks is what keeps me keepin’ on. Of course, I love it when I “get” more followers, because we all love to be heard and appreciated. Not gonna lie about that! At the end of the day, it’s the feedback from other, much more talented bloggers that keeps my motivation in high gear.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! And The Kings Speech is a great film!

  5. Yes, and I do. I do not have thousands or even hundreds of followers but yet I blog. I get my memoirs and stories posted. They are now out there for anyone to read. I wrote a book, it did not do that well but it is out there. It would be nice to have more followers but if it does not happen I will still blog.
    I have met some wonderful people and read some marvelous poetry and stories and books. When I am gone my words will still be out there. :o)

  6. Hi, thanks for the interesting question. I agree with one of the comments above in that if you didn’t have followers then it would just become a diary. At the end of the day its your blog so you can do as you wish. I also think we get hooked up on follower numbers and stats. Having a small and select group of followers can be quite satisfying.

  7. Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    Jenny of “Jenny in Neverland” published a very interesting view on blogs and followers. I thought I’d reblog and give as many readers as possible a chance to let their opinion hear about this. Thank you Jenny.

  8. As a very new blogger who can’t figure out how to get people to follow my blog ie incorporating a follow button I swing between not caring and caring very much. Love for people to just look at them, if they comment that would be amazing and that’s, most of the time, enough for me at the moment especially in the sea of already very established (and brilliant) blogs. Hoping very much to keep it as something I just want to do for myself and potentially helping authors get some publicity for their books and not caring too much about it. The real test, I’m sure,will come when I put my own thoughts put there with the posts I have planned that are not reviews.

  9. Perusing Pages says:

    Hi Jenny! I just found your blog via @thebookkeeperssecret and had to read this post. It’s so interesting to read so many different perspectives on this topic. I’m fairly new to book blogging, so I’m technically blogging for myself and for my own enjoyment at this point in the game. I can’t say how I would feel if I ever get to that point where people are actually liking and commenting on my posts, then stopped for reason. I can imagine how that would be disheartening enough to convince anyone to quit. To be honest, I do enjoy getting ARCs and being a part of book tours and street teams which is an incentive for me to keep going even without the big numbers. I do hope that one day I have more followers, likes, and comments, but I know it has to be at my own pace. I don’t want to feel obligated to post when I don’t want to or try to read 10+ books in a month like some bloggers when I know I’m only comfortable reading 2 books in a month at most.

    1. Hi! I’m glad you found my blog, I hope you enjoy it (: I completely understand where you’re coming from too. 10 books a month?! That’s crazy! I knew a blogger who would read 5 a week it’s madness

  10. That is an interesting question and tbh, I feel like I’m in minority too.
    I don’t have big number of followers, but if I lost them I wouldn’t blog anymore.
    I don’t see the point in giving so much of my free time to write posts (and don’t forget that prepearing a post also takes time, sometimes even more then actual writing) if there’s no one to read them.

    1. Yes! Exactly what I mean – if that was the case, you’d just write a diary right?

      1. I did that when I was younger, when my life became more interesting, I stopped in case someone finds it and reads it. 😉
        But joke aside, yeah, I probably couldn’t make piece with the fact that I am invisible on internet, where I feel everyone is visible at some point. I think that would be the prove that blogging is not my thing and I would find some other hobby. I would still read, I just wouldn’t waste my time on writing reviews that no one reads anyway.

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  13. Yeah if you blogged with yourself in mind, it would probably turn into a really sloppy diary thing. *scrunches nose in disgust* lol

    By the way, I was wondering. Do you do guest posts on your blog?

    Humor & Lifestyle //

    1. I do occasionally, yes 🙂 I did 2 last month. Why’s that? 🙂 xx

      1. I would love to write something for your blog, if you’ll have me! =->

      2. Absolutely! What topic/s did you have in mind?

      3. A humor post on why I love being a girl. Lol

      4. Sounds awesome! email me at: when you’re done! Xx

      5. I definitely will! Expect it in two weeks!

  14. I wouldn’t blog if no one was reading. Granted I blogged for years without so much as a comment. But I blogged with a reader in mind. Always. This is such an interesting post!

    Humor & Lifestyle //

    1. Me too! I always blog with readers in mind… Not with myself in mind, you know? I definitely notice that within your blog posts!

  15. Good point. I suppose it was followers to start with, then receiving likes and then comments. Now it’s comments that demand a dialogue rather than just ‘nice post’ but that depends on the subject matter – comment pieces generate more interactive comments than, say, short stories. Like yours! But would I blog without followers? Yes, it is the views my posts, at bottom, that really count for me. if people are looking, whether they follow or not, comment or not, then my basic goal has been achieved. I write to be read. Period.

    1. Very good point. I think, if I knew people were reading then I’d continue – but would highly depend on how many views I was getting I think. If I had no followers or readers then I wouldn’t blog at all anymore.

      1. Yes I’m pretty sure I’d lose heart if no one read any of it…

  16. I admit I enjoy an audience/readership of my blog. There are times when we write for others more than ourselves. Bloggers seek approval of what they do like other things. But if you think about it some write in journals where the audience is one person and that is them. I love the connection of blogging and being in a network like, Tumblr, etc. You learn from other bloggers that way.

    1. I definitely agree with you 100%. I think our posts do have a different intention too, with each one we write.

  17. This is a thought provoking question. In the beginning, I was like you, I blogged more for me, but now I’ve made so many friends throughout the blogosphere that I would miss terribly if I quit blogging. At this point I’d have to say, without my blogging buddies, I would probably quit blogging.

    1. I’m inclined to agree! (: xx

  18. I would still blog. I write because it is important and I am driven to write (sound familiar?), so even if I had a few followers I would certainly blog. I love your train of thought and questioning. Interesting percentages, too. -Jennie-

    1. Thanks very much (: that makes complete sense – it is important to write for an outlet and for something you purely enjoy xx

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