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20 Honest Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger

There are definitely some topics that are considered ‘taboo’ in the blogosphere. Little things that we don’t like to admit – to ourselves or others – but we all know are true. Clichés and opinions we like to keep to ourselves but today I want to share with you 20, very honest things I’ve thought about as a blogger.

20 Honest Thoughts I've Had As a Blogger

  1. Free shit is awesome. Sorry, but it is
  2. I check my DA regularly, still haven’t got a clue what it is but get the hump when it goes down
  3. My own blog photos are fucking awful
  4. I’m dead jealous of just about every other blogger ever
  5. I want to blog full-time. How does one do that?
  6. No but seriously, how do you do that?
  7. But I don’t want to be happy and positive 24/7
  8. Will this be the post that makes me internet famous?
  9. Why are there so many Twitter chats
  10. Shall I tweet that or will I be stoned to death for my opinion?
  11. Why must we all, as bloggers, ‘lift each other up’? That bitch hates me
  12. What is Quinoa
  13. Follow links? No follow links? Nah, I give up
  14. Stats aren’t important” They’re fucking important. LOVE ME PEOPLE.
  15. Yes I felt a little bit famous when I hit 1,000 blog followers, don’t pretend you didn’t
  16. But heck I felt like Beyoncé when I hit 4,000 Twitter followers
  17. I feel like I’m in a doctors waiting room if a blog is too minimalist
  18. I don’t like Lush
  19. Scheduling tweets is boring as hell. I know but you gotta do it anyway
  20. If I didn’t have any followers, I probably wouldn’t bother. Sad but true

Can you relate to any of these? Have any bloggery confessions or opinions of your own? I would love to hear them – however controversial they may be!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. failedmarketeer says:

    I love the post! Language and honesty 🙂 really great, and what I like the most is that it triggered so many comments! Another proof that brutal honesty rocks!

    1. Thank you very much (:

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  3. My reaction at #19: you can schedule tweets?? 😂

    1. Hahaha you can! But it’s dead boring.

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  6. I feel like the higher your stats the less people care, cause I do a happy dance every time I get a view or a new follower!
    Pretty much every one of these is true. (Also, Lush is expensive) Another one for me is “how can I just travel and blog and that be my life?”

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