20 Honest Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger

There are definitely some topics that are considered ‘taboo’ in the blogosphere. Little things that we don’t like to admit – to ourselves or others – but we all know are true. Clichés and opinions we like to keep to ourselves but today I want to share with you 20, very honest things I’ve thought about as a blogger.

20 Honest Thoughts I've Had As a Blogger

  1. Free shit is awesome. Sorry, but it is
  2. I check my DA regularly, still haven’t got a clue what it is but get the hump when it goes down
  3. My own blog photos are fucking awful
  4. I’m dead jealous of just about every other blogger ever
  5. I want to blog full-time. How does one do that?
  6. No but seriously, how do you do that?
  7. But I don’t want to be happy and positive 24/7
  8. Will this be the post that makes me internet famous?
  9. Why are there so many Twitter chats
  10. Shall I tweet that or will I be stoned to death for my opinion?
  11. Why must we all, as bloggers, ‘lift each other up’? That bitch hates me
  12. What is Quinoa
  13. Follow links? No follow links? Nah, I give up
  14. Stats aren’t important” They’re fucking important. LOVE ME PEOPLE.
  15. Yes I felt a little bit famous when I hit 1,000 blog followers, don’t pretend you didn’t
  16. But heck I felt like Beyoncé when I hit 4,000 Twitter followers
  17. I feel like I’m in a doctors waiting room if a blog is too minimalist
  18. I don’t like Lush
  19. Scheduling tweets is boring as hell. I know but you gotta do it anyway
  20. If I didn’t have any followers, I probably wouldn’t bother. Sad but true

Can you relate to any of these? Have any bloggery confessions or opinions of your own? I would love to hear them – however controversial they may be!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

63 thoughts on “20 Honest Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger

  1. I love the post! Language and honesty 🙂 really great, and what I like the most is that it triggered so many comments! Another proof that brutal honesty rocks!

  2. I feel like the higher your stats the less people care, cause I do a happy dance every time I get a view or a new follower!
    Pretty much every one of these is true. (Also, Lush is expensive) Another one for me is “how can I just travel and blog and that be my life?”

  3. I love how bold and honest this post is. It made me laugh, even though I know it’s a vulnerable position to be in. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is really helping or harming. It’s hard to say. Hat off to you for being realistic and writing what the rest of us are really thinking.

  4. I love how bold and honest this post is. It made me laugh, even though I know it’s a vulnerable position to be in. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is really helping or harming. It’s hard to say. Hat off to you for being realistic and writing what the rest of us are really thinking.

  5. HA! I can totally relate to #18 – I really can’t stand LUSH stuff! It’s too strong smelling, and way too expensive for what it is. That, and I’m pretty sure my last apartment still has glitter ground into the bathroom floor from dropping a bath bomb!

  6. As we are being honest, I have to say I love being a writer and a blogger. Never thought I had to be both, but I’m enjoying it anyway. If I could just get someone to troll through all my emails, I would be ecstatic!

  7. Brilliant post and I still haven’t got the handle of scheduling tweets but then I don’t think I take blogging as seriously as I should. It’s pure fun for me but like you, being able to do it full-time would be amazing! I think the positivity one is important too – it isn’t always possible, even though I’ve been told I’m ‘always happy’ buy lots of my friends and colleagues, it can sometimes be detrimental, epsecially when someone is really going through a tough time, or when you’re dealing with anxiety/depression, sometimes those words can be a hindrance so I definitely agree that positivity does need to be tempered. And I’m nto a fan of quinao either, I just can’t get myself to like it! – Tasha

    1. I’ve never tried quinoa but to be honest, I don’t think I’d like it at all. Im not a fan of healthy stuff anyway haha! And I agree, positivity is good is small doses and where necessary but constant positivity 24/7 and the idea that ‘everyone should be positive and lift each other up’ I think can be damaging.

      1. Definitely agree – it’s healthy to have a balanced viewpoint and sometimes when things are bad it’s good to let those feelings flow for a while.

  8. Haha! These are brilliant. Although I think I might actually kill to have 100o blog followers! And if I ever get near 4000 twitter followers I’m applying to have my name on the Hollywood walk of fame!

    However, what’s with the not liking Lush? I feel validated in my love for it, as I shopped there 10 years ago, before the blogging world got hold of it!

      1. The smell is really intense. But I do love a pink, petal filled bath. Or glitter-filled! It’s childish really!

      1. Because of the way stats are counted by WordPress, 1 view of your main page can count as seeing 20+ posts on an endless scrolling theme. That same 1 view is counted the same as 1 view of a single post. WordPress also does not count email subscriber views, of which you yourself have many. If someone views your post in an email app, they have seen your post but you do not get a view. You also won’t get view counts from people like me who use WordPress Reader for most of their WordPress’ing, despite the fact I see your new posts when you publish them.

        Linky to a post on it. http://sableyes.co.uk/?p=2382

        Stats are terribly inaccurate. 🙂

  9. Haha I love this! It’s very relatable.. especially #14. I try not to cae about it, but I always get excited when I’ve had a boost in views and bummed when I get very few. I can’t help it haha.

  10. I do follow quite a few bloggers who are women and some post about makeup…wow I had no idea the range of cosmetics there is out there. So much selection but only one face.

  11. Agree with loads of these points. I’m also not a fan of Lush. And Quinoa? Bla bla bla. I’m also envious of other bloggers and think my photos suck! And if you find out how to blog full time, definitely let me know! Xx

  12. I hate the whole ‘we gotta lift each other up, celebrate their success’ thing too . . It’s a bit of an idealistic viewpoint really because we all have our different opinions, no one can like everyone and jealousy is a thing. I can’t imagine any other industry where people are totally supportive of each other! Amy x
    Amy at amynmore.co.uk

  13. I don’t blog but have considered it but then think will people actually read it and will it be worth the effort.

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