Top Tips for Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day on a Budget

Everything seems to be getting a little more expensive as each year passes. And it is no different with weddings! Sometimes it feels like you will have to save up for a lifetime just to get the wedding of your dreams. But, actually, being able to afford your perfect ceremony isn’t quite as difficult as you may think. If you follow these top tips, then you will be able to organise a budget wedding that doesn’t damage your bank balance too much!


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Don’t Marry At The Weekend

Many couples prefer to stick to tradition and get married on a Saturday. As this is the most popular day of the week to wed on, it is also the most expensive! Especially during the summer when lots of couples are trying to book their ideal venue on their preferred Saturday. Venues can pretty much charge whatever they like! But couples have started to cotton on to this, which is why so many are now choosing to marry during the week. Venues are cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about your chosen venue being booked already.

Buy Online

Sure, visiting a bridal shop and trying on loads of dresses with your bridesmaids and lots of free Prosecco is fun. But is can also be extremely costly. That is why many brides are choosing to buy their dress online. Don’t be put off thinking it might not fit when it arrives. Many shops are happy to accept returns or will even do alterations. You can also buy your wedding jewellery on the internet. There are now many online shops selling Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands at discount prices.

Ditch The Photographer

These days, modern weddings are all about creating a unique and personal ceremony. One of the best ways to do this is to get all your guests involved in the big day. So why not ditch the professional photographer and ask your friends and family to take some snaps? Polaroid and disposable cameras are very cheap these days. Buy a couple for each table at the reception. The guests can take pictures throughout the day. All you need to do then is get them developed and relive all the happy memories!

Homemade Weddings

Why pay for a reception venue when you can hold it at home? If you have a large garden, all you need to do is rent a marquee. However, not everyone will have space for this. No worries; there is still plenty you can do at home to make things cheaper. Like baking a homemade wedding cake. Not too confident in your baking skills? Ask your nearest and dearest and see if there are any skilled bakers among them. If someone close to you bakes the cake, it will have a lot of sentimental value. And it will be a lot cheaper than getting a professional to bake it!

There is no need to go into the red while planning your wedding. At least, not if you follow these tips!


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