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Reacting to my Old Instagram Photos

I’ve seen a few YouTuber’s do this lately (yeah, I know, I’m like totes in YouTuber’s now) and thought it would be a laugh to do myself (but blog format obviously, videos scare me). I used to be an avid Insta user. Like, one of those super annoying ones that would do hundreds of “shout out for shout outs” and be obsessed with followers. You know the kinda dickhead I mean and I love going over my old Instagram photos and crying into a slice of pizza at how much of an idiot I was. So I thought I’d share that with you, so gather up all your pity while I react to my old Instagram photos.

Another leg shot

Caption: Hot chocolate and blueberry muffin #morning #breakfast #food #hotchocolate #blueberrymuffin #blueberries #bed #floral #legs
Caption: Hot chocolate and blueberry muffin #morning #breakfast #food #hotchocolate #blueberrymuffin #blueberries #bed #floral #legs

There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to start. First of all, leg photos. Leg photos. Why must we feel the need to take so many fucking leg photos. Secondly, I don’t even like blueberry muffins. Like, for reals, chocolate muffins are the only muffins I will eat but even then it’s a long shot because I usually find them too dry – I literally just put it there for the photo. Oh and I think I was trying to look like I don’t eat much for breakfast when I actually went and had a massive bacon sandwich right after this was taken. Look at the tan tho (it’s fake).


"We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can't live someone else's or think it's more important just because it's more dramatic. What happens, matters. Maybe only to us, but it matters"
Caption: “We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can’t live someone else’s or think it’s more important just because it’s more dramatic. What happens, matters. Maybe only to us, but it matters”

And I spend mine taking terrible photos of the sky over a tiny patch of grass whilst waiting for my dog to do a crap.


Caption: Ah everything looks better with an Instagram filter

Does it? DOES IT? It doesn’t with this one 2012 Jenny. And what is with those eyelashes like seriously? I think I had about 3 sets of eyelashes on for this photo which I religiously wore for everything other than school, I could barely see a thing. And those extensions, and those eyebrows why are they 4 shades darker than my hair – ugh just kill me now. I’m going to move on before I cry.

Weird flat-lay

Caption: This afternoon's read
Caption: This afternoon’s read

Seriously what I with all these weird ass flat-lays I was trying and failing to do? On my bed sheets? That weren’t even neat? Or straight? And why did I think I was super chic and hip with ‘this afternoon’s read’, like I’d just been out for a day’s shopping in Westfield then a meeting with my Instagram manager and a Starbucks then grab a quick magazine on the way home? I went into the fucking post office. With my mum.

Strawberry sick

Caption: This smells so good! #bath #shower #gel #smelly # strawberrydream #strawberry #yum #new #limited
Caption: This smells so good! #bath #shower #gel #smelly # strawberrydream #strawberry #yum #new #limited

Wanna know a secret? I hated the smell of this. I think it gave me a rash too but I only bought it because every other Instagrammer and their nan had it and I wanted the likes. True story. I think I used it once and threw it away.

Any embarrassing Instagram moments you want to share?



  1. Haha this is hilarious! It’s horrendous looking back at old photos/anything, Timehop makes me sad every day. Great post lovely 🙂 xx

    Katie | http://kaleidoscopepeonies.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I agree – time hop makes me sad too! But these were just cringy! (:

  2. I think as we age, we get wiser. Too bad I don’t have the youth and vigor I did then WITH the mind-set I have now!

    1. Absolutely!

  3. Love this post, so funny!

    1. Thank you! 😌

  4. At the age of 73 I still do not understand why these people post every aspect of their life. I have come to the conclusion that they don’t have one, or they are immature. It also could be their fifteen minutes of fame, and finally, they have too much time on their hands. I am glad to see you have come down to earth. I write for myself. Hopefully when I am gone someone will read one of my offerings and remember. :o)

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of posting everything in your life, it’s just how you do it and how you approach it. Most of this post was sarcasm and an over reaction in my part for humour purposes but I do look back and cringe at myself sometimes. So glad I grew out of that phase!

  5. Omg this is hilarious. I especially love your last reaction haha.

    1. Thank you! 😏

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