7 Steps to Planning Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Planning your friend’s birthday is a good way to show them that you really care. It’s a special day when you can celebrate them and make their day as good as it possibly can be. Here’s how to plan it and make it perfect.

  1. Choose a Day to Celebrate

First of all, you need to choose the day when you really celebrate their birthday. This might sound obvious because only one day of the year is their birthday. But they might be busy or have to work on the actual day of their birthday. That’s why it can be better to choose another day when you can organise something big without them having other commitments.


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  1. Consider How She Will Want to Spend the Day

Next, you need to think about what they will enjoy. If your best friend is the kind of person that likes to keep things low-key, then you might want to keep this in mind. But if you’re eager to go big and have a large celebration, then this can still work. It’s all about organising the day in a way that you know they will be able to enjoy.

  1. Find the Perfect Gift

The gift is always important when it’s your friend’s birthday. The day wouldn’t be complete without you giving them a gift. It can be difficult to choose something that does justice to the occasion though. Don’t opt for something generic. Go for something out of the ordinary that they’ll enjoy. You can find plenty of unique gift ideas online.

  1. Buy a Cake

A proper birthday celebration also requires a cake, so don’t forget about this. These days, there are so many interesting options when it comes to buying a cake. You could hire a company that designs bespoke cakes. If you do this, you could get a cake that is relevant to your friend and the things they love.


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  1. Plan a Get-Together

There are many different get-togethers that you could plan for your friend’s birthday. You could organise a simple get-together for close friends. That way you can keep it quiet and simple if that’s what you think they’ll prefer. Or you could organise a large party and celebrate their birthday the proper way.


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  1. Invite Her Friends and Family

When you have decided which kind of party or get together you’re going to throw, you need to start inviting people. They should be people that you know your friend would want there. And don’t forget anyone important or it could ruin the day. Friends, as well as family members, are important, so invite them all.

  1. Keep it a Surprise

This where things can really get difficult. It’s never easy to keep a party secret. But if you can pull it off, it can be a great way to celebrate their birthday. If they’re expecting nothing, it can make it even more special when they find out that you were planning something big all the time. You’ll have to explain this to everyone if you want to be sure that she won’t find out though.


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