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My Handbag Essentials

My bag goes absolutely everywhere with me. It feels like a extra limb that’s been cut off if I leave it behind and in 4 years or so, I genuinely don’t think I’ve been anywhere without my bag. I’m a very organised person and I like to be prepared for any eventuality. Having my bag with me, with everything in it I might need if something goes wrong gives me a tremendous amount of comfort and calm which not everybody understands. I carry a helluva lot of stuff too, so it simply wouldn’t fit in my pockets! Here are some of my handbag must-haves and essentials!

MY Handbag Essentials

Bottle of water & some food

A bottle of water is one of my biggest must-haves. In fact, I would probably rather forget my phone than a bottle of water. I love water, I drink so much of it and whilst obviously it’s very important to stay hydrated, it also calms me down a lot. So sipping water throughout the day, especially when I’m out or not at home can work wonders. I also always pop some food in my bag too – a banana or a cake bar of some sort just to keep me going.

Phone, purse and iPod

All the every day essentials here, sort of. I panic if I’m outside and don’t have my phone or any means of contact to someone if I need them. My purse, for obviously reasons and my iPod is always a must-have for me too because especially in the car on a long journey, I love being able to switch off, pop my headphones in and block the world out for a little while.

A book

The book I’m reading at the time comes everywhere with me. Everywhere. Even if I know chances are I won’t be able to read it, I always take it just in case. It’s always handy to have if I ever find myself in the car waiting for someone or something or finding a nice bench somewhere whilst walking the dog.

Kalms tablets and Bachs Rescue Remedy Spray

These are essentials for me to be able to manage my anxiety throughout the day. However, over the last few months, I’ve been using these less and less and less. Which is obviously really good! But, I do like to always have them handy in case I need a little relief throughout the day. The spray is super handy to just spritz on your tongue if you start to feel a little overwhelmed.

So those are my handbag essentials! What are yours? Any weird things you like to take everywhere with you?


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. Well I not only carry a handbag – crossbody preferred – filled with wallet, keys and eyeglasses along with my Dunkin Donuts card, but also I carry a tote bag with everything else – like my Ipod, Kindle, tissues, eye drops, and since I am an Avon Rep I carry brochures, hand creams, nail files, samples, and business cards…check out my blog at http://www.agshap.wordpress.com

  2. Great post my bag does feel like an extra limb ! Haha

  3. Loved this post!! I just uploaded a “what is in my purse” blog post!!

  4. great post ! I like carrying large handbags so I can have all my essentials too, but I like downsizing now and then when I need to be hands free and will be out and about for a long time. However I always try and choose handbags that are deceiving in that they carry a lot more than you would think!

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  6. This is a great post! Mine is pretty much the same as yours with a couple of extras:
    Purse, phone, headphones (I listen to music on my phone!), a book, pack of tissues (I cry when I laugh so always have to have these with me!), lip balm and floss (always useful for when I go out for food and get bits stuck in my teeth!). In the little pocket in the back I keep all the mini essentials like bobbles, hair clips, safety pins etc. And I ALWAYS have a pen in my bag! (Although at the moment I have five!)
    Because I’m diabetic I have to carry stuff for that too, which thankfully has decreased over the years (I used to feel like Mary Poppins when I was first diagnosed with the amount of stuff I had to carry round!), but I always have to make sure to have my blood glucose tester in my bag and some glucose gel/sugary sweets as well as something to snack on, like biscuits.
    Really great post, I think you can always tell a lot about a person from the things they carry in their bag! 🙂

    1. My ex-boyfriend (now good friend) was type 1 diabetic so I totally understand how much stuff you need to take everywhere with you! Though he managed to keep it all in his pockets. And yes I agree you can can’t you? For example, if they carry knives you probably want to avoid them 😉

  7. Great post. This is why I love my Kipling bags with all its little compartments that can stuff all my needs everywhere. I always seem to have a bag full of receipts but can never find the one I need.

    1. Oh my mum loves Kipling bags! She has loads! I agree they’re great for being able to hold all your stuff!

  8. I really need to give the Bachs Rescue Remedy Spray a try as I’ve heard so many good things about it! I always carry around my bullet journal with me; I rarely use it ‘on-the-go’ but I feel more calm and organised having it with me! Plus about a ton of plasters, bobby pins, hair ties, perfume, lip care etc. Haha! x

    1. Bachs is fantastic. Really small and subtle if you don’t want anyone to see you use it. Hair ties I never go anywhere without either! Although they’re usually around my wrist not in my bag.

  9. Handbags are amazing constructions. It’s the TARDIS effective that fascinates us mere males. For the average amount of items they carry we would have to use back-packs. How do you ladies do it?

    1. Hahahaha! I agree! Everytime I ask my boyfriend to get me something out of my bag he’s just like here you go, you do it. We need our stuff!

      1. Lol

  10. I could have written that list! 🙂 Except for the Kalm tablets and the spray, we don’t have them in France. I need to have water and food because I need small snacks throughout the day and I never know where I’ll be when the time comes. My fully-charged iPod helps to calm me when I’m upset or if anxiety suddenly shows up. I panic when I can’t contact anyone so my phone is a must-have, even just to walk the dogs. There’s always a book and my kindle in my bag. Better be prepare for a few minutes in a queue or whatever down time I get.

    1. We’re very similar in the stuff we need and why! I panic BIG TIME if my phone dies or anything! I often stock up on snacks throughout the day too, knowing I’ve eaten and kept my energy up calms me down as well.

  11. Great post .. my bag in theory has got smaller because I use crutches to walk so it has to be a comfortable across body type. Nodding my head at water, phone, earphones, Kindle, keys, purse, tissues, sanitizer wipes .. I keep a mini box of raisins for my need to eat moments, just enough to satisfy a sweet craving. And of course all my medication in case I cant get home in time! I’m also paranoid about my driving licence since a random police stop years ago. I haven’t thought about Bachs Rescue Remedy that may be a life saver for my panicky times xx

    1. Bachs are great – they do a bunch of stuff not just spray. The chewing gums are great because they taste nice too (:

  12. I also need to have a bag with me at all times. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of them, but it won’t all fit on my pocket and I take public transit. That being said my two necessary items are hand sanitizer and my phone with headphones. I also like to keep a little hand lotion and chapstick. I think my billfold (credit cards/ID) are just a given.

    1. I need to add hand sanitizer I think to my bag — it’s been a popular option and you never know when you might need it!

  13. I totally get you. Every time I get out of the house, it’s like preparing for battle. Or the apocalypse. After all, anything can happen, right?
    I’m a water freak as well. I don’t move anywhere without my bottle of water. It’s always next to me, even when I’m home.
    Also, my phone. I would freak out if I didn’t have my phone when I got out of the house.
    What else? My earphones (music always makes me feel better), my purse (a new attachment for me) and of course… my kindle or a physical book (depends on what I read).
    The only thing from everything you mentioned that I constantly forget to take is some food. I’m very forgetful about food. I should pay more attention to it because I always end up dying of hunger by the end of the day ‘^^
    I loved this post. By the end of it, I was smiling and thinking: “I’m not alone in this!”

    1. Yes I can’t leave the house unless I know I’ve got everything I need and my bag ends up so heavy but rather be prepared. I’m the same with water, I always have a bottle on the side next to me at home as well.

  14. Reblogged this on Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie and commented:
    I may have to give in and join the bag brigade after all…

  15. I have always hated bags of any kind, preferring to stuff everything in my pockets. Bad enough when the kids were small, but in those days it was more of a suitcase than a bag.
    But just recently, I am discovering that I need one, primarily because when the weather is warm, I have no pockets, which is just not acceptable…

    1. Yeah good point, impossible to put stuff anywhere in skirts and tops?!

  16. I always have werthers originals in my bag. I struggle with nausea with my illnesses and being prone to fainting because of my illnesses, I need the sugar. Plus, I’m a mum so it’s usually something child related and of course my keys, purse, lip balm and my phone goes in my pocket or on the buggy lol xx

    1. Ugh that’s not cool Kaisha! Does sucking sweets help with nausea?! That might be useful for me in the car sometimes.

      1. I find them to take the edge off. Mints help too apparently but they don’t work for me

  17. My handbag has gotten lighter over the years, of course I am not raising three children any more either.
    Your post made me think about my handbag because I still at the age of 73 am never without my handbag. It is comforting to me as well, I am also a very organized person. I have to thank you for saying that, I am told it is because I have OCD. I always thought I was just organized, now I know I was right. :o) I still carry wipes, a small writing pad and pen (Gold Cross ball point pen which is over thirty years old.) and hand sanitizer, for the grand children because you never know. :o)…..

    1. There’s a big difference between OCD and being an organised person! It’s completely normal to not want to leave the house without everything you might need (:

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