Things That Irritate Me: Volume 2

A good while ago now, I wrote this post about things that irritate me. I was feeling particularly uhm, irritable let’s say (damn hormones) and as I mentioned in the beginning of that post, I wanted to channel my annoyance in a healthy way. So instead of punching someone, I wrote a blog post. Today, I’m doing the same because once again, I was feeling particularly irritable (that happens, usually once a month. It’s called periods, look it up) and I have a whole lovely jubbly new set of things that really, royally irritate the living crap out of me.

Things That Irritate Me

  1. Hair bands that get stuck in your hair to the point where you have to cut them out. Plus, it really fucking hurts
  2. WiFi that keeps losing signal, on and off for hours. It’s like I live in the Sahara fucking desert sometimes, not London.
  3. Extremely self-centred, self-obsessed people. You know who I’m talking about, the ones that always reply to you with something aBOUT THEMSELVES.
  4. People who walk into the road without looking. If I run you over, it is not my fault.
  5. Realising you didn’t get all the conditioner out of your hair once it’s dry so it looks greasier than it did before you even washed it. Yay.
  7. People who tell you to be ready for a certain time but then you end up waiting for them.
  8. People who put chocolate and ketchup in the fridge. wut.
  9. The notion that all woman should want kids. Can we drop that now please? It’s 2016.
  10. “I’m going to read / play Sims / watch Orange is the New Black”, “I hate reading / The Sims / Orange is the New Black”. Okay… What do you want a medal, I didn’t ask you to join me so stop moaning.
  11. People who make an ordeal out of nothing. I dropped some powder on the floor in the bathroom? EVACUATE. EVACUATE.
  12. Unorganised people. People who never remember anything and people you have to keep nagging like how do you get through each day without dying?
  13. “I respect everyone’s opinion. But if it’s different to mine then you’re wrong and I’m going to argue with you”, okkkkkkkkkkkkk
  14. People that make stories 45 minutes longer than they need to be. I don’t actually care that the car was red, it was exactly 4:56 in the afternoon or that the wind was blowing in a North Easterly direction.
  15. When you’ve been playing for 13 hours, created 18 generations and your Sims game crashes before you save it. Not so much irritating more like, rip my heart out of my chest and stamp on it soul destroying.
  16. People who don’t understand Twitter / Tumblr humour. Can’t even.
  17. Those people that take 3 hours to eat their dinner. Extra annoying points if they feel the need to put their knife and fork down after eVERY SINGLE BITE
  18. Waking up 2 minutes before your alarm is due to go off.
  19. When people don’t reply to your emails or texts about something super duper important that needed to be sorted out like… Yesterday.
  20. When people don’t respect and/or understand your alone time and keep talking to you / bugging you and oh the rage.

What things annoy the crap out of you? Do you agree with any of the ones I mentioned? Let me know! Let it all out!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

32 thoughts on “Things That Irritate Me: Volume 2

  1. Oh my goodness…hairbands -Yes! Drives me mad, hours of detangling until you’re so furious you attack with the scissors and then have to hope no-one notices a huge chunk of hair missing (although in my case I’ve so much of the stuff, it’s probably a good thing!) In fact I relate to most of these – can you even begin to imagine what wifi is like in Cornwall…large parts don’t even have 3G!! And as for people not understanding I like my own space and prattling on and on for hours about inconsequential nonsense (seriously, I mean like who cares what your favourite washing powder is?) instead of leaving, and then eventually going but saying “well, won’t you be lonely?”…..arrgghhh! I also may be a little hormonal today. But still, great post 🙂

  2. Errr….8 & 16……that’d be me.
    But there again I’m just a man and one who is 65 tomorrow, so you’d sort have to expect that kind of behaviour. (exits to re-arrange collection of graphic novels for the 2nd time this week)

  3. The upstairs neighbor clicking her heels at 6am just above your bed.
    The empty bottle of shampoo when you’ve already gotten your hair wet.
    The ipad’s battery letting me down just before the big twist in the book.
    The heap of laundry that never disappears.
    Any bad hair day.
    Twitter’s automatic ad-DM
    Rude people who blame all the wrong things in the world on others.
    The MacBook that denies me access to my files because it keeps freezing every f****** minute.
    The pressure I put on myself whenever I need to write a review.
    The stupid and lazy delivery guy who makes me go out of the house in my pajamas because he won’t bother come to the door when I’ve paid extra for the quick home delivery.
    Hairdressers who don’t let you do whatever you want with your hair (it’s MY head!!)

    Wow, it feels good to get it off my chest! Thank you!

  4. This list is pretty much my life in a nutshell. Everything is spot on except 8 because I need my ketchup cold but yes!!

  5. Totally with you on the Wi-Fi!
    Especially if I’m using my phone in my house and then realise I’m using my mobile data, argh!

    I might try making a list too it might be therapeutic!

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