Mental Health Awareness Week: Welcome & Schedule!

Hi everyone! I was dabbling with the idea of doing a Mental Health Awareness week for a little while but wasn’t sure how to conduct it but after weeks of planning and brain-storming, we finally made it so welcome to Mental Health Awareness week on Jenny in Neverland! It’s not going to be all doom and gloom – as an avid mental health advocate, I think it’s so incredibly important to be able to talk freely about these issues and not feel judged or embarrassed by doing so and anything to help bring that to light and help rid the stigma of these awful conditions is all gravy in my books! For the next week, we’re going to have lots of posts – one from myself and the rest from some amazing bloggers and authors, all of which are covering different topics regarding mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week on Jenny in Neverland

All I ask of you this week is to be open and honest about whatever you’re feeling and going through. If you’re suffering but haven’t taken the step to tell anyone yet, let now be the time you do it. Get yourself the help you deserve, challenge yourself, do something that might scare you, help a friend who’s going through a difficult patch, be honest with yourself and how you’re feeling and rid yourself of any negativities in your life that are bringing you and your precious mental health down. Share your stories and help bring society one step closer to accepting mental health conditions more freely and taking them more seriously.


Like I said, we have a jam-packed schedule this week of posts from a whole bunch of lovely people, here’s who posting what on what day:

Monday 25th:

Welcome post & schedule (9am)
Giveaway post! (11:30am)

Tuesday 26th:

Guest post: Because Children Get Broken Too (9am)
Interview With Danielle Nichol (2pm)

Wednesday 27th:

My Experience With Samaritans (9am)

Thursday 28th:

Guest Post: Me, Anxiety & Talking About It (9am)
Guest Post: Debunking the Depression Myths (3pm)


Guest Post: My Now-born Introduced Me to Therapy (9am)


Guest Post: Mental Health & Social Media (9am)


Guest Post: Why It’s Important to Talk About Mental Health in YA (9am)
Guest Post: Coping With Anxiety in High School (3pm)

So that’s what’s going on this week on Jenny in Neverland! Check back later today for a whole bunch of giveaways! In the meantime, please use the comment section to vent, ask for advice or offer your own advice on anything mental health related.


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17 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week: Welcome & Schedule!

  1. Hi Jenny, thanks for your inspiration. So many people don’t understand how important mental health awareness is today. It’s so important for us to share. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is fantastic 🙂 Mental Health is always at the tip top of my priorities. Very important thing you’re doing here, should be proud for all the work you’ve already put in!

  3. Aw I am so excited to read all of these posts! Talking about mental health is so important and I am so glad you are raising awareness of it on your blog X X

  4. Love this… so important. I’ve made a post on my blog last month regarding my issues with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I may revisit that this week. 🙂 will be checking in to read the posts.

  5. Hi Jenny. I have a guest post from Karl Drinkwater on the blog today about his depression and how it led to writing. Just thought it was a good tie-in with your Mental Health Awareness Week x

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