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Guest Post: Me, Anxiety and Talking About It

Starting of I am not here to tell you this, this and this. I just want to share with you my experience on opening up to people especially when it comes to your mental health. Over the years I have dealt with anxiety but I never dealt with the way I should have. If there is one thing I have learnt over the years is how to open up to people in general, but it’s only been this past year that I have spoken out about my anxiety. Which has been a big help.

Me, Anxiety and Talking About It

If there is one thing I would have wished for growing up is for mental health to me widely acknowledged and for people to have more of an open mind. So my name is Lauren and I have anxiety and have dealt with it for many years.

Accepting the fact that I was 100% was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but once you start to accept it, the easier it gets to the start the road to recovery.  Talking to people who you trust is especially family and close friends, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Sharing what I went through for example, anxiety attacks and what I go through when I am just feeling anxious over sometimes nothing.

But you don’t know what other people are going through, they may be going through something similar to you. Which makes talking to family and friends easier if they know where you are coming from. Going through anxiety especially in this last year, I got really bad, talking to my Mummy really helped. She helped me through my toughest time and she seen me not dealing very well. Which lead me to attend the doctors.

I will always remember the day I told my mummy, I was terrified. But once I told her my anxiety was bad again, around this time last year because before that I never would have talked about. I will always be thankful for my Mummy because she knows what I deal with and will understand.

I left the doctors a low dosage of anti-depressants, but a year since starting these my dosage has went up. I was always sceptical of taking medication for my anxiety which is really silly, when you think about you would take pain killers if you had a head ache or any other physical pain. Just because your pain is ‘hidden’ doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Over time you will learn what will work for you when it comes to your mental health. If there’s one thing you take away from this post is that don’t keep your mental illness hidden. We need to take away the stigma around it!! If we don’t help ourselves who will?

If any of you are scared to open up, it’ll be ok. You will feel so much better even with just on conversation with someone you trust. Here are some links that I have read which help me understand what I was going through.

Mind & Samaritans, who are always there to help.

I hope you have taken something from this post, take care of yourself and if you need any help or want to chat don’t hesitate to ask me.

Love Lauren xx

About the author of this post: Hi Guys, my name is Lauren and you can reach me over on my blog Lauren Catherine and here is my social media links if you want to give them a follow Instagram, TwitterTumblr.


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  1. Thank you Lauren for opening up and sharing this with us.

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