Wedding Day Lookbook: Themes to Consider for the Big Day*

Weddings are becoming more lavish as each year passes. Not just in regards to how much people spend. Which increases year on year. But more how people decide to celebrate their big days. Gone are the more traditional things and here come some wonderful themes. This is where weddings can turn into real events. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some fabulous wedding themes to consider. I hope it gives you a little inspiration.


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A vintage feel

All things vintage has become a trend recently. If it isn’t how people are dressing or decorating their homes, it’s creeping into a wedding. From beautiful decorations to vintage transport. Even vintage wedding dresses and floral designs. They are all taking centre stage. It’s a great theme to stick to and works well at any time of the year. You can start with the invites, just visit Pure Invitation for vintage wedding invitations. Then head to car boots, vintage shops and search online for wonderful decoration ideas.

Luxurious lace

Lace has often been a fabric associated with weddings. It has this sort of luxurious look and feel. So it isn’t surprising that brides are taking this to the next level. Not only are they considering lace wedding dresses, but you can now add lace bunting, lace seat covers and more. It could add a glamorous feel to your big day.

Everything white

Ever heard of the time big white wedding? Brides are now taking the whole white theme to the extreme and decorating their whole wedding in this colour. You may think it’s easy but actually sticking to this theme can be quite difficult. This is where websites like Pinterest could help you out.

Something bright

The alternative to an official white wedding is going very bright and colourful. Sticking with a colour theme that is both bright and bold. Colours to consider would be yellow, red, fuchsia pink, and blues. The offer your wedding a more playful feel. Why not consider your favourite colour, or compromise on colour choices with your partner and have more than one.

Movie inspiration

So many brides are turning to their favourite movies for wedding inspiration. Disney, Harry Potter, Romantic comedies, they could all feature quite well in a wedding. Some people can take these movie inspirations to the extreme. For example, turning their wedding venue into Hogwarts. Or you could use subtle examples like table names after your favourite movies. There are some great ideas to consider.

Consider the seasons

Finally, why not consider the season you are marrying in as your theme? This could be something that is quite easy to stick to. So if you happen to be getting married in winter you could consider a winter wonderland theme. If it’s close to Christmas you may want to add some festive touches. Or if it’s summer you can think of an outside them, and nice light colours. There is lot’s you can do just by looking at when you are marrying.

I hope these theme ideas offer you some inspiration for your big day.

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  1. It is really hard to pick a theme for your wedding. for my wedding I chose Alice in Wonderland 😉

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  3. I love weddings, partially because they’re beautiful and partially because I love party planning. I always thought an Anne of Green Gables or Wizard of Oz wedding would be just perfect for me. 😊

    1. Wizard of Oz theme would be amazing!

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