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We all know what’s involved in having a great vacation experience. It’s all about being open and receptive to other cultures and people. And it’s important to go around the world and ensure that you get to see everything our beautiful planet has to offer. But I’m going to stop you there. Because I feel that if you want to fully enjoy the trip, you will need to sort certain things out before you go.

Trust me; they might seem boring and obvious, but these can all make a huge difference to your trip. I speak from experience when I say that these steps are crucial, and they need to be sorted before you make your way to the airport.


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Identify Somewhere in Advance

My boyfriend and I usually like to sit down and figure out our next trip not long after we get home from our last one. I think this is a good remedy for beating the post-vacation blues. It also helps us identify where we want to go to next and start to prepare. A lot of people swear by the last minute bookings, but I’m not one. I like to have a destination selected well in advance, and I’m talking months. The point of vacation is to beat the stress not add to it. And doing this allows me to start saving and decide on everything I want to do when we are there. And I would recommend you take the same sort of approach as well.

Check About Visas

Now, depending on where you live you might require a visa for entry to certain countries. Or, at the very least, you may need to fill out a waiver, like when you apply for a US ESTA. Now, this is something you need to check out with plenty of time to spare. If you need to apply for one of these you’ll need to know what details you have to disclose and you’ll have to fill it out in advance. So many people I know have forgotten to do this and go into a blind panic at the airport when they realize. Be sure to check about visas and online passport pictures when you book your trip so you can set the wheels in motion.

Pick up Tips

Once I’ve sorted these things out, I like to go online and do some research. And I like to order a pocket guidebook. This is because I can pick up some awesome travel tips about the place I’m visiting. This is often useful for enhancing your experience when you go away. For instance, on a recent trip to Bilbao, one of the tips advised using the metro system to get around. It was cheap and quick, and simple to understand. It saved a lot of time, money and effort on our part. And we would never have thought to do it had I not picked up the tip in a guidebook.

There are, of course, many more things you can and should do in preparation for your trip. But I have found these to be some of the most important and effective. And I hope that by using my guide you will be able to improve your trip.

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