10 Things I’m Bored of Hearing in the Blogging World

The blogging world, it’s a mess. Life under the sea, is better than anything they got up there. The seaweed is always greener… Ok stop. I hope y’all got the Little Mermaid reference there otherwise this is hella awkward.  But in all seriousness, it is a bit of a mess of late and I think a lot of bloggers will be inclined to agree. So I’m just going to go ahead and add fuel to the fire and talk about all the things I’m so goddamn bored of hearing in the blogging world right now. This is a tongue in cheek type post and wasn’t intended to offend anyone. But you know, it probably will.

10 Things I'm Bored of Hearing in the Blogging World

  1. That we should all be supporting each other and raising each other up. Why is this a thing? I’m not going to support a blogger, just because they’re also a blogger if they like to torture puppies in their spare time, am I?
  2. “I can’t help but compare myself to other bloggers”, yeah, don’t we all? Nothing new there honey so stop fishing for compliments and just get the F on with it.
  3. The word “negativity“. Oh gosh shtap.
  4. The quote, ‘have courage and be kind’. Okay the film was good at best and the quote was cute for like a week but please enough now.
  5. The ‘blogging for a hobby or blogging for income’ argument. I wonder how many more times we will have this argument / discussion before realising that neither of these are wrong and literally has no impact on each other whatsoever?
  6. Everyone being offended by everything. I don’t know whether this is just me having a heart of stone and not giving a shit about pretty much anything but you’re never too far from an offensive comment these days.
  7. The word “problematic“. I didn’t know this word could be used so much in one conversation.
  8. “I jumped at the chance to review this product”. I’m guilty of saying this in posts in the past but let’s be honest, it’s the most boring as fuck sentence. We seriously need to ramp up the creativity on that one.
  9. New bloggers who have been blogging for like, 10 minutes asking how to make money from it. Jesus wept, it takes most bloggers years to be in the position to make money from their blogs – just because it’s a well-known thing now and most people are fairly honest about the fact they earn a full or partial income from blogging does not mean that you can just snap your fingers and have money thrown at you.
  10. “Thinking about creating a new Twitter chat”, no, no, no, no, no. Please. No. More. Twitter. Chats.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Anything in the blogging world you’re finding a little tedious right now? Let me know and let’s discuss! Again, this wasn’t intended to offend anyone.


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

51 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Bored of Hearing in the Blogging World

  1. People start blogging ( of course not everyone) because it became quite a popular thing and some way of getting money. The purpose is sometimes really mistaken and they expect getting million views the week after opening a blog. Come on! Everything comes with time and the questions `how to get followers quickly` are quite a common and a bit annoying thing to ask.

  2. I agree with a lot of this! 1. I dont support Zoella. I would never sit and slag her off publically, apart from over the book she didnt write …. but I dont have to support someone BECAUSE they are a blogger. Thats like being told to support Rosemary West BECAUSE shes a woman.

    Also the whole hobby v income debate, I think a lot of the income bloggers I know and follow get bitter when hobby bloggers work for free.


    Charlotte | http://www.shoestringchic.co.uk

  3. So damn right, how weird has blog land been lately? Everyone’s pissed off at every bloody thing.
    I’m totes thinking of starting a new Twitter chat though…
    M x

  4. Haha! Love this. Definitely no more Twitter chats. There are more than I could ever hope to participate in already. No more. (I’m also so guilty of saying “I jumped at the chance to review this” and I’m really going to try harder in the future to think of a better sentence than that!) x

  5. Jenny, you had my attention, and your funny!

    I stick to book reviews, author interviews, etc. I’m on the blog to support my need to write something and to share what I read. I’m really not upset if I don’t have more likes and shares. I do what floats my boat.

  6. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !! You can make money from this? lol!! I would Jump at the chance to do that. ha ha hahahahahahahaaaaa…. yeah. I love this article so much, I would like to squeeze it.

  7. I have to agree with a lot of these, especially the whole negativity and problematic words I’m seeing everywhere now – I think it’s just adding more fuel to the fire and causing more problems than good, and you’re right, we don’t all need to support eachother, as with any community, there are problems but I am beginning to fall out of love with the ‘community’ aspect as I’m just seeing things like this everywhere and all I wanted was to share some photos in hopes they’d make someone else smile and connect with other people through the internet and hopefully one day in real life too – things seem to be changing now and as you mentioned above, this is just the tip of the iceberg but I think those two main points are driving a divide among bloggers at the moment. This really made me think and I knew I had to get those thoughts down, but in short, yes I agree with you, haha! – Tasha

      1. Me too – it’s not a nice atmosphere and I thin it’s pushing a lot of people away from the ‘community’ now as it is. Hopefully things calm down soon but I’ve noticed that it’s been turning a lot of people off recently.

  8. I blog because I enjoy it. If I ever make money doing it, that would cool. I think it’s crazy that people think they can make money from a brand new blog. Sorry, but you are just not that interesting.

    1. I’m totally for people making money through blogging but it takes so long to establish your blog and yourself to the point where people WANT to pay you, it’s so annoying when a blogger of 2 months comes along and expects it to just happen. No babe!

  9. This is so accurate! I have to admit I am guilty of comparing myself to other blogggers but strangely have never felt the need to mention it, hmmmm……….

    As for everyone being offended by everything, is it just me or is that everywhere just now and not just confined to bloggers/blogging/etc. I am so fed up of people being offended by everything so I know where you’re coming from on that.

    1. I compare myself to other bloggers daily but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it either! I think it’s a normal thing to feel and think but you just KNOW when bloggers are doing it for attention or to get sympathy / compliments. And yes, totally agree, not just the blogging world the actual world in general more like!

  10. It’s posts like this that are problematic; their negativity really offends me. I think you should compare yourself to some of these new bloggers, the ones jumping at the chance to create new twitter chats, and be more supportive of those blogging for a hobby or for an income after 10 minutes. Have courage and be kind, Jenny 😉

  11. God Botherers, people who have God and the Blogosphere to thank for their existence. I’m an atheist, I don’t bother anyone about it, it’s personal.
    Stats Nazis, a dozen non-sensical and vacuous affirmations, a profound and threadbare quote against a tranquil sunset background and such gross abuse of the word, ‘awesome’, it would embarrass a person with Tourette’s – the key to success, millions of followers and a fur lined straitjacket with each subscription.

      1. It has to do with an aspect of blogging you have listed as something you hate. Lists are the equivalent of spider’s webs or a voracious, carniverous, Amazonian orchid. They draw you in, disguising their real motive, improving their stats, getting more followers, more likes. That’s all very well if it’s a commercial enterprise, then it’s a legitimate ploy. Blogging can disguise that since the motivation of some bloggers to increase their followers and therefore their commercial value, is to gain an income. We all have free choice, of course, except for the chap who suggested you lighten up, pull in your claws, lighten your ‘negativity’ and join the herd. Please don’t.

  12. Truth! When I started blogging in *ahem* 2002 people just did it for the love of it and to make new friends. Now it feels a bit like a competition at times to be the next big thing!

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