10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs to Humans

You know lately, I’ve been feeling out of touch with the human world. Like, no offence mum if you’re reading this but humans just aren’t doing it for me at the moment and I’d much rather spend my time alone, in peace and solitude, with just my dog for company because let’s face it, dogs are better than humans. Humans suck, actually. And these are my reasons why I do, in fact, prefer dogs to humans. 

10 Reasons Why I Prefer Dogs to Humans

  1. Dogs don’t talk: ya’no sometimes you just need people to shh. And most of the time, they don’t take the hint.
  2. Dogs apologise when they’ve done something wrong: Albeit not, you know, verbally but you can always tell the look in a dogs eyes when it feels guilty. Humans don’t give a fuck really.
  3. Dogs are almost always happy: Petty things won’t bother a dog. Plate on the side? Who cares. Traffic? More time to stare out the window.
  4. Dogs know when you’re not in the mood and do the appropriate thing: Humans just make it worse, really.
  5. Dogs do what you tell them (mostly): and unfortunately, you can’t control the humans around you to make your life more bearable.
  6. Dogs just kick grass over their shit and move the fuck on: Humans hold onto that shit for a hella long time and n e v e r  l e t  i t  g o.
  7. Dogs listen without sticking their 2 pence in: Like we need opinions for all these people who don’t really know (or care) what’s going on?
  8. Dogs clean stuff up: Oh you dropped that chip? Let me assist you. Oh I’m terribly sorry I’ve just been sick all over your new dress, let me just… Eat it and clear that up for you. Ever so sorry.
  9. Dogs don’t judge you: Spent the entire weekend crying, eating junk food, watching Netflix and not getting out of bed – let alone washing – dogs don’t care, they’ll join you.
  10. Dogs are fiercely loyal and will never betray your trust: Which is more than can be said for a lot of humans.

You a dog lover or a dog owner? Do you agree with these or have any of your own to add? Or tell me a funny story about your dog in the comments! Let’s chat about your favourite canine friends.



  1. I agree completely .

  2. dogs don’t judge you. This is so true. Greats points, great post.Thank you !

    1. Thank you very much (:

  3. Dogs hate to see you cry and try to comfort you!

    1. Aww dogs are amazing <3

  4. My thoughts exactly! That’s why I think dogs should be in all governing positions in the world. They just want everyone to get along.

    1. Yes absolutely can you imagine a world run by dogs?

  5. bookishbunhead says:

    Yep, I relate to you so much! When I’m tired socializing with people, I just go and pet my dog instead, and I’ll feel better in a second. I have a white kintamani dog named Hiro. Funny story : my dad had thought that our new dog is a male, so we named him Hiro after the main character of big hero six… three months later, we found out that she’s actually well, a she. I tried to change her name to Hero as in Shakespeare ‘ much ado about nothing’, but I kept forgetting and it doesn’t work.

    1. Haha aww whoops! Easy mistake to make! I think it’s a lovely name though, for a girl or a boy!

  6. I love this post! All these reasons are exactly why I love Dixie. I also love how you don’t even have to tell a dog you’re feeling sad. They just jump up for a cuddle because they KNOW when you feel awful. Or they bring you a toy, which is equally awesome. Dixie once gave me one of her sausage treats when I wasn’t feeling well.

    1. Hmm I’m not sure about Rory he can be a bit oblivious to when you’re crying but he does lick your hands loads and it’s really cute and really tickles.

  7. I want a dog so badly, ughhh. You’re right, they’re so much better than humans! They always love you unconditionally, and I love that 🙂

    1. Get one! You won’t regret it.

  8. thelittlebookowl says:

    Yes these are so true! I love dogs – I’ve had dogs in my life since I was 4! There are definitely times I prefer the company of dogs! 🙂 haha

    1. Aww that’s lovely! I had a dog when I was really young I mean like 5, who died so I don’t remember an awful lot of her. I have photos though and she was beautiful. Then we only got our next dog in 2010!

      1. thelittlebookowl says:

        Aw it is so devastating when you lose them! What type of dog?

  9. I miss having a dog so much… and you have just made it worse. Everyone should have one, when you think about the alternative!

    1. Whoops, sorry. You should get one!

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    1. Thank you for reblogging.

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