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4 Series I’m Really Into Right Now

I go through phases with TV or Netflix shows. I’ll cram like 15,000 of them into the space of a month or I’ll go half a year without starting a single new show. There is no in-between. Right now, I am loving series, more so than films and am always on the lookout for the next one to consume my life. I’ve watched some cracking shows recently and luckily have enjoyed every single one of them massively. Which is a huge achievement because it usually takes me a while to find a show I love – especially if I’m suffering from a hangover from the previous one.

4 Series I'm Really Into Right Now


I didn’t watch this when it was on TV but got it on All 4 a month or so ago and wow! I absolutely loved it – it was definitely up my street and it’s such a creepy but interesting concept that’ll really get you thinking. If you like British shows and a sci-fi element, you’ll love this and I cannot wait for season 2 to start (I think it’s this year?)

Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

I wasn’t sure about this at first as I didn’t know whether it’d be my sense of humour but I love Krysten Ritter so I decided to give it a go. I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed this show so much was because I started watching it on one of my worst nights of this year and it completely took me away from everything for a little bit. Don’t you just love a show that does that? This was one of those low-key kinda shows for me that required no thinking and I loved it.

Stranger Things 

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen my obsessive twitterings about this show – I even wrote a whole seperate blog post on it here. Lots of hype but I think it lived up to every bit of it – I was obsessed and to be honest, I haven’t really stopped thinking about it since I finished. There are so many damn unanswered questions about this storyline that season 2 needs to hurry the f up. Thankfully, it’s been confirmed for 2017 so now we wait…

Grace and Frankie 

This was a recommendation from an old school friend after asking around on Twitter for a show to watch. Not something I probably would have actively sought out to watch myself and also not something I thought I would enjoy by my gosh it’s so good! I was hooked from the first episode. It’s great to watch a humorous series with older women, instead of a young cast in their 20’s and 30’s. Both the lead actresses are fucking fantastic and it’s so funny I just… Just watch it.

Have you seen any of these? What are your top recommendations right now? Let me know!

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  1. Both my husband and I adore Grace & Frankie! I can’t wait for the next season.

    1. Do you know when the next season is coming out?

  2. Like others have said, How to Get Away With Murder!! If you are into comedies, Brooklyn Nine Nine is also hilarious 🙂 There are also a ton of super interesting documentaries, like First Position (ballet) and What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy! I, too, have fallen down the Netflix rabbit hole more often than I would like to admit…

    1. I do love a good documentary too… Might have a look at those!

  3. bookaholicbabe says:

    I’m currently working through Gilmore Girls! On season 4, I never watched it when it was on TV so I’m catching up before the new series comes to Netflix.

    Stranger Things is next on my list fo watch. I’m weird! I can only binge one show at a time 🙈

    1. I never watched Gilmore Girls either! Maybe a couple of episodes here and there. Haha I get that, well when you’ve finished GG be sure to start Stranger Things and let me know when you do!

  4. I wrote a section about the Humans advertising in my university dissertation but funnily enough, I haven’t watched it all! I really should. I also really need to watch Stranger Things, my friend is bugging me about watching it and I’m seeing stuff about it everywhere!

    1. Ooh really? I’d love to know what your dissertation was about! You should watch it, it’s amazing!

  5. I’m really enjoying all the crime documentaries on TV right now. The Investigator was fantastic and really gripping. Loving One of Us on BBC One as well, can’t wait for the finale next week!

    1. Never heard of either of those but I do love a good crime documentary. I hope they make another one of those Interview with a Murderer or whatever it was called programmes with that criminal psychologist (forgot his name too)

      1. Lynsey James says:

        Oh my god I LOVED Interview with a Murderer! The guy gave me the creeps. The Investigator was a similar sort of thing, this criminal investigator guy took up this 30 year old cold case and tried to solve it. Was the first thing I watched when we got our Sky box back after it being broken for seven weeks 😜

  6. I have heard a lot about stranger things, I am starting it ASAP.
    Excited 🙌

    1. Hope you love it as much as I did!

  7. I LOVED Stranger Things! I am so excited for series 2 and yes it needs to hurry the f up! I’m actually re-watching The Gilmore Girls so I’m up to speed for when that starts on Netflix in November! Xx

    1. Oh gosh I can’t wait for it!!! Oh I never actually watched Gilmore Girls when it was on but maybe I should?

      1. I love it – it’s an easy watch, very girlie and very funny! Xxx

  8. Suits and How To Get Away With Murder would be my top Netflix recommendations 🙂

    1. I started Suits a year or so ago and just couldn’t get into it! But I’ve heard lots of good things about How To Get Away With Murder so may give that a go next!

  9. Ooh, Humans is so good! I watched it in bits, I really should sit down and properly watch it all. And I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who hasn’t seen Stranger Things, so I better hurry up with that!

    1. Ooh you really should I cant wait for the second season of Humans! What is Niska up to OMG?! And please watch Stranger Things! I sound like such a broken record lately but it’s SO GOOD.

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