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Why I Will (Probably) Never Become a YouTuber

Never say never and all that jazz but yeah, I will never be a YouTuber. I admire YouTubers. I admire anyone who can sit there and talk to a camera, alone, for hours without feeling hella awks. I’ve tried it in the past – in fact I filmed a wholeeee video, get me. I showed one person and that was it, it was never to be seen again. I’m liking watching YouTuber’s more and more recently and I now have a handful who I enjoy watching regularly but it just isn’t for me. Here’s why.


I’m too insecure

A pretty lame excuse I hear you say? Making YouTube videos may increase your confidence, allow yourself to work on your flaws and bad habits and explore a new thing that will help you become a better person? Yeah… no. I cannot bare to watch myself on camera. I rarely even take selfies for crying out loud. That one, miserable time I did make a video, I re-filmed it roughly seven hundred times because I always looked stupid or the camera was at the wrong angle and made me look like a potato or my voice sounded like a man. And then the thought of actually having to spend hours watching myself, over and over again during the editing process. Holy cow, no, get me outta here.

I can’t edit

Which brings me onto this point. Once I’ve spend 40 days and nights filming myself and re-filming myself, changing clothes every 10 minutes to see what looks most flattering and talking in a variety of different tones and accents to attempt to mask my unnaturally butch, Essex / cockney whatever the hell accent I have – I have to edit. And I can’t do that. I don’t have the software or the programmes. I wouldn’t know where to start so you’d just end up with one, long, boring video, mistakes and all. I hate editing blog posts at the best of times so editing a video sounds like my idea of hell.

I like to focus on one thing

And on a more serious note, I’ve never had a desire to make YouTube videos. I’ve always loved writing and I’m good with words – in writing. In general, I’m quite an awkward speaker but writing, I am boss (sort of). Blogging has always stolen my heart and I love to put all my focus and energy into that and the different aspects of it. If I decided to start making YouTube videos, I would find it very difficult to keep both things afloat. Call me lazy or whatever, but when I have multiple projects to work on, almost always one of them gets put on the backburner. I wouldn’t want to neglect my blog and I wouldn’t be prepared for something to get in the way of that happening.

Are you a YouTuber? Do you enjoy it? Are you an aspiring YouTuber? What’s stopping you starting? What made you want to start in the first place? Let me know in the comments!




  1. Quotes of the week – NovaBlog Lifestyle says:

    […] was intended to be done as a video ‘tag’ but as you’re well aware that I definitely, 100% do not do YouTube I decided to make it into a blog post instead! But credit to Gabby for creating the tag in the first […]

  2. […] to be done as a video ‘tag’ but as you’re well aware that I definitely, 100% do not do YouTube I decided to make it into a blog post instead! But credit to Gabby for creating the tag in the first […]

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  4. I personally think that I am not photogenic at all. I hate looking at pictures of myself, I don’t know why. Also, my voice in videos always sound so weird, but I hope that’s not how my voice sounds to other people! I think that blogging is for me, and I’ll be sticking to that for a good while.

    1. I’m in the same boat! Especially about my voice – ugh, I hate it!

      1. Finally someone who agrees with me! To me, my voice sounds decent. On camera, it’s terrible!

  5. I am a newbie youtuber and still doing it.

  6. thisblogofmine says:

    I’ve always wanted to become a YouTuber, but I’m too awkward and nervous! I know how to edit out the awkward pauses, how to get ok lighting, and I’m very good with words – but I just choke! I started my blog so I can (at least) have it a bit easier without the sweating and the voice cracking and the shaking, but one day I believe that I’ll buck up and start actively making videos – because I even bought a video camera for YouTube for goodness’ sake! My point is, do things like no one’s watching but take your time. You can do it!

  7. i would love to become a youtuber. i do public speaking and basically love speaking to people. my one problem is that i do not want to make a channel because i am afraid of my friends finding it, that was my main problem with creating a blog too. i dont want people i know seeing it!

  8. lifeofkrishnasai says:

    Its OK to accept that u cant YouTube,.still give it a shot! And ya I’m a YouTuber since 2008. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! Good luck

  9. Never say never , you don’t know how your life will turn next moment.

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