Every single one of us has bad days, for a whole number of reasons. This year, mine seem to have upped the ante quite considerably so I feel entirely qualified to put my 2 pence in about how to help yourself cope during those completely terrible, terrible days. Now I’m not talking about depression here – although that may well be a factor for some of you – if you’re having more bad days than good ones and you think it may be due to depression then please for gods sake don’t just take my advice, go and see a doctor. Anyway, on with the show.


Drink lots of water 

I can’t speak for everyone but my bad days make me literally not want to do a single thing: including eating and drinking. But it’s so important to stay hydrated – especially if you have been or are likely to be doing a lot of crying. The last thing you want is a massive headache to make the day that little bit worse.

But by all means, do all the crying

Crying and letting it all out can actually be extremely beneficial. Especially if things are getting in top of you and you just need to feel your emotions rather than holding them all in like many of us so often do. Have a good and proper ugly cry – wait until you’re alone and just let the emotions pour out of you. There is nothing shameful about crying.

Watch something inspirational or thought-provoking 

Now when you’ve had a good cry, go grab a bottle of water and settle down and watch something. In these situations, I often opt for a documentary of some sort. Something inspiring or something that’s going to shock me and make me think. Something that’s going to put me in someone else’s shoes for a little while.


After your documentary, go to sleep. If you can. Again, there’s nothing shameful about wanting to switch off from the world completely and having a nap. So often we’re told to do all these elaborate things in order to make ourselves feel better and to practice self-care. Make something, draw, sing, exercise; when sometimes, the simplest thing can have most impact.

Talk to Samaritans 

If you still feel terrible, can’t shake the horrible feelings or your day just keeps getting worse, consider calling the Samaritans. They are there 24/7 and the phone number is completely free. Get everything off your chest to a complete stranger who won’t judge you or question you. Who will stay in the phone until you’re ready to hang up. You can read more about my experience with Samaritans here.

What are your own tips on dealing with a truly awful day? Do you do any of the above? 


  1. […] Mental health and wellbeing are, unfortunately, still taboo topics, even in the modern life we live now. Your physical health and lifestyle choices can often be influenced by magazines, television, and social media trends. Figuring out what healthy means for you is often difficult, especially if mental health issues cloud your judgment easily to make you feel like you should be following said trends to fit in. Making choices about your diet and fitness directly affect your mental wellbeing, so you need to be very clear with yourself about what you want and how you want to achieve it. This can be anything from weight loss to simply eating in a more basic way. […]

  2. Great tips, Samaritans are amazing and were such a support to me when I used them in the past. I’d add reading and listening to music to that list. Sometimes reading doesn’t work for me when I’m having a bad day, other times it does. But listening to music, especially if it is upbeat, pop stuff, I find to be quite helpful!

  3. I do a lot of the above but instead of watching something I tend to read. Usually one of my favourite books that I’ve read a thousand times already but still love.

  4. Reading and especially writing are great de-stressors to really immerse myself in the lives of the characters but there are times when it is difficult concentrate sufficiently and then, for me, it is my garden, be it hard physical work or just a wander around to see what’s new and what needs attention.
    I have a quote on one of my Pinterest boards that says:-
    ‘Gardening is better than therapy – and you get tomatoes’!
    Love it.

  5. I prefer to go for a walk, preferably somewhere peaceful, and leave all my cares behind. Always hoping, of course, that they do the right thing and vanish before I get home!

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