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Celebrating Christmas in Style With Boohoo

This year, I’m trying extra hard to enjoy Christmas. After such a rubbish year, I’m going into the Christmas period with the mentality that it’s the last stretch of 2016 and I might as well at least try and enjoy it because it marks the end of what was a truly dire year. I’ve already got almost all my Christmas presents – and wrapped them – the decorations are up and I even bought myself a little glittering Christmas tree for my room – aww! I’ve also already blogged about some gorgeous Christmasssy candles and actually rather enjoyed it. So when I got an email from Boohoo – yes, Boohoo, I couldn’t quite believe it either – asking if my dog and I wanted to take part in their Christmas jumper campaign, I said yes, obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.


They ever so kindly sent my dog and I a Christmas jumper of our choice. I have shopped at Boohoo for years and never knew they did Christmas jumpers for doggies! They have a nice selection for your furry best friend, from smarter looking ones to sillier ones and they come in a range of sizes to fit – almost – every breed (I mean with the exception of like, Newfoundlands. Can you imagine the size of a jumper for that breed!) Can I also just mention how lovely the ladies at Boohoo were when my dog’s jumper turned up and it didn’t fit (oops! It’s winter weight. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it) but they sent out another one which turned up the next day and let us keep the smaller one too, which I think I’ll be giving my friend as a Christmas gift. Well, her dog. Not actually her…

The jumper I chose was the epitome of Christmas. There was plenty to choose from – I spent a good hour or so scrolling through umming and ahhing about which one to go for. I’m usually quite wary of jumpers. Itchy. So. Damn. Itchy. But this one wasn’t at all and I was really impressed with that. There’s absolutely nothing worse than an itchy jumper is there? Like I’m actually feeling itchy just thinking about it. I decided to go full-on Christmas so chose a red print and the jumper I went for wasn’t quite as baggy as others I had in mind and I like that it’s more tight-fitting as it looks a bit more feminine. Baggy things look absolutely dreadful on me anyway!





It’s important to keep your doggies warm in the cold winter months on those long chilly walks and although my dog is quite a fluff ball, when he gets his hair cut – which is quite often – a jumper does come in super handy. We’ve gone through many-a-jumper before, even coat-like fabrics which I really don’t like as they seem so uncomfortable. The jumper I chose for him was nice a stretchy (when I got the right size!), covers enough of him to keep him warm but not too much that it’s restricting and I also love the understated print. As I said, they do a range of smart and silly prints but my dog looks like a pillock enough as it is so we went with something a bit understated and subtle but still being Christmasssy! Please ignore the yoghurt round his face in this photo.



My silly, chubby dog is my best friend and we all love treating him and spoiling him rotten. When dog treats just don’t seem enough (and let’s face it, my dog definitely doesn’t need anymore treats!) doggie jumpers can make a perfect gift. Like, granted your dog probably doesn’t care or even know that it’s Christmas but they do know and understand love and keeping them warm and snug in the cold months definitely shows that. Boohoo have a fantastic range of Christmas jumpers for you and your doggie pal which you can find right here.


I’d love to know what you think of Boohoo’s Christmas jumper range? Is your dog a trend-setter or sporting a fetching little number this Christmas? And what about you, fan of the Christmas jumper or not? Let me know!

Products in this post were sent to me in exchange for a blog post and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  4. Love these! You both look great 🙂

    1. Why thank you very much! (:

  5. Brilliant photos and a lovely jumper! I doubt our cat would let us put a jumper on him, he looks at everything with the utmost distaste, but we’re buying a jumper for the MILs Dog so maybe Boohoo might be an option!

    1. Thank you (: awww haha yeah maybe not! Definitely check them out, there’s a great selection (: x

  6. You both look lovely!

    1. Aww thank you very much! (:

  7. Awww this post was too freaking cute! Your dog looks soooo adorbs in that jumper and I love your reindeer too! 💛


    1. Hehe I know doesn’t he?! Cute fat little fluff 🙊 I love mine too – first Christmas jumper I’ve ever owned!

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