I am a 24 year-old female and I have a hella lot of trouble sleeping sometimes. Lack of sleep, insomnia or just general problems sleeping are usually associated with older people, right? Like menopause or health problems that occur later in life that might prevent people from falling asleep as easily and as naturally. It definitely sucks but older people have options to make night time more pleasant, like adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs for example which can make a huge difference to your wellbeing associated around sleep. But what about us young’un’s?


From someone who’s not had a full night’s sleep for over 6 years to someone else to probably hasn’t either, I hope my tips may come in handy. I’m not a doctor or a health expert but all these things I mention I do and/or have done myself at some point to aid my sleep.

Go herbal: I love herbal remedies for my anxiety, particularly Kalms tablets but did you know you can also get Kalms Night? These take the edge off when you most need it: at night and help you relax that little bit more before falling asleep. They’re not sleeping pills; they’re not medical at all so they won’t knock you out. Everything is natural and healthy and safe to take before you go asleep! (Although if you’re on other medication, do speak to your GP before taking these)

Find the route cause: For me, the reason I can’t sleep through the night is because I have a double bed. As soon as I switched from a single to a double, I stopped sleeping all the way through. For me, I like the restriction of a single bed and not having the option to move around all over the place. So to avoid this issue, I like to cocoon myself in a duvet which makes me feel restricted, like a single bed does. What I’m saying here is really think about why you can’t sleep. Think back to when you stopped sleeping properly and dissect it. You might be surprised!

Switch off: Probably the most obvious one and one you’ve heard countless times but switching off your laptop and your phone really can help your brain wind down quicker.

Don’t go to bed hungry: Is there anything worse than laying in bed with your stomach rumbling? I know, I know you’re not supposed to eat before you go to bed or you’re not supposed to eat after 8 at night but seriously, if you’re hungry and it’s stopping you sleeping, go and get a damn snack! A piece of fruit or a cereal bar, just to quiet the hunger until breakfast.

 Keep warm: Take a warm shower or bath or have a nice warm cup of tea before heading to bed. I always find the warmer I am, the more tired I get. Although you don’t want to be too warm and over-heat, there’s nothing better than being nice and toasty. Grab a hot water bottle to put by your feet as well.

Share your tips for getting a better night’s sleep in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with Adjustamatic. But all content, advice and opinions are my own.


  1. Omg I have so many ideas about sleep. It stems from when I used to have a sleep disorder following working night shifts. I definitely think that a bedtime routine is key. I love reading before bed as it calms my mind right down and makes me sleepy. I try to avoid tablets/herbal supplements but a herbal tea does go down a treat (try Clipper Sleep Easy Tea, been recommending it to everyone!). Decided to write some stuff down as I feel like others could learn from my experiences. I want to help people who are struggling the same way I did. Here’s my post about bedtime routine: http://findyourfight.co.uk/2017/07/21/importance-developing-bedtime-routine/

  2. Great tips! I’ve tried Kalms before, but never tried Kalms Night. I might have to give them a go. Definitely find being warm, not being hungry and switching off phones etc help. I always try to read for at least half an hour before bed to really switch off!

    1. Reading before bed is great! Although I always get TOO tired and end up not paying attention 😫 I still take normal Kalms daily, I like the process of it and feel it takes the edge off (: xx

  3. This is just the kind of post I needed to read at the moment, as I struggle with insomnia on and off, usually due to anxiety and depression acting up, so any advice I always take! I definitely sleep better when I’ve had a bath or a shower, so I should try that tactic again and the tip about going herbal is really useful too! Thanks for the advice Jenny! – Tasha

    1. Thanks for commenting, Tasha! I hope you find some methods that work and help you sleep a bit better. Anxiety can be a right bugger when it comes to trying to sleep but I always try and think that once I’m asleep, I won’t feel the anxiety anymore so it’ll be a nice relief for a bit (: xx

      1. More than welcome and so true too, it’s definitely a good way to have a release from the day! Your advice was great! 🙂

  4. I thought this was a really interesting post with some great tips. My tip would be to have a window open, I can’t sleep without it x

    1. Thanks, Leigh! Great tip – I can’t sleep without a window open in the summer. I don’t have the radiator on in my room so I don’t need the window open in winter, fortunately. But when it’s warm, you can’t beat a nice breeze in the evening when you’re laying in bed (: xx

  5. My lack of sleep is caused by my anxiety.
    If my brain isn’t constantly occupied, I turn to dark thoughts. Which is why I’m so afraid of going to sleep. When sleeping, my brain is most vulnerable to thoughts.
    So it actually helps me to listen to something or watch something as I try to fall asleep ‘^^
    Also, for me, cold makes me sleepy. I see we’re quite different on that account 😉
    I love the cold because it makes me less anxious. Heat makes me nauseous and stressed.
    I also lately started doing meditation and breathing exercises for general relaxation (and for treating panic attacks).
    I haven’t considered herbal remedies, I have to admit. It’s definitely worth checking out.
    Thank you for this post – I’m sure it will help a lot of people with trouble sleeping (:

    1. I also like to listen to something or have something on occasionally on the TV, just low volume. Usually when I’m sleeping alone. I meant more a phone; where the light is bright and right in your face and you’re constantly scrolling and interacting, you know? That’s when you won’t EVER switch off!
      I’m the same with heat, I hate it and it usually makes me anxious too but that’s like, when I get REALLY hot. Just keeping comfortable – not hot but not freezing works very well xx

  6. Great post! I have trouble too but that is mainly because my brain is my own worst enemy and I just stress and worry all night instead of getting some restful sleep! These are some great tips!

    1. Haha – maybe try writing a do to list for the next day that night, so your day is sorted and you don’t have to worry. Or get your thoughts out on paper before you go to sleep so they’re out of your head (: xx

  7. My mom is a big essential oils fan and bought me a diffuser. I diffuse lavender when I go to bed and I think it’s really helped me get to sleep faster. The only downside, though, is that it only diffuses for 4 hours and I also get weird dreams like I did when I took medication before bed.

      1. Firstly find a comfortable spot to sit and shut out all sorts of distraction. Dim your lights and close your eyes. Get all your focus on your breath. Your mind will wander and get off track a lot of times. It’s okay don’t get discouraged and get your focus back in your breath. Do it for five minutes for 21 days. Gradually you will realise that your mind will start wandering less. You’re concentration will improve. You’ll feel calm. Your breath will feel smooth and the quality of your sleep will improve. It takes practice and eventually you get there.

  8. write down what’s on your mind, then it won’t be on your mind, it will be written down. write a to do list(what’s keeping me awake is thinking of all the things I’ve got to do.

  9. I suffer with lack of sleep – big time! One of my tips is to write a list of what you need to get done the next day so they don’t stay on your mind and keep you up. Another is yoga – brilliant to do last thing at night. Give it go and good luck!

    1. Yes! Writing the to-do list is something I ALWAYS do! I stress so much if I don’t have my to-do list for the following day written down and ready to go for when I wake up. Yoga late at night is something I hadn’t thought of.
      I love yoga; but have only ever done it in the morning or afternoon!

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