Hi all – as you may have noticed, I didn’t have any sponsors during February. It was a busy month; with people coming and going all over the place so I didn’t really have the time or the patience to get any sorted. But… we’re back now and I have 4 lovely new advertisers for you this month! Let’s meet them below, shall we?


BrizzleLass Books


Claire blogs about Fantasy and Romance books at BrizzleLass Books. In a previous life she was a marketing and social media consultant but is now a mental health volunteer at a local charity in a bid to change career paths and work in the sector. Claire is a huge geek and if she isn’t neck deep in a book can be found watching something involving dragons or Vikings on TV, listening to heavy metal, or playing something involving swords or magic on the PlayStation.

Links: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google


Little Novelist


Rhianne Williams is a Young and New Adult writer with an obsession for fantasy, adventure and romance. Little Novelist is her corner of the internet where she hopes to inspire and help other writers in all aspects of writing and blogging. When she’s not writing or at her day job, you’ll usually find her with her head in a good book or enjoying time with family and friends. You can get a free copy of her Generating Novel Ideas Workbook by signing up here. You can also find Rhianne on Facebook and Twitter.

post-divider-for-blog1Literary Flits


Literary Flits – so named because I read so much I seem to flit from one book to the next – is my daily book review blog promoting a wide variety of books, but especially indie author, small press and global literature. There’s a world of amazing literary talent out there! I need a little help to keep up Literary Flits’ book-a-day pace though so am keen to post Guest Reviews. Do you have a book review or two you’d like to share? If so, please get in touch. @Stephanie_Jne


Louise Rose Railton


Now based in York, I have now been blogging on www.louiseroserailton.com for 2 years. Covering a variety of topics with a main focus on lifestyle, travel and food, my blog is my space on the internet. I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014, with a degree in Public Relations, which aided my interest in blogging. I often also write about my mental health, especially my anxiety which I hope others can relate to and find helpful. @LouiseRRailton

If you would like to advertise with me this year, email me at jenny.in.neverland@hotmail.co.uk for details!


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