Guest Post: How I Cleared My Skin

How you liking my guest post week so far? Yes? Good! Me too! I have another post for you today from Zara all about how she cleared up her skin after breaking out with the worst acne she’d ever had. Feeling like you can relate? Yep, me too. My skin is awful right now due to hormones so I’ll definitely be taking some advice from Zara’s post.

Around September 2016 I broke out into the worst acne I have ever had, I was going through a pretty tough time so I assumed it was stress related. I had awful red sores on my skin with deep rooted marks embedded onto my cheeks and temples, to say I felt hideous was an understatement. However these days the red marks are very faint and my skin looks and feels so much smoother – so how did I do it?

Well first of all I tried my best to reduce the stress in my life, which alright as an all time medical student that has constant work do that’s been hard, but I’ve had days where I spend hours taking care of my skin, hair and mental health. Relaxation is important for all aspects of the body; such as digestion, skin care, hair care, weight maintenance and sleeping pattern. As well as relaxing I also made some changes in my diet to help my skin out, reducing the amount of junk and fried foods I consumed to balance the oil levels in my skin. I started drinking a hell of a lot more water, less alcohol and less fizzy drinks. In addition to this I make sure my pillowcases are clean and fresh to avoid dirt and oil build up that may lead to a breakout, if my hairs having a greasy day I tie it up and keep it away from my skin so no oil transfers to my face. When it comes to make up I try to avoid too much foundation, contour or concealer to let my skin breath and when I do wear it I make sure I remove it with cleansing wipes or hydrating make up remover. After the gym I clean my skin to the sweat doesn’t dry on there and clog my pores, so yes I am that girl with a face mask on in the gym locker room – sorry bout it!

Those are just some ways I aided my skin and repaired the damage that cropped up some time ago, this is just my experience though and everyone’s skin is different in terms of oil production, texture and sensitivity!

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  1. Needed this! My skin has been so bad recently and I definitely needed some advice xxx

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