Some current goals 

I wasn’t actually planning on posting anything else until July but I figured it’s a good a place as any for general ramblings about stuff I’m feeling right now. So I wanted to talk about and share some current goals I have at this moment in time for the month/s ahead. They’re mostly blog related, unless I think of any random thins I want to do like skydiving. Hahahah, nope.

1. Reach 140k page views before my birthday: I’m currently on whatever number is shown on my sidebar at the bottom but I think that’s around 8,000 off. My birthday is at the very beginning of September so this will be a good challenge! (Completed on 1/8)

2. Post every day in July: I did this in October last year and I vowed I’d never do it again so why I am, I’m not really sure. But again, I thought it would be a good challenge. I currently have about half of the month scheduled so it’s not going too badly so far! (Completed on 31/7)

3. Reach 7,000 Twitter followers before my birthday: So apparently my birthday is a good time to complete challenges but again I’d like to complete this before 4th September. I’m currently on just over 6,900 so *plug plug plug* go follow me. (Completed on 7/7)

4. Read more and blog more about books again in the coming month/s: This year for books has been incredible. Absolutely incredible. I’ve read so many good books and therefore, my enthusiasm for reading has shot up like a rocket. I want to keep up this momentum and blog about books a little more than my usual one book review every 3 months. I’m currently reading 2 books at one time because I just want to read everything, all at once, omg.

5. Start a new project: I always want to start a new project and I kind of have one in mind, let’s see if it materialises!

6. Hit a certain amount of savings: I’m a serial saver and I rarely buy anything for myself. I love seeing my savings going up and knowing I’ve earned that money from my own business that I started from scratch is even better. I’m obviously not going to say the actual amount but I have a savings target for, let’s say, my birthday again? Haha. (Completed on 26/7)

7. Finish watching The Handmaid’s Tale: I’m so bad for not finishing series but this one is just so utterly fantastic, I need to see what happens. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it!

What are your goals at the moment, blogging or personal?


121 thoughts on “Some current goals 

  1. I can’t watch the Hand Maid’s Tale too often because I end up just screaming at random men on the street ” WE”RE PEOPLE!” and then they look confused and I feel embarrassed…

  2. This is a great post! I have also been setting myself some goals lately but I have found it a bit tying with my blog so I am giving it a rest for a while! Great to see you have a achieved some already! It’s going to be a busy birthday for you!!!😱

    1. Thank you! Yes I’m doing well, I’ve been working so hard towards these goals the past month. It’s okay if you need to take a break from goals though, they can get a bit much sometimes!

      1. Yes that’s absolutely what has happened! I’m just going to take time out to focus on other things I was to write about!
        Well done for working so hard on them! 👍🏼😊

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