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How not to be a twit on Twitter 

Despite the fact I wrote a post about how bloggers should do whatever the hell they want, listen to no one, rock to the beat of their own drum and all that, there’s no denying that some things on Twitter are just a no-go. Like, it’s not about “doing whatever you want” anymore, it’s simply about not being a annoying twit. And Twitter seems to be the main place where the twits of the world congregate. Where blogging is concerned, Twitter can be an exceptionally effective tool for growing your blog, making friends, getting involved and gaining opportunities. But at the end of the day, none of us want to follow a twit do we?

1. Follow / unfollow: this is probably top of the twit list but continually following then unfollowing people in order to gain more followers or whatever the hell your aim is by doing that is the most aNNOYING THING EVER JUST STOP.

2. Automated DM’s: why are automated DM’s even a thing anyway? Instead of making everything round, Twitter could have done something useful with their latest update like making auto DM’s obsolete!

3. Constant self promotion with no interaction: there’s definitely a line between using Twitter for self promo and using it to interact with others and it’s good to find a balance. No one wants to be bombarded with blog links every 10 minutes then never get a reply from the actual person behind the blog.

4. Which brings me onto my next point, ignoring people: I get it, we’re all busy and sometimes we will genuinely miss a tweet but straight up ignoring people for no reason isn’t cool. And it doesn’t make you look “cool” or more popular. It makes you look like an arse.

5. Using hash tags insensitively: you would not believe the amount of times I have seen bloggers and authors promoting their work using a hashtag which is totally inappropriate. For example, a #PrayFor hash tag when something bad happens. If you do that, you are the worst kind of person. And you literally cannot justify it.

6. Buying followers: let’s not go there with this one, just don’t do it okay?

7. Starting arguments for no reason: whatever happened to good old fashioned discussion and debate that doesn’t end in a witch hunt? It’s super important to have healthy discussions with people, especially those you don’t agree with but why must everything turn into a frantic argument?

8. Spamming everyone: I see this more so with authors who might be new to Twitter and unsure of how to go about contacting bloggers but I can guarantee, spamming 40 bloggers all with the same tweet is literally going to get you nowhere.

I’d love to hear your Twitter pet peeves and your owns tips on how now to be a twit on Twitter! 

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  1. Amen! Yes to all of these. I’m very aware that sometimes my Twitter is just all self-promotion (although not more than every 2 hours) because I just don’t have time to tweet. But I always make an effort to reply to any messages or tweets directed at me and to make time to RT others whatever else I’m doing! The auto-DM thing really irritates me; why are people still using them?!

    1. Hahaha no idea! I think Twitter should get rid of it altogether! And I get that but I think it’s obvious when people over self promote just for the sake of it! I probably do it on the occasion… whoops!

  2. fiberti says:

    Great post. twitter become a place for haters in some way. I had to unfollow some people because they started to post hate speech..

    1. There’s always gonna be some

  3. You’re so right in basically all of this post; I’m tired of seeing drama between bloggers! Fab post x

    1. Haha boring isn’t it? Nothing gets sorted and people can’t seem to have a civilised discussion anymore.

  4. I get so annoyed with people who sent auto dms! Not fun! I also wish some people didn’t have such a low/high following to followers ratio and won’t ‘follow back’ because they feel they’re more superior! They can come across so rude sometimes! xo

    Hanney |

    1. Oh my god YES! I knew someone – who I don’t talk to anymore because we most certainly didn’t see eye to eye – who like, unfollowed everyone as soon as she hit 2k to make herself look more popular. WHY!

  5. ah your blog title gave me the giggles 😂 the unfollow/follow one is by far the most annoying for me. as for auto dm’s the minute I get one it usually ends in an unfollow, I hate them, so impersonal, I’d rather you sent me nothing!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

    1. Hehe I’m glad! I hate those auto DM’s that start with, “I know auto DM’s are annoying but…” ?! Then why do them!

  6. The Monday Project says:

    Sometimes I unfollow because I just don’t gel with their content/tweets and wouldn’t be offended if they did the same, I don’t use any apps to track following/unfollowing because I’m not all that bothered about it. However repeat offenders unfollowing/following is very annoying! I can’t be doing with trolls and all the cruelty but most of the time I adore twitter, I love the chats and discovering new blogs whilst engaging with people from all around the world!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

    1. On a whole, I love twitter too! I’m just sick to death of these people that go out of their way to moan about something or start an argument or twist people’s words. It’s just not needed!

  7. All of these are SO annoying but the constant follow/unfollow really irritates me! I understand if someone has accidentally done it once, maybe twice, but do they really think spamming me with follow/unfollow is going to make me want to follow? It’s become a common thing on instagram now which is such a shame.

    Kerry xo |

    1. It’s soooo annoying! So, so annoying like honestly who has time to sit there and do that, do they not have better things to do?!

  8. I love everything about this post; took the words right out of my mouth! Expanding on your point about the hashtags, I don’t think it’s appropriate to use hashtags to promote yourself either. For example, I saw a few people tweet, “Go watch my youtube video about the #ManchesterAttack #PrayForManchester!” which is all kinds of wrong! Be like Phillip De Franco and – if you must talk about it – don’t use the well meaning hashtags and demonetise your content!

    Meg x |

    1. That’s absolutely disgusting I can’t believe people would do that, where are some peoples morals?

  9. I 100% agree to all of the above! I also don’t like seeing overly negative people who only tweet when they’re unhappy/ complaining about something, it just puts a downer on everything

    Jess x

    1. I kinda get that. I’m all for tweeting about what you want as it’s your own twitter account and people aren’t always happy all of the time. But there is a balance I guess xx

  10. The follow/unfollow malarkey is so annoying! I follow someone because I find them interesting, unique, not so that I can just get more followers. Plus people that follow you and demand you follow them straight away… or that’s it, they unfollow. I follow plenty of people who don’t follow me and that’s fine.

    1. I’ve had like the same person follow then unfollow me over 10 times in a month because I didn’t follow them back! Who has the time for this shit hahaha

  11. RamblingLisa says:

    Auto DM and follow/unfollow put me spare! I can’t stand how people follow just for follows. I am rubbish at keeping up with a Twitter feed and I think it likely makes me a bit of a twat but I just can’t, I admire folk who can do it though.

    1. They honestly must just sit there all day watching their unfollow app haha! Awh that doesn’t make you a twat! Twitter is HUGE it’s hard to keep up.

      1. RamblingLisa says:

        I tried Tweet Deck and even that was too much for me lol

      2. Those websites stress me out too!

  12. I agree with all of these points, the following then unfollowing is just not needed it is funny though so you just have to laugh- especially when they follow you first! Buying followers though is also kinda funny, why you buying your followers they wouldn’t be real followers would they? they are like fake people. Great post!

    Sophia xo //

    1. No, exactly! They’re just pointless numbers which don’t interact with you. There was a HUGE drama a while ago where loads of bigger bloggers got found out that they had bought followers. It’s ridiculous cos brands will look at those numbers and want to work with those people even though it’s all fake!

      1. Thats so silly, how embarrassing though!

  13. Yes. All of the above! I’m not buying the excuse of authors new to twitter not understanding how it works. They just don’t care. I actually wrote a blog like this and one writer responded ‘everyone spams me, why can’t I spam them back?’ *facepalm*

    1. WHAT? That’s ridiculous Haha please link me to your post! There really is no excuse, like research what to do, ask people what to do?! There’s plenty of people who will be more than willing to help and share advice!

      1. Exactly! The writing/book blogging community is very helpful (although there are a few people out there that seem to think success is a competition). I’ll see if I can find the link (I may have deleted the comments)

  14. rebekahgillian says:

    YES! These are all such good points.
    I completely understand the frustration of the last point you made, about spamming people with the same comment/interaction. This happened to me recently. Someone promoting their mummy/parent blog said they might have some content on their website that I would find useful, or something to that extent. I was so stumped. I’m an eighteen-year-old, and I’ve never mentioned anything which could have been interpreted as parental advice/being a parent myself on there. I then went onto their Twitter to look further and it was SO obvious that they hadn’t bothered to look at who they were messaging and it was the same message every time. First time I’ve ever ignored a tweet from someone. If you’re going to hit someone up unsolicited like that, at least know their niche, if not look through their Twitter a little bit?

    1. Ugh that’s bloody awful! I’ve had a fair few of those from authors saying, “my book is out, I’d love it if you would review, here’s a link”, which is a MASSIVE no-no! And they’ve sent it to like 40 bloody people!

  15. ALL OF THIS. AND ALL OF THIS FOR INSTAGRAM AS WELL. I love both of these sites, but also have a big love/hate relationship with them due to this.

    1. Haha you’re always gonna get twits whoever you go! 😉

  16. Weird porn accounts that seem normal until you get an autoDM offering sexual favours with a Russian babe who thinks I look like I’d have a big penis (this has happened. For the record, I do not have a big penis)


    Author accounts that do nothing but retweet clickbait, I’d rather shameless self promotion tbh.

    1. Oh no! Hahaha, that’s terrible! I’ve had a few “sexy Russian girl looking for good time” accounts follow me before. Swiftly got blocked of course!

      1. I always block those ones but occasionally there be an innocuous looking account with a fully clothes selfie and a generic bio then BAM – I got myself a date 😂

  17. Oh, I agree with you! I hate it when people start arguments, when people follow just to gain followers, and those annoying DMs.

    1. Those people who literally LOOK for things to argue about, WHY?!

      1. I have no idea. And when they get personal and mean… Unnecessary!

  18. I had a Follow/Unfollow mixed with Automated DM incident the other day. It was a fellow blogger who followed me and I thought “they seem cool, I’ll follow them back”. They then decided to send me an Automated DM to promote themselves… and then Unfollowed me. To me, it’s a blockable offence – which is what I did. I’m starting to get a bit wary about who to follow back now. Especially these accounts that have like 57K followers or worse, the ones that have dodgy looking links in EVERY tweet.

    1. Ugh! Nightmare! I never follow back anyone who has like 56k followers AND is following 56k people. Those are usually the offenders!

  19. I unfollowed someone the other day because they had set up one of those Thunderclap/Shout Out auto tweets (which I find more annoying than useful) and then proceeded to retweet all the identical automated tweets it generated from the accounts that had signed up. I saw literally nothing on my feed other than the same tweet about the book no matter how much I scrolled. It completely put me off both as a reader and in a professional capacity.

    1. Oh goodness me! That’s a good learning curve as well for you, as an author, to know what NOT to do. If you found it annoying I’m sure loads of other people did too!

      1. I have a whole list of those ‘not-to-dos’ – we all get excited about our specific interest, but there has to be a good mix of interaction and promotion or people tune out. I’m sure I stuff it up sometimes, but hopefully not too much LOL

  20. Follow / unfollow is the worst! I do follow someone sometimes and then come to the conclusion that I find their Tweets more annoying than anything else, so I’ll unfollow them. But that’s still different than just going on a follow/unfollow spree in hopes of getting followers.

    Automated DM’s are pretty much equally as annoying.

    I just hate the fact that platforms like Twitter are used in such an annoying way. It doesn’t show any respect and that’s a pity. In the end, people just want to get to know more people who have the same interests and all the things you just named counteract that entirely.

    1. Oh yeah of course, unfollowing someone because you genuinely don’t like their tweets is a totally different ballgame to those idiots who follow thousands and thousands of people then unfollow almost everyone an hour later if they don’t follow back, it’s quite pathetic! 🙄

      1. I don’t even get how you can put energy into that.. There are way more productive things you can do in the time you used to annoy a bunch of people. [Like actually get some genuine interested followers..]

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