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Things to remember when you start blogging

There’s new bloggers joining the scene every day and who can blame them?! Making new friends from all over the world, working with your favourite brands, having a platform to express your creativity and talk about things you’re truly passionate about. Why wouldn’t they? Blogging can seem like this magical, perfect world upon first impression but like every community, there will always be negatives in the blogging world some of which we simply can’t avoid. I’m sure most of us were a bit naïve and blindsided to the down sides of blogging when we first started (or even after years of doing it!) – I know I was. So for all the newer bloggers in da house, here’s a list of things you should be aware of when starting your blogging venture.

1. You won’t get along with everyone: you just won’t. It’s literally impossible. Did you get along with every singe person you went to school with? Every single person you’ve ever worked with? No, probably not. You’re not going to see eye-to-eye with everyone you meet in the blogging community and guess what? That’s fine! With so many people doing the same thing, personalities are bound to clash. So you do you, they can do them and you can both get on with it peacefully.

2. On the same subject, you’ll probably get caught up in Twitter drama once or twice: you’re going to say something someone else takes offence to. Someone else is going to say something you deeply don’t agree with. When people are so passionate about things, it’s easy for a discussion to escalate into an argument but if you get caught up in it, don’t worry. It will pass and a week from then, no one will even remember it.

3. You will experience creative and writing blocks: we all do. There will be weeks where you can’t think of a single idea for a blog post. There will be days where everything you write sounds stupid and ridiculous and there will be times where you cannot string a sentence together for the life of you. But again, these times will pass. If it happens, step back, take a break, don’t think about it and don’t force creativity.

4. You’ll get jealous of other bloggers: with so many amazing, talented bloggers out there, how can you not feel jealous from time to time? Jealousy is a very normal feeling and as long as the jealousy doesn’t turn into bitterness and you handle it in the right way, there’s nothing shameful about being jealous of other bloggers. But it will happen. It happens to the best of them, kid.

5. You will want to give up: blogging is bloody hard, don’t let anyone tell you differently and there will be times where the hard work just seems futile and you will want to close your blog down and pretend the whole thing never happened. Stats aren’t where you want them to be? Twitter followers aren’t increasing? You’re not getting opportunities like other people? Gurl, we’ve been there. Stick with it. Hard work pays off.

6. You’ll probably be approached by sleazy brands: this is where you need to know your worth. And don’t let people say any different. There are some incredible brands out there who work exceptionally well with bloggers. But… for every amazing brand, there’s a sleazy one right around the corner trying to take advantage of you. Research brand etiquette before agreeing to anything. If they want you to buy their products for a product review or their not willing to pay for a sponsored post, don’t do it!

What else would you add to this list for new bloggers to look out for when they start blogging?



  1. What are your thoughts on finding followers outside of other bloggers on WordPress? That’s how I found your blog. Thank you in advance for quenching my curiosity with an astute reply!

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  3. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Totally agree with you! The most important advice I got was given by an author’s write what makes you happy, do what makes you happy and it will pay one day 😉
    Blogging must stay a hobby for me something I take pleasure doing the rest is not important. Share your love and your thoughts.

    1. So important to write about what makes you happy. That doesn’t mean it can’t be paid though!

  4. I love posts like these, I’m constantly feeling jealous of other bloggers but this just reminded me it’s okay. Great post ☺️

    1. It IS okay! It’s totally normal too (: xxx

  5. Such a helpful post, thank you! I haven’t got a lot of posts yet but I’m still so excited to be a part of this world now and I’m loving it so far! I’d love to see a guide on how sponsored posts work as I have no idea about those, haha!
    Alice Xx

    1. Welcome! (: so glad you found the post helpful. If you need any advice on sponsored posts I’m happy to help if you wanna email me (my contact form goes straight to my inbox!) as I don’t have a post on that xxx

  6. I’ve only been writing a few weeks, but I’ve been so overwhelmed at how lovely everyone’s been so far?! I know that I’ll meet people I don’t like, but it’s so nice to meet so many inclusive and friendly people!

    1. I’m so glad you’ve found that! The majority are really, really lovely of course but there’s always a few.

  7. lifeasloismay says:

    I have experienced a creative and writers block too often for my liking. I even wrote a post on overcoming it to refer back to when I need it most. I like to make as much content as possible after I get over writers block so I stock up on content to spread out over time when I need it most. It is important that every newbie blogger reads this!
    Great read.
    Lois x

    1. Yes I like to do that too! I tend to schedule content way in advance “just in case”. I’m aiming on blogging every day this month and half of the month was scheduled at the beginning of June cos I thought if I get to July and have writers block I’ll be so gutted! xx

  8. I love this post and I hope that all new bloggers read it! I also think it’s important for not so mew bloggers to remember some of these things. Blogging is hard and writing blocks are real! I’m currently stuck in one. But perseverance is key. It’s also so important to remember that everyone is different, our blogs are all different, and that’s what makes us all unique x

    1. Absolutely I agree, I’ve been blogging over 4 years and still need to remind myself of some of these things occasionally. It’s not a matter of you come out of your “newbie blogger” period and everything is suddenly perfect xxx

  9. Great Post! Blogging requires a lot of patience. I wasn’t expecting this.

    1. It does indeed, more than people realise when they first start, probably!

  10. itsallzara says:

    Wish I’d seen this when I started blogging I would have been so well informed! Also I really love your header like seriosily 10/10 adore it! Xx


    1. Thanks so much! I can’t take credit for the header though but if you ever need a designer for anything I can pass you along to her (: xx

  11. I wish I’d seen this when I’d first started blogging, it would’ve made me feel much less alone! My advice would be to reach out to other bloggers, it’s so much better when you’ve got contacts in the blogging community

    Jess x

    1. Absolutely, I agree. Always nice to know there are people who have got your back for support (: xx

  12. Great advice! People thing blogging is just a fun walk in the park. So not the case! It may be a hobby but it’s hard work. I’ve seen so many blogs start strong and give up after only a few months. And I’ve been caught by the jealousy bug myself. So many blogs I admired and couldn’t seem to get where they were. PATIENCE is the key!!

    1. Patience is DEFINITELY key when it comes to blogging! So many people who are new and naive seem to think success happens over night when that couldn’t be further from the case!

      1. Exactly! I wish I had been warned of these things when I first started. It was a bit of a surprise and a rude awakening. But you learn very quickly 😂

  13. burghbloggerblog says:

    The brand one is spot on. I’ve only been blogging for a wee while and don’t have many followers at all but I still occasionally get contacted from brands looking for me to advertise their products. Sometimes it’s clear they have no idea what my blog is about. The best was a homeware brand wanting me to feature their products on a post about Fathers Day Gifts. Slightly awkward as I don’t know my father and don’t celebrate the occasion 😂

    1. Ah well around Fathers / Mother’s Day many brands contact bloggers and there’s often no way of them knowing the individual bloggers situation with their parents so I guess that one can be forgiven. Just a bit awkward when you have to reply though really!

      1. burghbloggerblog says:

        Nothing to forgive of course but it does make me chuckle 😁

  14. Wonderful post, Jenny. ☺
    Number 3 is very true for me.
    I will probably face the rest sooner or later but I doubt the last one. I don’t do product reviews so they will definitely not approach me 🙂

    1. Everyone has to start somewhere, just cos you don’t do them now doesn’t mean you never will! If you want to of course (: xx

  15. lovely post also check

  16. Lise says:

    This is such a helpful post! I think one of the most important “rules” i set for myself was to not get caught up in the numbers. If I obsessed over views I would lose interest, blogging should be for fun, not just for increasing your numbers 🙂

    1. I think that’s very subjective; obviously if you blog full time and it’s a main source of income, numbers are important. But for new bloggers and people getting into the swing of blogging I TOTALLY agree! Find your voice and HAVE FUN above all else! (: xx

  17. Yep! I have definitely quitted a few times already 😅 luckily I have managed to avoid the drama though. Happy with that. Great post 😃

    1. Haha that’s great! I tend to avoid the drama too and watch from a distance, mwahahah! (: xx

  18. I’ve been blogging for three weeks now – yay, newbie! – and I realized every of these aspects up front. Still interesting to read though!
    [I’m just too prepared like that. I was considering a blog for ages before I actually made one.]

    1. That’s great that you learnt all this quickly though, that’ll help you MASSIVELY! I didn’t and aside from the Twitter drama one (which I don’t get involved in) it took me months to learn these and it’s quite a shock when you do. Good luck on your blogging venture! (: xx

  19. So true!!! Wish I’d had this post when I first started out!

    1. Me too, Emma! That’s why I make these types of posts cos there has to be a new blogger out there somewhere who needs this information just like we did when we started! (: xx

      1. Totally agree. I remember you giving me some amazing advice when I started out, I’ll always be eternally grateful that you took that time for me. It’s a scary world when you know nothing so having someone who knows all about it to guide you is just brilliant. You really are great Jen xx

      2. Oh my god, really?! What did I tell you? I honestly can’t remember but I’m so glad I did and wasn’t a knob hahaha! I don’t know why bloggers wouldn’t help out new bloggers, scared of the competition? Or something but honestly, I’ve had some problems where I’ve needed advice from more experienced bloggers – REALLY well know ones who literally wouldn’t tell me anything xxx

      3. I was a little see struck when you followed me back on Twitter so I thanked you and we just got chatting on there so I asked you to check out my new blog and you dm’d me some super pointers and just gave me loads of encouragement and you were the first blog tour organiser to give me a chance!

        I organise tours myself now but take part in every one you send me if I can, I’ve also given your details to authors who I wasn’t able to organise for and you’ve done their tours.

        My view on my blog is that people follow it for my style of review, the books I choose and the authors I feature. There isn’t another blog like mine out there so it’s not a competition. They follow your blog because of your style and posts a so it’s not an issue to share your ‘stuff’ because even if we were posting about the same subject/book etc. the posts are still totally different.


      4. Re: the last paragraph I totally agree. I remember asking a blogger who most people would know for advice regarding sponsored posts. Where to find them, what to charge, what brands like to see etc and they gave me literally no advice. And I have no idea why. Do they wanna seem like alpha blogger- the one getting the money and the brand collabs?! I was so shocked because I didn’t think this blogger would be like that at all.

        I vaguely remember this all now! Well you’ve come a LONGGGG way since then! And thank you for recommending me to authors you don’t work with! I’ve done the same before when I didn’t think I could organise a tour for a certain author. Another tour organiser does the same and it’s nice that there’s no competition there; we’re all literally doing the best for the author and who could handle their book the best, whether that means we get the money or someone else does (: xx

  20. Brilliant piece, Jenny. And very helpful to me, as I’m just starting out. I’m generally enjoying it but I am finding certain aspects a bit annoying.

    1. Ah, you will! Nothing is perfect and there are definitely pros and cons but on a whole, there’s many more pros to blogging so the cons are just something you have to deal with haha! Good luck on your blogging venture! (: xx

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