Blogging every day in July: What did I learn?

In case you didn’t notice or didn’t see me tweeting about the fact I was blogging every day in July – I blogged every day in July! Did you hear? I’ve blogged every day in a month once before and that was last October for Blogtober. And afterwards, I vowed I’d never do it again. So naturally, I did it again. This time though, it definitely wasn’t as bad and I definitely think I gained much more from it this time around where I did it of my own accord. Here are some things I’ve learnt and/or noticed from blogging every day in July. 

The posts you think will do the best, won’t and vice versa: Always the way isn’t it? I found the posts I was really looking forward to publishing and thinking would get a great reception, often didn’t do half as well as the ones I didn’t think much of!

Sometimes, simple is best: I’ve definitely noticed that you don’t always need to be extravagant and out there with your posts. Blogging every day, obviously some posts we’re gonna be pretty basic just to fill up space, but I was pleasantly surprised that these did well too!

It made me more creative: Surprisingly, the more I created, the more creative I became. I was seriously expecting myself to run out of ideas and completely dry up creativity wise because I was posting so much but thankfully, it went the opposite way!

Being more active in the blogging world made me happier: Blogging every day this month, always sharing posts, talking to bloggers about my posts, replying to comments etc has made me much happier. I thrive off of it! So I need to keep that in mind and do more of what makes me happy.


My overall page views for the month were my highest ever: But that’s what I was aiming for. I did aim for this during Blogtober but it didn’t actually happen. I think the heart in the posts and your content really comes into play here.

From posting regularly, I gained more likes and comments on posts: I definitely noticed this more as the month went on! I also noticed the same people coming back to comment on more posts.

In general, my page views have increased on average by about 100 and my individual post likes have gone up from around 25 per post to 45+ per post: and I’m super happy about that! Obviously. I’d never taken really a whole lot of notice about blog post likes before but this month I have seen a huge increase in the average a post will get.

Have you ever blogged every day in a month? How did you find it? Would you ever do it? What’s your ideal blogging schedule?

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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

105 thoughts on “Blogging every day in July: What did I learn?

  1. I’m glad I stumbled on this blog post. As a beginner in the blogging world I’ve seriously considering trying this to help build my own community/readers. If you don’t mind me asking, what days would you say you got the most views/reads? The stats are always a tough cookie to crack, but I’ve heard most people get greater reads on Wednesdays & Fridays. Would you say this is accurate?

  2. I have so much respect for anyone who blogs every day, whether for a month or always, but I couldn’t do it! I post Mon, Weds, Fri, Sunday and that works really well for me. It seems like you learnt a lot from it though, and enjoyed it which is most important, so that’s good!

  3. Well done, I don’t think I could do a post everyday but I’ve only just started maybe in time when I’m a bit more confident 💕

  4. I tried blogging every day in July, too. I made it three weeks only missing a day before realizing it wasn’t worth it. I don’t have a purpose or agenda of any sort so I don’t expect to gain followers. Keeping up with comments makes me anxious. I got a few more likes, but I don’t know why I thought that was important. I have a blog because I like to write, but I’ve thought seriously about taking it down and pouring my energy elsewhere. I’ve even thought about starting over under a pseudonym and with an agenda. Too much work! Haha!

    1. We clearly have very different agendas and goals when it comes to blogging. I didn’t expect to gain followers – it was just a nice bonus. I started my blog because I just liked reviewing books but that’s definitely changed since then. I don’t blog for myself entirely anymore.

      1. For sure! I have no goals. Haha! I hope you didn’t take my comment the wrong way. It was totally turned inward because of my own self doubt – only explaining my own experience.

  5. I did Blogmas this past year and I plan on doing it again this year, but that has really been the only time that I’ve ever blogged everyday. It was challenging and still really fun, but I don’t think it’s something I’d be able to keep up much longer than a month.

  6. Wow I can’t imagine blogging everyday for a month. However, I am planning on doing Blogmas but I’ve already started planning so luckily I can do some posts beforehand. I launched in May and am finding it difficult to blog once a week let alone every day. Well done, babe! x

  7. So glad this worked out better in July than last Blogtober did for you! Congrats on so many more page views, too. I usually post about three times a week and I’m not sure I could do much more, especially as it’s the busy season, but perhaps I’ll try Blogmas this year!


  8. First, congratulations on setting your a goal and achieving it because it takes a lot to Blog every day but, I’m glad you did it and achieve it. It’s an amazing feeling to achieve your blogging goals but, will I ever blog everyday ? I want to say no. It, I have a feeling I will challenge myself because it is a challenge but, a challenge well worth to take. Normally, I post once a week or twice a week – depending how I’m feeling mentally and whatever comes to mind for my readers to read but, good for you for trying it the second time and feeling great …

    Much love,

  9. I really want to do Blogmas this year and have started writing and planning posts. I have three already written. It’s been interesting reading this post in preparation for blogmas. I know it is so far away but it will come round quickly and I have so much admiration for daily bloggers. Well done for sticking to it. I also love how one of your aims was about the views and this showed success for you.
    Lois x

  10. This was so interesting to read – and an incredible feat! I struggle to blog once a week! It sounds like a rewarding experience in the end though, and sounds like such a great amount of engagement, good going girl!! xoxox

  11. Crikey, every day, that’s brilliant! I know what you mean about the posts you think are rubbish being the most popular ones. It’s the same for me with my Instagram. It shows how sometimes our own critique can be inaccurate/too harsh, I think!

  12. Well done!! Id be too scared to blog every day! Im glad it went well for you! I find that the posts i love to post every do as well either compared to the ones im not as in love with too!

  13. Wow, looks like you did really well! I admire you for doing that! I know I wouldn’t be able to, I’ll be going to check out all your posts from july that I missed now x

  14. I applaud you for doing so well! Blogging every day for a month seems like an impossible task for me but you seem to have done great, I’m going to check out more of them! I may even try my own hand at it one day, maybe half a month? haha. Thanks for sharing! x

    Rumaanah //

  15. This is a really good idea, i may have to try it sometime soon for myself and see what i learn from it. I get completely what you mean about how posts you’re excited about may not do as well you’d think sometimes

  16. I’m so happy for you, your posts are doing better! I haven’t tried doing it everyday, but am hoping to do it soon!xo

  17. I don’t know how you do it ! Well done, it takes a lot of dedication to blog everyday and i’m so glad that you have enjoyed it and that your hard work has paid off ❤️ I have only ever blogged everyday once and as much I loved it, I just couldn’t keep uo with it !

    Imaan |

  18. I have been wanting to try this but I feel like I will fail miserably 😣 it seems like you you learned such valuable lessons!


  19. I’d love to give this a try if I get the chance to, for now I’m just trying to keep up with posting regularly, well done for achieving this! x

    Amy |

    1. Posting regularly can be super hard anyway! I’ve learnt after last month than I want to start posting regularly with a Mon, Wed, Fri posting schedule. I think 3 times a week is good so I’m glad last month has made me realise I wanted that! xxx

    1. It can be stressful for sure but if you schedule content a month or so in advance so when the month you’re blogging every day in comes around it’s a huge weight off your shoulders cos you can have half a month ready to go and all you have to do is the promotion! (: xxx

  20. I am always impressed by people who take on blogging everyday challenges, it sounds like a massive undertaking but something that’s so rewarding as well! I am delighted to hear that your creativity soared, and that your stats went up so much too! Maybe this is something that I need to consider!

    Abbey 🎀

    1. I was so surprised regarding the creativity side of things! I had ideas coming out my ears and I’ve found that’s continued over into August as well! Definitely something to consider I think you’d be brilliant at it! (: xxx

  21. Woooow! Freaking Awesome! You go girl, that is a lot of work! My blogging schedule is twice a week. Monday is my own post, and wednesdays are days I promote one or two bloggers on my blog! I would love to continue reading your blog. I followed 😀

  22. I’m currently daily blogging over this summer so it’s nice to see how you’ve found it. Daily blogging has really made me happy too as you get so much feedback and positive comments and I love it! I think you definitely made the right choice doing it again, even if Blogtober didn’t go quite to plan ahaha x
    Claire |

    1. I’m so glad I did it again too! This has been a hugely positive experience compared to Blogtober! Sometimes things happen at not quite the right time and you have to do them again! Best of luck blogging every day this summer! (: xxx

  23. I am soo very proud of you babe for blogging every day in July! That’s such a massive achievement. I did Blogmas and I struggled a little to keep the content feeling fresh but I found in the end that all my content was enjoyed! I do agree that normally the posts you reckon will do well, actually don’t, you just need to keep open minded about it. This has inspired me a little to blog every day but currently, it’s not possible, I’m struggling writing two posts a week!

    I didn’t know blogtober was a thing, maybe I should try that?

    Gemma |

    1. If you don’t have the time to do it right now, id definitely recommend Blogtober and start scheduling content for it now! So you can work on a post when you’re free, schedule it for October and when October comes around, it’ll be much less stressful. You should definitely try it! Hope to see a few F1 posts in there! 😉 xxx

      1. Yees very much so! That’s what I did for Blogmas, I just need to settle into my new house and area. Once that’s all sorted I’ll definitely be back stronger on the Blogger game! Thank youu for the tips though

  24. Hats off to you for blogging everyday in July! Really interesting to see what you’ve learnt!
    I blogged every day for a week for organic beauty week and although my overall views went up I actually noticed I had less views per post than I’d usually get.. did you find this? Say I get 200 per post when I post twice a week but when I posted everyday I was only getting around 140/150 per post..
    I’d love to try every day for a month! Maybe I’ll try blogtober!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  25. I learnt the same things when I did Blogmas last year! It made me way more creative and showed me that sometimes simple is the best way x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  26. I’ve always been in awe of people who’re able to blog on a daily basis–for a month, or even longer in some cases. I always thought it would compromise the quality of what I could produce, but in the last month, your content has demonstrated that that’s definitely not the case. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your varied content over the last month. It’s really interesting to read from your perspective about the benefits of doing it–things I would never have considered happening, like the creativity side of things!

    1. Awh thank you so much for such a lovely comment and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my posts throughout July! Although I have no doubt there were some posts which were a bit less than perfect in terms of quality but you definitely have to make yourself allowances – especially for such a big task. For any blogger who already blogs regularly, id definitely recommend giving it a go. And if it doesn’t work for you, so what! You’ve tried (: xx

  27. I started blogging every day last month as I was reading Harry Potter for the first time, so I blogged daily to record my thoughts as I read. I’ve continued to blog daily since then and am really enjoying it!

      1. Bloody hell! That’s incredible! I’ve only read 1-6 but I’m not mad about them to be honest. I’m reluctant to read the last one but I do love the films. I’m very impressed!

      2. I figured it was about time I read them… 20 years late! I haven’t seen the movies but I’m not a huge movie person so probably won’t ever get around to them

    1. I didn’t think I could ever daily but after seeing this comment, there is hope. I like how you turned such a simple thing into the reason why you blogged every day. Definitely might try something similar in the future. X

      1. Never say never! I called my Harry Potter reading my ‘Harry-Pott-A-Thon’ and used it as a daily journal of my thoughts as I went – a lot more casual than the book reviews I usually write so it was really enjoyable and not too time consuming either. I’d definitely recommend trying something like it!

  28. I (am trying to) post 3 times a week at the moment, usually on the same days, but also trying to be flexible (I find having a schedule is something I need generally, but I find it really hard to adapt when it’s necessary 😔). I’m planning to try blogging every day in December for blogmas, which I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to 😂 (And I want every post to the 25th to have a Christmas theme 🤐) . Congratulations on meeting your goal, I only discovered you this month and I’ve enjoyed each and every post. Amy xxx

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts. Best of luck with Blogmas! That’s something I couldn’t do, especially every post being Christmas themed! I’m also trying to adopt a 3 days a week schedule as last month taught me I really WANT and need to post regularly for my own sanity and creativity! xxx

      1. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to make every post Christmas themed, but I’ve already had some brainstorming sessions and I’m hoping I’ll be able to manage it with a bit more work. Xx

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