Baby names I love but won’t be using

This tag is doing its rounds on YouTube at the moment and I think it’s such a cute and unique (well, not unique anymore as everyone’s doing it!) idea for a post and/or video. I loved Gabby’s, Louise’s and Hannah’s videos of this tag and wanted to link their videos in this post as theirs is where I got the idea from. Now, just to clarify, I’m not pregnant nor am I thinking about getting pregnant and for arguments sake, let’s assume these names won’t be used on a metaphorical baby my boyfriend and I have in the future. Cos he is the reason I can’t use some of the gorgeous names I love. 

5 girls names I love but won’t be using 

1. Margo: I adore the name Margo, I think it’s gorgeous. But alas, Carl hates it. Like really hates it, so won’t be using that.

2. Alaska: I obviously got this name from one of my favourite books, Looking For Alaska and I love it. But I think it’s a bit too “out there” for me.

3. Madison: I’ve always loved this name, ever since I was like, little and would imagine having kids. But I’m not keen on ‘Maddy’ for short. No offence to any Maddy’s reading!

4. Marina: I love the name Marina but then I remembered the really horrible witch in The Magicians series is called Marina so I couldn’t.

5. Piper: Piper is such a cute name and it’d also remind me of Piper from Orange is the New Black who I love! But my boyfriend’s surname is Price. And Piper Price sounds daft.

5 boys names I love but won’t be using 

1. Christian: I really love this name, it’s so strong. But honestly? I think 50 Shades has completely ruined it for me.

2. Max: Max is one of my favourite names ever. Max Vandenburg from The Book Theif was my first love. And my favourite F1 driver is called Max. But again, the surname is a problem. Max Price. Nope.

3. Connor: I really love the name Connor but my ex is called Conor so I couldn’t really call a kid that as well! (Conor and I are good friends though so he won’t mind me saying that!)

4. Dorian: Again, adore the name but I think it’s a bit too “out there” for a first name. My boyfriend said he thinks it’d make a great middle name though and I agree!

5. Richard: I think I love this name so much because of Richard from The Beach! I like it but I think it’s a bit too old of a name to give to a new born baby – in my eyes anyway!

The boys names were a lot harder because I have such a huge list of boys names I adore. Girls I struggle with; there’s not many names I like at all! (Apart from Margo which I can’t bloody use!) I obviously haven’t included any names which I would definitely use here either (kinda wanna keep them to myself hehe)

I’d absolutely love to hear your answers to this tag! If you do a whole post, please link me in it or leave me a comment with some of your own! 

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59 thoughts on “Baby names I love but won’t be using

  1. These are cute, but I understand your reasoning for not using them. I LOVED Richard for a boy too, but I agree with you, it seems too old for a newborn! Great post!

  2. I love this post. I am always thinking of cute baby names, mostly names for a girl though. I like the more out there names and think when I eventually have a kid that is what I will go for. But I am far too young and definitely not ready to be putting serious consideration into baby names x

  3. This is cute! I find it so funny how lots of girls have so many ideas about baby names even when having babies is absolutely years off haha!

  4. Naming is the hardest part of having a baby as far as I’m concerned. We named our Daughter Lexus Victoria, and when it came time to name our son, we considered Bentley to go with the car theme, but then I realized how cringy that was. It was still better than what my husband was considering as our son’s name: Magnus Omega….sounds like a Transformer, not the name of a baby!

  5. I love the idea of that tag! I’m obsessed with picking babies names! Lol as soon as I read the name Christian on your list I automatically though of 50 shades so you’re definitely right about that name! Lol so frustrating that your bf doesn’t like Margo especially when you love it so much! I’ve been obsessed with the name Reuben for years but a friend has called her boy Reuben so I think it’s kinda off limits now! Lol
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Ha! I’m glad you agree about the Christian thing: that bloody book has ruined such a gorgeous name. My cousin has a baby called Reuben. But we think he’s named it after a racing driver called Reuben’s Barrichello because he has another son called Jenson… after Jenson Button. They have a bit of a Formula 1 theme going on! It’s a shame when a name you love gets pinched! xxx

  6. I wasn’t actually a bit nervous to read this post, but I’m relieved that the name we’ve picked out for our little girl isn’t on your list! Whew! We’re in the clear.

    I wouldn’t name a boy Richard either…all the kids would call him Dick and I’d feel bad.


  7. All lovely names!

    I could answer it better with names my husband or I love but the other vetoed! He wanted Brock, Onyx, Roy, Daphne … I actually think there is a book solely dedicated to the names he liked and I do believe I loathed them all!
    Mine were Charlotte, Mackenzie, Madison and I can’t even remember boy names but as I just asked hubby what they were his reply was ‘sh1t’! Out of all of them, the only one I would still go for is Charlotte. I actually believe I was so hell bent on what the boy names would be that there was no argument over it being used as middle names and other than that all I remember is Alexander but my daughter ended up with Alexandrea so doubt there will be an Alexander lol

    1. I love Alexandrea (: that’s beautiful. Sorry but your husbands names are awful! Yours are much better. Although I have to admit… I don’t like the name Charlotte. But Mackenzie and Madison are nice (: xxx

      1. I had chose Charlotte after my great grandfather’s sister who died at 6 weeks old but would have called her Charlie. We used to joke that had I named her Charlotte that she and her boyfriend would have been Charlie and Charlie 😂 her middle names were going to be really bad, we were going to give her our mothers’ middle names – Winnifred and Murial! Thankfully her name came to me in a dream and her first name came during an argument so we always tell her she picked her name lol

  8. Great post when I was pregnant with my youngest boy I liked Sam and Charlie but they were both names of my boyfriends ex girlfriends so no chance 😀

  9. I loved gabbys video on this subject! I also really love the names Alaska, Dorian and Richard too I wouldn’t use them but I think they’re great x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  10. If I do have a kid, I would love to use Alaska because of Looking for Alaska, too, but I probably won’t because there’s a milk company in my country named Alaska. My kid would be bullied for sure. 🙂

  11. I have two children Dexter and Marissa, I found it easier picking a name for my little boy but my little girl’s name was more difficult.

    There are two girls names that I have always loved but just decided weren’t quite right and they are Persephone and Josephine. Mallory is a name that we did go back and forth with but the name means unfortunate and I’m not sure I could give my baby a name with that meaning. So we went with Marissa instead that way we can shorten her name to Missy which we think is kind of cute.

    By the way I love Margo! xx

    1. I love Persephone! Shortened to Penny I adore that so much! It’s such a beautiful name. I find finding girls names I like much more difficult too; I have a whole list of boys names which I could easily have like 12 boys and they would all have a name I loved hahaha not that that’s the plan of course! I get what you mean about Mallory – id always have the meaning behind the name in the back of my mind too xxx

  12. I love this post! I’ve been watching so many of these videos on YouTube and never even thought to do my own blog post, I might give it a go. You chose some really pretty names! 🙂 X

    1. They’re such addictive videos aren’t they?! I’ve been absolutely loving watching them too. I don’t do YouTube but didn’t wanna miss out on doing a fun tag; you should totally give it a go! (: xxx

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