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Baby names I love but won’t be using

This tag is doing its rounds on YouTube at the moment and I think it’s such a cute and unique (well, not unique anymore as everyone’s doing it!) idea for a post and/or video. I loved Gabby’s, Louise’s and Hannah’s videos of this tag and wanted to link their videos in this post as theirs is where I got the idea from. Now, just to clarify, I’m not pregnant nor am I thinking about getting pregnant and for arguments sake, let’s assume these names won’t be used on a metaphorical baby my boyfriend and I have in the future. Cos he is the reason I can’t use some of the gorgeous names I love. 

5 girls names I love but won’t be using 

1. Margo: I adore the name Margo, I think it’s gorgeous. But alas, Carl hates it. Like really hates it, so won’t be using that.

2. Alaska: I obviously got this name from one of my favourite books, Looking For Alaska and I love it. But I think it’s a bit too “out there” for me.

3. Madison: I’ve always loved this name, ever since I was like, little and would imagine having kids. But I’m not keen on ‘Maddy’ for short. No offence to any Maddy’s reading!

4. Marina: I love the name Marina but then I remembered the really horrible witch in The Magicians series is called Marina so I couldn’t.

5. Piper: Piper is such a cute name and it’d also remind me of Piper from Orange is the New Black who I love! But my boyfriend’s surname is Price. And Piper Price sounds daft.

5 boys names I love but won’t be using 

1. Christian: I really love this name, it’s so strong. But honestly? I think 50 Shades has completely ruined it for me.

2. Max: Max is one of my favourite names ever. Max Vandenburg from The Book Theif was my first love. And my favourite F1 driver is called Max. But again, the surname is a problem. Max Price. Nope.

3. Connor: I really love the name Connor but my ex is called Conor so I couldn’t really call a kid that as well! (Conor and I are good friends though so he won’t mind me saying that!)

4. Dorian: Again, adore the name but I think it’s a bit too “out there” for a first name. My boyfriend said he thinks it’d make a great middle name though and I agree!

5. Richard: I think I love this name so much because of Richard from The Beach! I like it but I think it’s a bit too old of a name to give to a new born baby – in my eyes anyway!

The boys names were a lot harder because I have such a huge list of boys names I adore. Girls I struggle with; there’s not many names I like at all! (Apart from Margo which I can’t bloody use!) I obviously haven’t included any names which I would definitely use here either (kinda wanna keep them to myself hehe)

I’d absolutely love to hear your answers to this tag! If you do a whole post, please link me in it or leave me a comment with some of your own! 

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  2. I love billy for a girl and I love piper! I love different names.

    1. Billy for a girl is nice. I’d probably spell it with an ie though xxx

      1. Yes great idea!

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